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12 Incredible Lauki (Bottle Gourd) Juice Benefits for Seniors

What Is Lauki Juice?   

There is no doubt that green vegetables are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. But, the most effective way to get the nutrients from them is to drink the juice. Lauki (Bottle Gourd) is one of the most extraordinary green vegetables, and Lauki juice will dramatically alter and improve your health within just three months. Consuming Lauki juice can provide many health benefits, such as cooling your body, lowering blood pressure, etc.   

How To Make The Lauki Juice At Home? 

Lauki juice recipe is an easy and nutritious juice that seniors should take every morning. Lauki (Ghiya) also known as Bottle Gourd, is abundant in vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, sodium, and potassium. It’s also high in fibre, which in turn aids in reducing constipation. Ayurveda also suggests alkaline Lauki juice for seniors to treat indigestion, acidity, and ulcers. 

The ingredients for the Lauki Juice recipe:   

The process of making Lauki juice for seniors:  

Step 1: Mix Lauki, ginger, pepper powder, cumin seeds, and salt in a blender jar. Blend until the mixture is smooth.  

Step 2: Add some ice cubes, and mix once more—strain juice into a bowl.  

Step 3: Pour the drink into individual glasses, and serve chilled.  

12 Health Benefits Of Lauki Juice For Seniors 

Green vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients. The optimum way to extract nutrients from green veggies is by drinking their juice, as heat during cooking can cause the depletion of their nutrients. Lauki is one such remarkable green vegetable, drinking the juice of which can give you a glowing and vibrant life and aid in cleansing the body.  

Following are the 12 Lauki juice health benefits to seniors:  

  1. Cools the body: Lauki juice exudes an energetic effect on seniors’ bodies. It keeps you hydrated, especially in summer, and it helps seniors keep their stomachs calm while also reducing body heat. Drinking Lauki juice from a bottle frequently helps replenish the water lost in summers. king Lauki juice from a bottle frequently helps replenish the water lost in summers. 
  2. It helps in losing weight: Lauki juice is widely used for weight loss. It is loaded with fibre, which aids in keeping you filled up for longer. Fibre is the most important ingredient for weight loss. Lauki juice has vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin E, Iron, Folate, Potassium, and Manganese and is free from cholesterol and saturated fats. The consumption of Lauki juice aids in losing weight and helps seniors feel more energetic during the day. It’s highly beneficial for seniors and patients suffering from high cholesterol and diabetes.
  3. Treats urinary tract infections: Drinking freshly squeezed Lauki juice in combination with lime juice is among the finest natural cures for urinary tract infections in seniors. 
  4. Cures tummy troubles: Lauki juice helps cure constipation and treat diarrhoea. The fibre and water content helps clean the digestive system, allowing normal and healthy bowel movements. For diarrhoea treatment, add some salt to Lauki juice, this mixture helps maintain the electrolyte levels in your body. According to Ayurveda, Lauki juice is very beneficial for digestion in seniors. 
  5. Maintains your heart health: Drinking a glass of Lauki juice on an empty stomach every morning can help lower the cholesterol levels in your blood and help seniors maintain healthy heart functions. 
  6. Reduces stress: Lauki juice has the highest quantity of choline, the neurotransmitter that aids in improving brain functioning. It can also assist in preventing depression, stress, and various mental illnesses. 
  7. A workout drink: Lauki juice can be used as an organic-workout drink because of the abundance of sugars naturally present in this vegetable, restoring blood sugar levels and displacing the carbohydrates during your workout. As Lauki juice is a nutritious food, it enhances the effectiveness and strength of the muscles in seniors.  
  8. Summer thirst quencher: When it comes to Indian summers, there is a massive loss of body water through sweat, and people become thirsty. Drinking Lauki juice during summers can alleviate this issue in seniors, and also it is an excellent source of vitamin C, water, and minerals. 
  9. Helps prevent constipation: Lauki juice is effective in treating constipation. Seniors suffering from acidity (Lauki being an alkaline plant), gastritis, and constipation troubles find this veggie extremely beneficial. People suffering from piles also benefit from taking Lauki juice. 
  10. Ideal for those suffering from gouty arthritis: Seniors living with Gouty arthritis (uric acid crystals build up in joints) must drink Lauki juice for relief.
  11. Get rid of toxins from your body : Lauki juice is an excellent cleanser for the different channels throughout our body, and it ultimately aids in eliminating toxic chemicals and toxins from the body. 
  12. Anti-ageing properties : Lauki juice is a natural anti-ageing food source. Drinking Lauki juice regularly can help seniors keep wrinkles at bay and prevent the premature development of white hair.  

The Side Effects Of Lauki Juice: 

Research has confirmed that if your Lauki juice tastes bitter, drinking it can cause severe toxic reactions and be highly harmful to your body. It can also cause many adverse effects like nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, and restlessness. Drinking too much Lauki juice could result in the condition known as hypoglycaemia (low glucose levels). Some seniors may be intolerant to Lauki juice. So it is recommended to exercise caution while making significant dietary changes. Keep in mind, any allergies, sensitivities, or limitations you may have.   

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Frequently Asked Questions on Lauki Juice

What happens when you drink Lauki juice?  

Lauki juice is 98% water and its fibre content cleans your digestive tract and facilitates an easy bowel movement. Lauki juice assists in treating constipation and diarrhoea for seniors. 

How much Lauki juice should you drink in a day?   

The secure version of the Lauki juice is tender and sweet. As published in the International Journal of Nutrition, it is recommended not to consume more than three one-ounce (roughly the equivalent of 88 ml) of Lauki juice every day. 

Can we drink a bottle of gourd juice daily?   

Yes, you can drink a bottle of gourd juice daily. It is also recommended for seniors to drink Lauki juice at least twice or thrice a week to ensure a healthy heart and controlled blood pressure. Lauki juice is an excellent source of iron, vitamins, and potassium. 

When is the best time to consume Lauki juice?  

The ideal time for seniors to drink it is in the morning, and a small glass of juice would be perfect. It is also essential to drink the juice fresh since it is quickly oxidised. 

Is Lauki juice helpful to treat heart blockages?  

Lauki juice has high water content and is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin C and K. It assists in maintaining the health of seniors’ hearts and reduces cholesterol. It is also helpful for diabetes because it regulates blood sugar levels and helps maintain seniors’ blood pressure. 

Is Lauki juice suitable for people with high BP?  

Yes. Because Lauki juice is very low in calories and fats, it is high in essential vitamins and minerals. Lauki juice is also an excellent source of fibre for diet. These factors regulate blood cholesterol levels and control a variety of other conditions. Therefore, drinking Lauki juice can help seniors keep their hearts healthy by regulating blood pressure.   

How is Lauki juice beneficial for kidneys?  

Incorporating Lauki juice into your diet could be beneficial in the fight against kidney stones by dissolving them. It helps reduce high acidity that causes discomforting kidney stones.  

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