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28th Dec 2020
Pomegranate Benefits and Nutritional Value for the Elderly

Pomegranates: Top 13 Health Benefits for the Elderly

Pomegranate is a delicious fruit, and its numerous health advantages are often praised by elders, highlighting the pomegranate benefits for curing many diseases. One major reason for this is the abundance of antioxidants in pomegranate. The seeds of Punica granatum, or Pomegranate, which resemble red pearls, are known for their miraculous health pomogrenatebenefits, especially for elders.

Yes, this fruit is not only full of flavor but also packed with many medicinal properties. The pomegranate benefits extend to preventing serious diseases, which is why experts often advise elders to increase their consumption of pomegranate.

In this article, we’ll delve into the medicinal properties and pomegranate benefits specifically for elders. Let’s dive straight in and gather all the essential information related to the health benefits of pomegranate.

Medicinal Properties of Pomegranate

The medicinal properties of pomegranate include:

1: Antioxidative:

Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, which help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. This action is crucial in preventing cell damage and various diseases.

2: Antiatherogenic:

The fruit aids in preventing the accumulation of fats in the arteries, thereby reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, a major contributor to heart disease.

3: Antihypertensive:

Consuming pomegranate can have a beneficial effect on blood pressure, helping to lower high levels and maintain cardiovascular health.

4: Anti-inflammatory:

 Its anti-inflammatory properties make it effective in reducing swelling and irritation in the body, which can alleviate symptoms of various inflammatory conditions.

5: Antidiabetic:

 Pomegranate can help regulate blood sugar levels, making it a beneficial dietary addition for managing diabetes.

6: Antimicrobial:

The fruit exhibits properties that can kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, contributing to its role in preventing infections.

7: Antiplaque:

Pomegranate is also known for its oral health benefits, particularly in reducing dental plaque, thereby promoting healthier teeth and gums.

8: Antiparasitic:

It has compounds that are effective in destroying parasites, providing relief from parasitic infections.

9: Antifungal:

Pomegranate can combat fungal infections, thanks to its potent antifungal properties.

10: Antiviral:

Its antiviral effects are beneficial in reducing the impacts of various viruses, enhancing the body’s resistance to viral infections.

11: Antiproliferative:

The fruit contains compounds that inhibit the growth of malignant cells, making it a potential ally in the fight against various cancers.

12: Antitumor:

Pomegranate has shown potential in inhibiting tumor growth, adding to its array of cancer-fighting properties.

13: Anticancer:

With its diverse range of beneficial compounds, pomegranate can contribute to reducing the effects of cancer, making it a valuable addition to a health-conscious diet.

All these qualities together make pomegranate a healthy fruit for the elderly.

Pomegranate Nutritional Value

Before coming to the benefits, let us also tell you the incredible nutritional value of pomegranate.

Nutrients in Pomegranate:

  • 77.93-gram Water.
  • 83 Kcal Energy.
  • 1.67-gram Protein.
  • 1.17-gram Total Lipid. (Fat)
  • 1.87-gram Carbohydrate.
  • 4-gram dietary Fibre.
  • Sugar g 13.67.

Minerals in Pomegranate

  • 10 mg Calcium.
  • 0.3 mg Iron.
  • 12 mg Magnesium.
  • 36 mg Phosphorus.
  • 236 mg Potassium.
  • 3 mg Sodium.
  • 0.35 mg Zinc.
  • 0.158 mg Copper.
  • 0.119 mg Manganese.
  • 0.5 µg Selenium.

Vitamins in Pomegranate

  • 10.2 mg Vitamin C.
  • 0.067 mg Thiamine.
  • 0.053 mg Riboflavin.
  • 0.293 mg Niacin.
  • 0.075 mg Vitamin B6.
  • 38 µg Folate (DFE).
  • Vitamin A (IU) IU 00.

Benefits of Pomegranate For Elderly

Coming to the benefits of pomegranate, let us tell you that the medicinal properties present in it make it useful for health as well as skin and hair. We will help you understand the benefits of pomegranate for elders.

Maintain Heart Health

Pomegranate intake may prove to be a better option for maintaining heart health. Research by Advanced Biomedical Research backs this point. According to a study published by NCBI, pomegranate has antihypertensive (blood pressure lowering) and anti heterogenic (inhibiting fat deposition in the arteries) properties. The research also suggests that using pomegranate can also help control increased cholesterol. Not just pomegranate but its seed oil can also be very useful for heart health in elders. This oil can help prevent the overall lipid profile.

Helpful in Diabetes Control

The benefits of the pomegranate stand useful in the problem of diabetes, i.e. increased blood sugar. The reason is that pomegranate contains alexic, gallic and oleanolic acid. Due to the presence of all these acids, pomegranate may exhibit antidiabetic (blood sugar lowering) properties. At the same time, one remarkable thing is that the sugar present in pomegranate juice can also help in controlling blood sugar. NCBI data also back all these characteristics of pomegranate. On this basis, we can assume that consuming pomegranate can help in controlling diabetes.

Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Pomegranate properties can also be helpful for cancer prevention. It is clear to a large extent by two independent research on pomegranate. One analysis suggests that this fruit exhibits anticancer properties, due to the polyphenols present in pomegranate.

Polyphenols- ellagitannins and gallotannins present in pomegranate, may reduce the development of cancer-causing malignant tumours. At the same time, another research related to pomegranate found that the anticancer properties of pomegranate may prove to be directly useful in protecting against prostate cancer. Hence we can say that pomegranate prevents cancer to some extent. Nevertheless, you should not ignore the fact that cancer is a fatal disease. If someone suffers from this, then it is necessary to get complete treatment from a doctor.

Beneficial to the Digestive System

Pomegranate also contains fibre and other essential nutrients, which are necessary for a sound digestive system of elders. Regular consumption of pomegranate also helps in constipation. Pomegranate also has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to correct problems in the gastrointestinal tract such as ulcerative colitis. The gastrointestinal tract is an integral part of the digestive system in the human body. Also, pomegranate has an anti-Helicobacter pylori effect. Helicobacter pylori is a type of bacteria found in the stomach, which can affect the digestive system. Thus, its highly beneficial for elders digestive system.

Increases Immunity

The antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties found in pomegranate seeds can improve immunity. NCBI has published research in this regard. It has been reported in this research that due to these properties, the benefits of eating pomegranate seeds can help in fighting various types of bacteria and viruses. Another study has also considered that pomegranate seed oil may act to boost the functionality of beta cells, which helps improve immunity. Therefore, pomegranate can also help protect against other diseases caused by weak immunity.

Strengthens Bones

Suffering from bones and joints pain? If yes, start consuming pomegranate from today itself. Pomegranate seeds contain effective anti-inflammatory properties, that strengthens the bones and helps in diseases like Arthritis. According to a research paper on the NCBI website, pomegranate can reduce joint pain and swell too. It also destroys enzymes that cause arthritis.

Controls Blood Pressure

As we mentioned this magical fruit is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature. It also has an antihypertensive (blood pressure controlling properties) effect. Thus it can be beneficial in controlling BP. It can help in producing good cholesterol by eliminating bad cholesterol from the body and does not allow any kind of blockage in the arteries. Seeing the benefits of pomegranate juice, doctors also recommend elders to drink one glass of pomegranate juice daily for better blood pressure.

Rich in Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Pomegranate has anti-inflammatory properties. This property may prove helpful in relieving stomach related inflammation. At the same time, another research associated with this property of pomegranate suggests that this property can reduce various physical problems caused by inflammation. Regular consumption of pomegranate can also be useful in relieving inflammation of joints caused by arthritis.

Helpful in Weight Loss

Pomegranate fruit can also prove to be beneficial for elders, who are trying to lose weight. Research published on the NCBI website suggests that pomegranate and its extracts may prove helpful in controlling weight. At the same time, study related to pomegranate leaves found that it can reduce hunger. For this reason, pomegranate leaves can help in the prevention of increased weight due to high-fat food.

Protect against Bacteria and Fungus

Pomegranate can also be used to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Two independent research on pomegranate confirms this. According to Food and Nutrition Research, pomegranate juice has antimicrobial properties. Due to this property, pomegranate may reduce the effect of microbial bacteria. At the same time, according to the Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, pomegranate seeds and its peels have antifungal properties. Hence, we can say that pomegranate, its peel and seeds can help reduce the effects of both bacteria and fungus.

Relief in Kidney Stone Problem

People suffering from kidney stone can also get some relief by consuming pomegranate. Research in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences makes this clear. Study available on the NCBI website states that pomegranate has anti-hypercalciuria (controlling calcium) and anti-urolithiasis (inhibiting stone formation) effects. Pomegranate consumption can be proven to be beneficial in kidney stone problems.

Relaxation in Fatty Liver Problem

Two separate NCBI research conducted on mice have suggested that pomegranate intake can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. As a result, it can help reduce excess fat accumulated in the liver. According to experts, the intake of pomegranate per day can reduce fatty liver problems in people who regularly consume alcohol. Also, pomegranate can help improve liver function in jaundice. Thereby, pomegranate can relieve fatty liver problems to some extent, in elders.

Yet more research is still needed to know its effect on humans. Therefore, in liver problems, take pomegranate only after doctor consultation.

Assistant in Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a neurological disorder that arises due to oxidative stress in elders. This disease primarily affects the elderly. In this problem, the memory of the elderly starts decreasing with increasing age. Consumption of pomegranate juice can improve Alzheimer’s.

According to research available on the trusted websites, pomegranate juice has powerful antioxidant properties. The benefits of pomegranate juice can be effective in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s by reducing oxidative stress. At the same time, pomegranate also has a neuroprotective effect due to its antioxidant properties. This effect can help to boost a person’s memory by improving the functioning of the nervous system.

Pomegranate for skin of Elders

Along with many health benefits, the use of pomegranate can also be beneficial for the skin of elders. Research suggests that consuming pomegranate helps to relieve skin-related inflammation, the ageing effect on the skin and bacterial infections. At the same time, elders can also apply it for better impact on the skin.

Pomegranate Benefits for hair of Elders

Some research on pomegranate suggests that pomegranate use may reduce the stress on the hair. It can improve the problem of hair loss caused by anaemia. Due to the polyphenols and tannins present in pomegranate, it can act as an antioxidant. This pomegranate property can protect natural or dyed hair colour from the sun’s UVA (Ultraviolet-A) rays. On this basis, it can also be considered useful for elder’s hair in some cases.

How to preserve pomegranate for a long time?

Through the following points, you can learn how to keep pomegranate safe for a long time.

  • The easiest way to preserve pomegranate is to keep it in the refrigerator. In this way, it remains fresh for a few weeks.
  • Sprinkled pomegranate seeds can be stored in airtight containers and kept in the refrigerator for a few days.

Pomegranate Juice For Elderly

Pomegranate juice is very beneficial for elders. Here’s the method of making pomegranate juice.


  • 1 cup of pomegranate seeds.
  • ½ cup water (optional).
  • A pinch of black salt (to taste).


  • Cut pomegranate and gather its grains in a vessel.
  • Now put the pomegranate seeds in the blender and stir for a while and prepare the juice.
  • If you want, you can also mix water into it.
  • Now filter the juice with the help of a sieve and take it out in a glass.
  • Then add a pinch of salt to taste and serve it fresh.

Side Effects of Pomegranate on Elders

Although pomegranate is healthy for elders, it’s excessive intake can be harmful. The possible side effects of pomegranate the are following:

  • Pomegranate has the property of reducing blood sugar. Therefore, people taking diabetes medicine should be cautious while drinking pomegranate juice. Consuming it with medication may cause low blood sugar.
  • Elders with low blood pressure complaints or taking blood pressure medications need to be careful in their intake because it can cause low blood pressure.
  • The disadvantages of eating pomegranate also include allergy. Therefore, elders with allergies to certain foods should take caution in pomegranate intake.

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Final Words

After knowing so many things related to the benefits and uses of eating a pomegranate, one must have understood how useful a pomegranate can be for elders. Also, one have to keep in mind that pomegranate can improve elderly health, but it is not completely cute to any health issue. Comprehensive treatment of any disease depends only on medical advice. At the same time, both the advantages and disadvantages of eating pomegranate need to be given equal attention before using pomegranate.

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