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Make a difference - Become a Business Partner with Emoha

Join India’s most trusted elder care brand with a minimum investment and make an impact on the lives of millions.

An Exciting Opportunity for Business Partners

    India’s urban elder population is flourishing, Currently, there are about 42 million urban elders, and this number is expected to triple by 2050. The elder care market is valued at an impressive $50 billion, with elders spending around $100 each month on health and daily needs.
    This presents a significant opportunity for business partners to make a meaningful impact in the elder care space and contribute to a rapidly growing sector of the economy.
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Emoha’s Story - India’s Leading Eldercare Brand

    As elder care experts, we struggled with caring for our parents back home because of the broken care ecosystem in India. Our struggles fuelled a desire to transform the way elders are cared for...a desire that led to our life paths converging and the birth of Emoha.
    Each of us at Emoha is driven by our love to help elders spend their old years like they are their golden years.
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Why partner with us ?

When you choose to partner with Emoha, you’re choosing a path of growth and success in the elder care industry. Here’s what we offer to our Business partners:

Established Brand

With Emoha, you instantly establish a distinguished brand presence. Our reputation holds significant sway in the elder care market, providing you with a competitive edge right from the start.


Our business model is designed for speed. We’ve done the groundwork, so you will see a faster return on your investment. Time is money, and we help you save both.

Expert Training

We provide expert training, established SOPs, and a robust Learning Management System, ensuring you succeed from day one.

Marketing Support

You'll have our support at every stage. We provide successful marketing strategies to broaden your audience and attract new customers.

Dedicated Tech Support

Our dedicated tech support team is available to assist you with any technological hurdles you may encounter, ensuring seamless operations.

Steps to Start Elder Care Journey Together

Embark on the exciting Elder Care Journey: Begin by familiarizing yourself with the essentials.


Initial Application and Meetup

  • Submit an Application: Complete the form on this page. Our team will contact you within 48 hours for further discussion.

  • Introduction and Alignment: We will understand your business background and objectives, and you will gain insights into our company's mission and the elder care market.

  • Business Model Evaluation: We will review the financial details and your profile to ensure compatibility. Additionally, we'll provide insight into our operational methods and implementation strategy.


Document Submission and Review

  • Provide Important Documents: Send us your KYC details, business documents, and photos of the owners and office space.


Site Verification

  • Assess the Location: We will assess the proposed site to ensure it meets our business requirements.

  • Secure the Location: After the assessment and business discussions, you'll make an advance payment to confirm the location through the Letter of Intent (LOI).


Contract Signing

  • Finalize the Partnership: Our team will help you finalize the agreement  and sign the contract.  

  • Welcome to Emoha: Officially start your journey in elder care as an Emoha Business Partner.

  • Manpower Selection: Our team will assist in manpower selection and technical assessment.


Go To Market (GTM) Training and Support

  • Attend Training: Participate in a 2-day intensive workshop designed to equip you and your team with the skills to establish and expand your elder care business.

  • Smooth Onboarding Process: Benefit from comprehensive support from the beginning, ensuring a seamless transition into our system. This includes personalized guidance tailored to help you adapt quickly. 

  • Continuous Support: We provide ongoing support and training to help you expand and succeed. 

What Our Business Partners Say About Us

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We got answers to your questions

    Emoha proudly stands as the pioneer in launching the elder care app and is the sole elder care company in India that provides comprehensive care for seniors. This distinct approach significantly broadens the potential revenue streams for all our esteemed business partners.

    No, prior experience in the elder care industry is not required to become a part of Emoha. Our comprehensive training and support program is designed to cater to individuals from various backgrounds, ensuring that you receive the necessary guidance and knowledge to succeed in the senior care sector. Whether you have a healthcare background or are passionate about making a difference in the lives of seniors, our training equips you with the skills to provide exceptional care and flourish as an Emoha business partner.

    EMOHA offers comprehensive support during emergency coordination for subscribed members. In addition, intensive training, marketing assistance, marketing creatives, digital marketing leads, and operational guidance.

    Emoha places paramount importance on the training and support provided to our business partners. Comprehensive training modules cover various aspects of elder care, business operations, and compliance. Additionally, continuous support in marketing, operations and quality assurance is offered to ensure sustained growth and excellence.

    Emoha extends comprehensive marketing and promotional support to business partners. This includes branding materials, digital marketing strategies, and access to our established network. Our collaborative efforts contribute to expanding your client base and enhancing your business visibility.

    Emoha’s quality assurance protocols are robust and structured. Regular audits, caregiver training, and adherence to medical standards guarantee that the care delivered to seniors is of the highest quality. Our commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of our brand identity.

    Elders facing emergencies can trigger the emergency request through a click of a button through the Emoha Elder Mobile App or call the Emergency toll-free number. EMOHAs dedicated emergency response team promptly assesses the situation and dispatches appropriate help, whether it be medical professionals or caregivers. This streamlined approach provides elders with reassurance and care during critical situations, exemplifying EMOHAs commitment to their safety and peace of mind.