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15th Feb 2024
Winter for Seniors in India

Tips for Staying Warm This Winter for Seniors in India

The winter months can be challenging for seniors in India. As we age, our bodies have a harder time regulating temperature, making us more susceptible to feeling cold. Seniors also tend to be less active during winter, which can reduce blood circulation and make it more difficult to stay warm.

The good news is there are many simple things seniors can do to stay warmer and more comfortable during India’s winter season. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Layer Up on Clothing

One of the easiest ways for seniors to stay warm is to wear multiple layers of clothing. Staying warm this Winter means having clothes you can add or remove as needed. Start with lightweight thermal underwear which helps trap heat close to the body.

Then add sweaters, vests, jackets and shawls on top. Scarves, hats, gloves and thick socks will help keep extremities warm.

Make sure to have a coat or jacket that is water-resistant for added protection from the elements. Choose loose, breathable natural fabrics like wool, silk or cotton which provide better insulation than synthetics.

  • Stay Active Indoors

Being less active and moving around less can cause body temperature to drop. Seniors should make an effort to move more during the winter months. Take frequent short walks around the house and perform seated exercises like stretching to increase blood circulation.

Chair yoga is another great way to get the blood flowing. Try doing household chores like dusting, sweeping or folding laundry to keep active. Cooking and baking are also great ways to move around while staying warm in the kitchen.

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  • Consume Warm Foods and Drinks

What we consume can also help warm us from the inside out. In India, hot teas are a winter staple, as are soups, stews and porridges. Spicy foods like chilies, ginger, garlic and piping hot meals also increase body temperature.

Stay hydrated by sipping on warm fluids throughout the day. Herbal teas, honey-lemon water and haldi doodh (turmeric milk) are great options. Hearty homemade broths are comforting and nutritious.

Consuming protein-rich foods like paneer, eggs, nuts and legumes provides lasting energy for the body to keep warm.

  • Manage the Home Environment

Making some adjustments around the home can help seniors stay warmer this winter. Maintain a comfortable temperature by keeping heating turned up. Install insulation like weather-stripping around windows and doors to prevent drafts. Use thick curtains or blankets to keep heat in.

Sit near heat sources like fireplaces, heaters and in spots with direct sunlight. Keep warm by using microwavable heating pads, electric blankets and hot water bottles.

  • Stay Cozy in Bed

It is important to keep warm at night while sleeping. Staying warm this winter means using extra blankets and quilts on the bed. Warm pajamas, socks and a nightcap help too. Use a hot water bottle under the covers to pre-heat the bed.

Drink a cup of hot milk or tea before bedtime. Keep curtains closed and use a humidifier in the bedroom. Placing blankets on the floor next to the bed can also block cool air near the floor from reaching you.

  • Check on Others

As we age, it is normal for our social circles to shrink. Living alone makes it harder to stay warm. Be sure to check on elderly friends, neighbors and relatives throughout the winter. Call or visit regularly to ensure they are managing okay. Offer to assist with winterizing their home, stocking up on food items or providing extra blankets and warm clothing. The camaraderie can warm both your souls.

  • Maintain Proper Nutrition

What we eat provides vital fuel for our body to function and keep warm. Seniors should eat a balanced diet with plenty of warmer foods like soups and stews. Stay hydrated with water and warm beverages. Focus on nutrient-rich foods that provide energy like proteins, complex carbs, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. Get your daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun or supplements since sunshine exposure is limited in winter.

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  • Take Care of Health

Staying healthy allows the body to properly regulate temperature. Get the flu and pneumonia vaccines to prevent illness. Continue prescribed medications and treatments for chronic conditions. See the doctor if you are feeling more fatigued, achy or unwell as that could indicate illness. Dress warmly and limit time outdoors in very cold, wet or windy conditions to avoid weather-related exacerbations of arthritis, asthma, bronchitis or chest congestion. Proper winter care helps seniors continue to be active and engaged during the colder months.

Parting Thoughts

The winter doesn’t have to be endured, it can be enjoyed. Following these handy tips will help seniors in India stay warmer, healthier and happier this chilly season. The most important thing is to listen to your body. If you feel cold, take steps to gradually warm up. Being proactive allows you to prevent hypothermia and enjoy the cozy comforts of winter.

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