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15th Mar 2024

Emoha’s Women’s Day Event: Empowering Women, Inspiring Change

On March 8th, 2024, we celebrated International Women’s Day at Emoha Eldercare. It was a special day to honor and appreciate all the amazing women in our lives. We had a fun-filled day planned with various activities and exciting treats! 

Things kicked off with a lippan art competition where our talented ladies showed off their artistic skills. They painted beautiful designs on wooden bases, each one telling a story of strength and beauty. The winners were truly talented artists. 


Emoha Art Competition

We also had an online session about self-care strategies to prevent urinary tract infections. Our experts shared great tips to help the ladies stay healthy and empowered. Knowledge is power!

But the real crowd favorite was the golgappa (pani puri) stall! Those tasty snacks had everyone lining up for more. We also had lots of other yummy treats to enjoy. It was a delicious celebration. 

Throughout the day, we gave the ladies thoughtful gifts to make them feel special and appreciated, including everyone’s favorite – roses and chocolates. From useful items like fragrance box sets to indulgent treats, each gift reminded them how amazing they are. 

It was a day filled with laughter, friendship, and lots of love for the incredible women in our community. Thanks to Emoha for putting together such a fantastic celebration of women’s strength and resilience. 

Here’s to many more celebrations of the unstoppable spirit inside every woman.

Happy International Women’s Day, ladies! You are all truly inspiring. 

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