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21st Apr 2022

5 Superfoods To Soak Overnight That Will Get Rid Of Any Disease

It’s public knowledge that some foods severely deteriorate one’s health like oily fast food, overly processed food and sugary treats. It is also known, conversely, that there are foods that enhance your health and boost your mental, physical & emotional well-being. Today, we will be propounding on 5 such superfoods that have astonishing health benefits for our mind, body & soul. This is not all, to double their received benefits you can soak them overnight. This allows for their necessary extracts to be released resulting in an exponential increase in their nutritional values. Additionally, for seniors specifically, soaking these foods in water overnight makes them softer and hence easily digestible. Read along for these surprising health boosters. 

Soak These 5 Foods In Water Overnight For Astonishing Health Benefits: 

1. Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Ke Daane) 



Fenugreek is found to be extremely rich in fibre, and fibre helps maintain optimum gut health. It cleanses our intestines and is a highly recommended remedy for constipation. Daily consumption of fenugreek soaked water is recommended on an early stomach for maximum health gains. Fenugreek is also a great addition to a diabetic’s diet as it helps maintain blood sugar levels. Two widely known benefits of fenugreek are that it aids in weight loss and relieves period cramps. 

2. Poppy Seeds (Safed Khus-Khus) 

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are heavily used in many Indian cuisines and are a great source of enriching minerals like Iron, Calcium and Copper as well as fibre. These contribute to better red blood cell production, stronger bones and immunity, as well a well-functioning digestive system. Not just this, poppy seeds also aid weight loss and support a stronger metabolism. Soaked poppy seeds are a great addition to our diet. 

3. Flaxseed (Alsi Ke Beej) 


An abundant source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, flaxseeds are a great alternative to fish, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Soaked flax seeds are extremely beneficial for those with high levels of cholesterol, as it helps control the balance between good cholesterol & bad cholesterol (more on that in following blogs). Additionally, flaxseeds offer immense support to the digestive system owing to their high fibre content. 

4. Munnaka / Black Grape Raisins (Munnaka Kishmish) 


Munnaka raisins are different from regular kishmish in the sense that a) it is an Indian origin and b) it is larger, has a brown colour and have seeds. Due to its Indian roots, Munnaka has been used for various Ayurvedic concoctions for decades. Munnaka is a very potent source of Magnesium, Potassium and Iron. The consumption of soaked and dried munnaka is thought to reduce the growth of cancerous cells and also decrease spots, fine lines and other signs of ageing on the skin. More importantly, Munnaka is found to be very beneficial in controlling Anaemia and Kidney Stones. 

5. Green Gram Lentil (Green Moong Dal) 

Green Gram Lentil

Green moong soaked in water is an extremely rich source of protein, fibre and Vitamin B. It has many benefits for digestion and constipation relief. Due to the high levels of Potassium and Magnesium in green moong, it aids those suffering from high blood pressure. Lastly, owing to an abundance of antioxidants in it, green moong is also beneficial in reducing the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer etc. 

We hope this list of amazing superfoods proves to be beneficial for you. Remember to exercise caution while making significant dietary changes as you may have unknown allergies or other issues. Do consult a nutritionist if you’re looking for a precise, tailor-made to suit your needs and effective diet change. 

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