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12th Apr 2022

How Sky Fruit Helps In Controlling Diabetes

Did you know eating some particular fruits and vegetables can help reduce your blood sugar levels? Have you heard about sky fruit? Are you aware that it can help you control your blood sugar levels? This blog will explore how sky fruit helps maintain the blood sugar levels of people with diabetes. 

A few days back, I went to my hometown and found that my uncle was struggling to maintain his blood sugar levels in a safe range. Diabetes had begun to take its toll on him. His body weakened, vision blurred, stomach and intestinal problems grew, he lost weight, and injuries were not recovering. The situation was grave and depressing.  

Seeing him in such a condition, I consulted a leading healthcare professional and sought his help. I booked an appointment and met him. He examined my uncle and prescribed some medicines. He asked my uncle to add sky fruit to his diet along with medicines. “Ah, sky fruit?” I surprisingly asked. The doctor looked at me and said, “Yes, you heard it right, sky fruit.” 

A lot of questions popped up in my mind the second I heard the name ‘sky fruit’. What is sky fruit? How come I haven’t heard of it before? Will it help control such severe cases of diabetes? Is it safe? My mind was not letting me focus anywhere else. When the doctor was busy explaining which medicine needed to be taken at what time, I interrupted him, “Can you tell me more about sky fruit? Is it available in the Indian market?”. He smiled and said, “Yes, it is available in the Indian market.” 

What Is Sky Fruit? 

The seed of mahogany fruit is commonly called sky fruit. It is abundantly found in South Asian countries and is also named Buah Tunjuk Langit in Malay. It gets its unique name from the way it hangs on a tree. Usually, most fruits hang downward, but the sky fruit hangs upwards, and its stalk points upwards to the sky. “People belonging to most South Asian countries have been using it for a long time as it is a miraculous remedy to control blood sugar levels,” explained the doctor. “Though in modern medical science, the reputation of sky fruits is not very old, this fruit has been widely used as a home remedy in several Asian countries. Although not much clinical research has been performed to support its effectiveness in humans, I have recommended it to many, and trust me, it has shown miraculous benefits”, he added.     

After hearing this, several other questions came to my mind. That day, I had a long conversation with the doctor and learned a lot about sky fruit. Here is the gist of our forty minutes long conversation.  

What Is The Use Of Sky Fruit? 

In Southeast Asian countries, seeds of sky fruits are traditionally used for treating various health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.  

What Are Other Names Of Sky Fruit? 

Its botanical name is Swietenia Macrophylla. Besides being known as miracle fruit, king fruit, and sky fruit in English, it is known as Thenkani Vidai or Thean Kani in Tamil.  

How To Use Sky Fruit? 

If you find sky fruit as a whole, break it and take out its seed. You can chew or swallow the inner seed with warm water. Taste-wise, it is extremely bitter. If your sugar level is above 200, take full seed and if your sugar level is below 200, eat half of the seed. Many sellers are selling sky fruit and their seeds on e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon. It is available in tablet and powder form.  

“My recommendation is to take it in the morning, right after brushing your teeth. For maximum benefits, avoid drinking tea, coffee, milk, and any other food item for at least one hour after taking Sky Fruit,” the doctor said.     

What Are The Benefits Of Sky Fruit?   

“There is a long list of benefits that sky fruit offers. Apart from reducing blood sugar levels and being good for diabetic patients, it helps in many ways”, said the doctor. Some of them are:  

  1. Treats skin allergy  
  2. Decreases chances of heart attack  
  3. Curbs menstruation pain  
  4. Helps get rid of foul breath  
  5. Relieves constipation  
  6. Treats Alzheimer’s  
  7. Treats impotence  
  8. Improves body strength  
  9. Improves immunity  
  10. Improves blood circulation  
  11. Helps in asthma treatment  
  12. Treats insomnia  
  13. Increases appetite  
  14. Increases chances of conceiving in women  
  15. Treats malaria  
  16. Reduces cholesterol level  
  17. Helps in battling tumors 
  18. Useful in asthma treatment  

Hearing so many benefits of a single item was mind-boggling to me. I became further curious and wanted to know what sky fruit contains that allows it to offer so many helpful benefits. 

What Are The Active Ingredients Of Sky Fruit? 

“Flavonoid, saponin, and bitter alkaloids are the major components of sky fruit”, the doctor informed. 

Saponin makes the sky fruit a powerful remedy for type II – diabetes patients. It has been clinically proven that saponin is more effective in treating diabetes than any other drug. Therefore, sky fruit helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. Besides treating diabetes, saponin improves immunity, improves blood circulation, promotes longevity, and aids in treating asthma.  

Flavonoid is another major component of sky fruit. It improves the cardiovascular system, prevents clogging of blood vessels, reduces the risk of coronary disease, and prevents arteriosclerosis plaque. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well.   

Alkaloids make the third component of this miraculous fruit. It is bitter, helps maintain the body’s pH level, and strengthens the body’s immune system.  

Additionally, sky fruit provides a valuable blend of vitamins, fats, minerals, folic acid, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, essential fatty acids, natural proteins, enzymes, and various essential nutrients. All these essential nutrients provide significant health benefits. 

Does Any Research Claim That Sky Fruit Helps In Curing Diabetes? 

“Renowned scientists from West Bengal have claimed that sky fruit could help treat diabetes naturally. It is a safe, natural, and non-toxic product used in several cultures to control blood sugar levels within a safe range,” the doctor said.  

“Scholars at the Department of Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering of the Jadavpur University claim they have evidence that sky fruit can be an effective and non-toxic addition to the range of natural and safe products used to treat diabetes,” he said. 

“A study published in the Science and Culture Journal in 2012 says that the sky fruit did not cause any mortality in animals even for a higher dose (2000 mg a kg). The study also said that no changes were observed in the animal’s intestines, liver, kidney, or any other part. Besides, various biochemical and blood tests were normal,” he added. 

 Are There Any Side Effects Of Sky Fruits? 

“Well, some cases have been reported where the intake of sky fruit has damaged the liver. Though the number of such cases is negligible, I would not advise you to add it to your diet without consulting a healthcare professional”, the doctor said.  

“If anyone feels unwell or develops symptoms of liver injury such as lethargy, nausea, loss of appetite, and dark urine, they should consult a doctor as soon as possible”, he informed.  

“If anyone notices signs of jaundice such as whites of eyes turning yellow or skin turning yellow, stop consuming sky fruit and consult your doctor immediately”, the doctor advised further.  

What Is Your Take On Liver Injuries Caused By Eating Sky Fruit?   

Sky fruit seeds are not harmful to humans, there is no scientific data that substantiates the claim that they are toxic to humans. However, this does not mean that there aren’t possible risks in consuming them. One should know when and how much to eat. Those who have taken higher doses without the guidance of a healthcare professional have reported liver-related illnesses.    

“I highly recommend not to eat sky fruit without consulting an experienced healthcare professional”, the doctor counseled.   

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Frequently Asked Questions on SkyFruit

Is sky fruit good for diabetes?  

Though sky fruit is a very effective remedy for diabetes, it is highly advised not to start consuming it without consulting a healthcare professional. 

Where does sky fruit come from?  

Sky fruit comes from the Mahogany tree, which is found easily in South-East Asia. Sky fruit is the seed of the fruit of the Mahogany tree.  

Does sky fruit help in reducing cholesterol levels?  

In addition to several other health benefits, sky fruit helps reduce cholesterol levels and lowers fat build-up in the veins and arteries.  

What is sky fruit good for?  

Sky fruit is commonly used as a herbal remedy that controls blood sugar in people with diabetes, helps improve blood circulation, and helps cure impotence.