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14th Apr 2022

A Superfood That Melts Stubborn Body Fat

It is well known that burning stubborn body fat is a herculean task. Stubborn fat, to recount, is fat stored in the body that contains more alpha-2 receptors, leading to a larger accumulation of fat in those areas. When compared to other types of fat, stubborn fat is much harder to lose, and so people resort to all manner of fat-reducing methods. This includes a healthy diet, heavy workouts, daily walks etc. However many a time, these methods employed are just not enough to deter this adamant fat. 

As per recently conducted studies, there is a fruit with elements that help reduce body fat exponentially. The best part is that you don’t even need a rigorous gym routine to go with this. Just walking for 30 minutes, 5 days a week can be enough to keep the body’s metabolism supportive of this wonder fruit. This fruit is especially beneficial for people with a large amount of stubborn fat in their bodies. If you are someone, or know someone, who may benefit from the weight-loss properties of this fruit, read the article to the very end. 

Recent Research On A Superfood That Burns Fat Quickly 

Scientists from the University of Chichester, United Kingdom, conducted a research on body fat reduction amongst women who walk briskly for 30 minutes everyday. Scientists administered 600 mg of New Zealand Blackcurrant extract (CurraNZ) to these women for 7 consecutive days. They found that this supplement helped these women burn body fat by 25%. Women that showed positive correlation and gave good results, were found to have burned 66% more fat than those who did not.  

Moreover, they also observed that those who had body fat accumulated in their legs, found it easier to lose it compared to those who had more fat stored in their arms. Researchers believe this may be due to Adipocytes, fat cells in the adipose tissues, and their ability to liberate stored fat from themselves easily in the legs rather than arms. 

Surprisingly, the research also showed signs suggesting after the same level of activity with this supplement, women burned almost twice the amount of fat as compared to men.  

Why New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract Was Used? 

The primary reason for choosing New Zealand Blackcurrant extract was due to its fame as a bonafide superfood. It is said that Blackcurrant by itself is a necessary addition to the diet for anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, full of energy and activity. Blackcurrant extract is known to have many benefits like better blood flow, enhanced immune system, better eye, gut & kidney health amongst a plethora of others. Blackcurrants have a high amount of Anthocyanin, polyphenolic substances, antioxidants, and vitamins a, b & c. Of all present vitamins, its greatest strength is vitamin c, as Blackcurrants have almost 5 times more vitamin c than Oranges.  

It is because of it being so nutritionally packed that researchers also put its fat-loss enabling properties to test. And rightly so, since the results were in coherence with their assumption. Due to the Anthocyanin, gamma-linolenic acid and vitamin c present in Blackcurrant, its extracts are known to help increase metabolic activity and blood flow to the heart while also supporting recovery from exercise.  All of these properties have shown to support resistance to lethargy, promote increased activity and enhance the recovery rate from physical exercise, enabling one to give their 100% effort for increased amounts of time. This aids in faster loss of stubborn fat. 

What Is Blackcurrant? 

Blackcurrant are the edible berries/fruits of the deciduous shrub Ribes Nigrum. Currants are dried for 3 weeks before consumption. Due to their small size, their taste is sweet and pungent at the same time. The nutrition of raisins, sultanas, and blackcurrants is also almost the same, although as mentioned above currants have an uncannily high amount of vitamin c. Eating blackcurrant boosts immunity, keeps the skin right, maintains eye, gut an kidney health etc. 

 No need to go to gym 

Research results prove that blackcurrant can bring more benefits to people who are overweight, especially in the lower part of the body. For this, you do not even need to go to the gym daily, just 30 minutes of walking can also be highly beneficial in aiding effective fat-loss. If you are not getting time to walk, then doing household chores, and gardening can also suffice. Get on the bandwagon of superfoods that fill you up with necessary nutrients! 

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