A Complete Guide to Erecting a Staircase as per Vastu Shastra

The ancient Hindu practice of architecture, Vastu Shastra recommends a set of rules to construct a staircase in a house. If staircase Vastu is applied as per the stated set of rules, it can unblock the flow of positivity in the house. Moreover, the right staircase Vastu can also block the circulation of negative energy in your house. In this article, let us walk you through the staircase placement as per Vastu to get the utmost positive vibration. 

Placement of Stairs as Per Vastu   

The staircase can be placed inside as well as outside the house, there are different directions recommended as per staircase Vastu. 

Internal Staircase Vastu   

If you are planning to have an internal staircase for your home then the north, west, and south directions are ideal for the placement of stairs as per Vastu. The other western and southern portions of your house could be the second-best option to choose for staircase location, as per Vastu. These directions are known for bringing good health to the inhabitants. 

External Staircase Vastu   

In case you are planning for an external staircase, the directions best for placing the staircase are different for houses facing different directions:   

  • Staircase Vastu for the north-facing house: South or west direction 
  • Staircase Vastu for the east-facing house: East or west direction 
  • Staircase Vastu for the west-facing house: Southwest direction 
  • Staircase Vastu for the south-facing house: Southwest direction 

Wooden Stairs for Vastu 

Wooden stairs are considered auspicious for the house. A wooden staircase can unblock positivity and bring financial success to the inhabitants. The placement and direction play a major role, so the direction and placement must comply with the staircase Vastu. The direction of a staircase as per Vastu is the north, northeast, southeast, and east. 

First Floor Staircase Vastu   

Vastu is important for houses including duplexes as well. Both living and non-living things radiate energy. The duplex houses are the new symbol of class and luxury which come with amenities at an affordable price in India. In the duplex house, an internal staircase Vastu is applied. The ideal placement of the internal staircase of a duplex house is northwest, southwest, and south directions.   

Count of Steps in a Staircase as Per Vastu  

The count of steps in a staircase should always be an uneven number (17, 19, or 21). The steps should never end with a zero or an even number. The reason the step should never end with an even number is that an average person put his/her right foot at the beginning while climbing upstairs. The movement should end with putting the right foot, whether the person is going up or downstairs. 

Staircase Color as per Vastu 

As per staircase Vastu, the colors of the stairs should be light and neutral such as grey, green, white, skin, beige and blue. Avoid applying dark colors such as black and red as they can attract negative energies. Light and neutral colors will attract positive energies and help light up the mood of the inhabitants. Dark colors can attract or create a negative vibration in the staircases.   

Utilization of Space under Staircase as per Vastu   

According to the staircase Vastu, any vacant space underneath the staircase should be used for storage purposes. The space underneath the stairs should not be utilized to make a puja room, kitchen, or bathroom. Creating your workstation is not recommended at all. One should use the area for keeping household items. Avoid keeping expensive and important items like jewelry under the stairs as it may cause financial loss according to the Vastu. An individual can keep discarded items and footwear in this space as it poses no harm and helps you keep the house neat and clean.   

Staircase and Lift as Per Vastu 

A lift and a staircase have the nature of movement. According to the Vastu specialists, the preferred and recommended direction is northwest. However, the entrance and exit doors of a lift must be in the east or north direction. Life and staircase pose a serious negative effect on the inhabitants if placed in the middle of the building or house, as the middle of the house or building is for Bramha Sthan. 

Staircase Vastu for East Facing House   

Vastu Shastra recommends the staircase of the house inside the home should be in the west, southwest, or south direction. These directions are known for bringing the utmost positivity to the inhabitants. The northeast direction is never the right direction for constructing the staircase, as per Vastu. The movement should be in a clockwise direction for prosperity. 

Staircase Vastu for West Facing House   

According to the Staircase Vastu, the staircase for the west-facing house must be from the east to the west or from the north to the south direction. However, the northeast zone of your west-facing house is not auspicious for the placement of a staircase in your house. The northeast corner of your house leads to financial loss and will certainly cause bankruptcy to the owner. The staircase must not be situated in the central square of the house. Moreover, the vacant space below the staircase can be used as a storeroom. The staircase must turn in the clockwise direction as per Vastu for the staircase inside the house. 

Septic Tank Under Staircase Vastu   

North and northwest direction is the right location for a septic tank for a west-facing house. However, the northeast, southeast, and southwest corners of your house are not recommended for building a septic tank according to Vastu Shastra for the staircase.  

Summing Up   

Vastu is the ancient Hindu practice of architecture that recommends placement and structural ideas for houses. It is essential to construct your house according to Vastu. The staircase must comply with the staircase Vastu to unblock positivity and bring prosperity to the house. If the staircase complies with the staircase Vastu then it can cause financial growth and enhance the health of the inhabitants. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which direction is good for the staircase?

The western and southern directions of the house are recommended to build the staircase of the house. However, the northeast direction must be avoided for keeping the staircase, as this direction is not auspicious for a staircase and leads to a financial crisis for the inhabitants.  

How many step counts should be there on the stairs according to Vastu?  

There is no definite count of steps is prescribed according to staircase Vastu. The steps should never end with a zero. The steps should be in an odd/uneven number (17, 19, 21, and so on) as average people put their right leg first and the movement should end with putting the right leg while going up or downstairs.

Can we have a staircase in front of the main entrance door?  

According to the staircase Vastu remedies, it is not auspicious to build a staircase in front of the main entrance door of your house. A staircase in front of the main entryway door can pose a negative impact on the inhabitants. A staircase in front of the main entry door can cause financial loss to the owner of the house.  

Which color is best for stairs, as per Vastu?  

Light and neutral colors on the staircase are recommended. One should avoid using dark colors like black, as dark colors attract negativity

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