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5th May 2022
south facing house vastu plan

South Facing House Vastu Plan for Prosperity & Positive Energy  

When it comes to buying and designing homes, Vastu shastra, a set of guidelines for anyone looking to buy or build a home, is of great significance. Vastu specifies how a house and aesthetic elements should be placed in order to channel positive vibes, and energy, and promote pleasure and good fortune. Although all the directions are safe, they should be corrected a bit. While buyers tend to avoid south-facing homes, this does not rule out the possibility of making their home an auspicious one. To make every element channel positive energy around your south-facing home, you must apply the south-facing house Vastu plan.  Positivity and good fortune can spread across a south-facing property when Vastu Shastra principles are followed.  

South Facing House  

Vastu has nothing to do with religion; it is a science of arranging things for balancing out the key elements i.e. EARTH, FIRE, WATER, SPACE, and AIR. The perfect blend of all these elements creates a favourable environment and gets the most out of life. Vastu generally refers to a dwelling that is designed to be the most beneficial abode for both gods and humans. To have prosperity, desired success, better opportunities, and peace, these energies must be balanced, which can be accomplished by following Vastu. When a house is built according to Vastu principles, the occupants enjoy life’s pleasures. However, if it violates Vastu principles, it can become a hotbed of difficulties, anxieties, and unrest.  

It is a south-facing house if you stand within the house facing the main entrance and your face is towards the south direction. Although, as per Vastu Shastra all directions are equally auspicious, most people do not choose south-facing house Vastu layouts. If you’re thinking about buying a south-facing home, don’t believe any of the myths about them. Several fallacies surround this subject since those who do not receive the correct responses begin to avoid west and south-facing houses entirely. People have achieved success as a result of possessing a south-facing house. After consulting a competent Vastu expert, a south-facing house Vastu plan coupled with a puja room should be created.  

Some common Vastu fallacies about south-facing dwellings include:  

  1. It is unlucky and brings bad luck. 
  2. Provokes negative energy, resulting in adversity and sorrow. 
  3. The family suffers a significant financial loss. 
  4. Results in family strife. 

South Facing House Vastu Plan      

Vastu is the study of facilitating cosmic energy to flow throughout your abode through smart design, décor, and construction adjustments. The result is like a supernatural intervention. You may get a variety of online home layouts with varying measurements. With the elements of earth, fire, water, air, and space all coming your way, you may have to put things in order. Solar energy, lunar energy, wind energy, and other heavenly energies are all at work. Magnetic and thermal energy is also present. If the house is built according to Vastu principles, the residents will have all that they need to live happily.   

South Facing House Vastu Plan – Main Door  

According to Vastu Shastra experts, the main door or the entrance of the house is the nook from where the majority of positive and negative energies enter and exit. As a result, it is given the greatest weightage when planning the house’s construction. The appropriate direction of the entrance gate can bring health and success, while the incorrect way can bring financial difficulties.   

The main door of the south-facing home should face the southeast corner on the fourth pada, according to the Vastu experts.  The entry doors towards the southwest should not be built. The energy fields Vithatha and Gruhakshat have long been thought to be beneficial to the Vastu of the entrance door of a south-facing home. The energy fields of Anila, Pusha, Yama, Gandharva, Bhringraj, and Mrigha should be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, you should make sure that the entrance gate is the house’s largest door.  

South Facing House Vastu Plan – Puja Room  

The most sacred section of the house, the Pooja Room, is intended to be among the most uplifting and tranquil areas for each individual. Vastu Shastra states that if the temple is positioned correctly, it can provide optimism, prosperity, and better health to the family members. Temples should never be put directly on the floor or made of glass or any acrylic materials. As per the experts, the northeast direction is the best direction for the proper location of a puja room in a south-facing residence.   

South Facing Vastu Plan – Kitchen  

The kitchen is an important element of our home because it controls the growth and overall health of household members. To uplift the good vibes and positive energy across the cooking space, Vastu Shastra believes that all of nature’s components — earth, air, water, sky, and fire – must be in a state of equilibrium. Setting up a kitchen in the southeast direction, where the cook may face east and work with plenty of sunlight in the morning, is good. If the kitchen is set up in a northwest orientation, the cooking person should face west. Softer hues are also congenial in the kitchen, as they represent tranquillity and harmony.   

South Facing Vastu Plan – Bedroom  

Bedrooms in a south-facing house Vastu should be placed in the north corner and the east corner. The main bedroom can be found on the north side of the house. Keep the bed headboards positioned in the south to promote sleep, according to Vastu. Apart from that, the living room might be positioned in the South, South West, and West directions.    

The optimal placement for the master bedroom, according to the Vastu of a south-facing house, is in the southwest direction. If the house has numerous storeys, Vastu dictates that the master bedroom should be built on the top floor.  

South Facing House Plan – Stairs  

Staircases are available in a variety of styles and sizes. However, according to Vastu Shastra, some elements in a staircase can disrupt the house’s Vastu. Spiral staircases, as well as those that go around the house’s perimeter, are supposed to be avoided for the same reason. The staircase in the south-facing house can be in the south/southeast,/west/northwest part of the house. In addition, it is thought that stairwells should be light in colour and that each step should bend at a perfect angle. Vastu experts recommend an odd number of stairs in a clockwise orientation. 

Benefits of South Facing Vastu Plan  

Let us know about the advantages of having a south-facing residence. Despite popular belief, having a property with a southern exposure can be quite helpful to some people, especially if the entrance is located in the three padas. Business owners may be eligible for such a real estate property, but people who provide services are strongly encouraged. If a south-facing building is used as an enterprise office or workplace, it can be a highly potent determinant of growth and fortune. That is why, in many cases, such people are encouraged to build a house with a south-facing Vastu rather than one with a north-facing Vastu.   

The other major advantage of a south-facing residence is that you will receive a plentiful amount of sunshine in your home. Home is filled with wonderful vibes and feelings because the sun is our primary source of energy. Furthermore, natural daylight improves the mood and mindset of the occupants, while also reducing their reliance on artificial lights. It is also a good source of vitamin D, and exposure to it for a few hours is good for your health. However, don’t expose yourself to it for too long, or you can develop skin irritation or sunburn.   

Getting a south-facing house Vastu is an add-on characteristic for property buyers in colder climates, as the sun shines on the house for most of the day, providing natural heating. Similarly, in hotter climates, this should be avoided, or at the very least, appropriate shade should be provided around the house. However, with the widespread usage of air conditioning and air conditioners these days, this is no longer a major issue.  

Disadvantages of South Facing House  

A residence facing any direction has some strengths and some drawbacks. Their levels of intensity may differ. There are advantages and disadvantages to living in an east, north, or west-facing home as well. You can remove the flaws by consulting a Vastu expert. People who live in homes with a south-facing orientation want the same thing. You should be aware that the main door for a south-facing house should be carefully planned. It will be a section of the Vastu layout that faces south. There are advantages to living in a south-facing house as well, but you must be aware of the drawbacks in order to make the necessary adjustments. Because Rahu is the ruling planet in this area, the southwest direction is very important.   

The Rahu dosha must be removed in the same way as the disadvantages of a west-facing dwelling must be overcome. A borewell or a subsurface system will cause problems. Large windows facing west are also unlucky. It is not beneficial for the family if the main entrance is in the southwest direction. Below are the dos & don’ts of the South-facing House Vastu plan.   

Do’s of the South-facing House Vastu plan  

  • For a south-facing residence, place the main door in the third or fourth pada of Vithatha/ Gruhakshat.  
  • Place the bedroom to the north or east of the house.  
  • Ensure that the plot’s slope is oriented from south to north.  
  • The kitchen must be placed in the southeast corner, then the northwest corner.  
  • The puja room must be present on the northeast corner of the house.  
  • Plan a garden, but only in the South East or South.  
  • Only place the staircase facing south, west, or southwest.  
  • Make sure the southern walls are taller and wider than the northern walls.  
  • Select the colours for the building front with care. It’s best to go with red and orange.    

Don’ts of the South Facing House Vastu plan  

  • For the main entrance, avoid the southwest corner.  
  • Avoid using black, blue, or grey to paint the house’s exterior.  
  • Avoid any subterranean water reservoirs at the front of a south-facing land, in particular.  
  • Ensure that a south-facing property does not have a crossroad or T-junction right in the front of it.  
  • Avoid strewn-about mirror placement in a south-facing home.  
  • Avoid putting a lawn in the southwest corner of the house.  
  • Avoid, in particular, a plot with a north-to-south slope.  
  • Avoid orienting the parking lot to the south.  
  • Avoid putting the kitchen in the southwest corner of the house. 

Bottom Line   

As you can see, against popular belief, living in a south-facing home can be beneficial to many people. It has the potential to provide success and financial gain. However, these are merely guidelines; you cannot buy a south-facing home purely based on these considerations. As a result, you should seek further advice from a Vastu expert to verify that the Vastu principles are followed correctly. You may transform an ordinary land into your ideal home with their assistance.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is south facing house good or bad?  

South-facing house is known to be inauspicious. However, Vastu Shastra does not determine any direction bad for the construction of houses. 

South facing house is good for which Rashi?  

South-facing houses are good choices for Mesh (Aries) Rashi people.  

Is the south-facing main door good?  

South-facing main doors invite sharp energy to the house, disturbing the overall environment. However, Vastu remedies can help in resolving issues of the south-facing entrance door.   

What is the advantage of the south-facing house?  

The main advantage of a south-facing home is the enormous amount of sun rays it receives the whole day.