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4th May 2022

West Facing House Vastu Plan for Optimal Living

Vastu Shastra helps bring the five elements of nature (fire, air, water, sky, and space) in tune with you. A house should always be in tune with these 5 elements for happiness, health, and prosperity. Despite that, a myth that a West-facing house is not the right residential choice is in the mind of people.  

Vastu says that there is no direction unfavorable for construction. Making a West-facing house as per the Vastu plan is a good choice. In this article, read about the remedies and rules of West facing house Vastu plan in detail.   

West Facing House Vastu Plan – Entrance 

Padas or steps are an important factor for the people who are purchasing a new home or renovating the old one. The entrance of the West facing house as per the Vastu plan should be in the right padas for positive energy. The padas divide the house into nine parts, starting from the NorthWest portion to ending in the SouthWest direction.   

As per the West-facing house Vastu plan, the main doors (entrance) of the house should always be constructed in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th padas. These directions for the entrance will pave the way for positive vibrations in the home. In case these three padas are not available for the main door, then the first and second padas can also be the choice for the entrance. These two padas will have a neutral effect on the energy of the house. 

West Facing House Vastu Plan – Pooja Room 

According to the West-facing house Vastu plan, the Pooja room should be in the northeast direction. The northeast direction is considered the most auspicious side of Vastu Shastra.    

You can also consider the West direction for the pooja room. However, the statues of idols and photos should always face the East direction. In many ancient temples, these kinds of placement can be seen where the statues of gods are on the side of the West direction but will be facing the East direction.   

East is also considered an auspicious direction for a pooja room in the West facing house. Hence, you can build the pooja room in any of these directions in a West-facing abode. 

West Facing House Vastu Plan - Kitchen 

A kitchen is a pathway to delicious foods into the tummies. Good food made in a Vastu-compliant kitchen will have a healthy and positive effect on the body. Hence, following the rules of the West facing house Vastu plan is important.    

The Vastu Shastra in a West facing home believes that the kitchen should be in the North-West or the South-East part of the home. The right direction of the kitchen will consequently bring positive energy to the kitchen. Additionally, the kitchen should never be in the SouthWest part as per the West facing house Vastu plan. It will unlock the negative affirmations in the kitchen. 

West facing House Vastu Plan – Living Room 

The living room is an essential part of any house. The same applies in the case of a West-facing house, too. The living room can be on the East, NorthEast, NorthWest, or Northside as per the West-facing house Vastu plan.    

For the heavy pieces of furniture, the placement should be in the west or southwest direction of the living space. It will create a positive aura in the living room by being compliant with the Vastu principles. 

West Facing House Vastu Plan – Bedrooms 

Rejuvenation and relaxation are what bedrooms can be associated with, but what if the cozy place is not in synergy with the Vastu Shastra principles? It will keep you worried all the time. In addition to that, it will increase the negative energy in your space. However, you can make your bedroom of a West facing house Vastu plan work for you. 

As per the Vastu principles, the bedroom should be on the Southwest side of the house. In the case of a multi-story house, place the master bedroom on the topmost floor of the house. 

The placement of the kid’s bedroom can be in the Northwest, South, or West portions as per the West-facing house Vastu plan. Also, the guest room placement can be in the Northwest part. These Vastu-compliant directions will promote positive affirmations in the house.  

West Facing House Vastu Plan – Stairs 

For stairs in the West facing house, the construction should be in the SouthWest direction as per Vastu plans. Also, the clockwise direction of stairs is important, as mentioned in the Vastu principles. Avoid placing the staircase in the centre of your West-facing house.    

The shapes of the stairs should be square or rectangular as per the West-facing house Vastu plan. Go for light colors for the staircase in your house. Additionally, avoid spiral ones that encircle the whole property, as they can cause bad luck and pave the way for negative affirmations.      

West Facing House Plan – Garden 

The garden gives you a sense of bliss. A small garden can make a positive impact on your body, mind, and soul. But how can you make it Vastu compliant? Here is the answer. Build a garden on the West or South side of the property. Also, add a Tulsi (basil) plant in the garden space to keep the environment relaxing. Keep your garden space clean, and also ensure the plants are well-maintained and blooming.  

Is West facing House Vastu Good or Bad? 

It is a belief that West-facing houses are not a good option and can bring in negativity and bad luck. However, following the Vastu principles and remedies can help these homes become more auspicious.    

The Vastu Shastra has never claimed that the West-facing house is inauspicious. It is purely the belief of people. Consequently, Vastu believes that all the directions are good for a residential space. Moreover, the entrance, placement of rooms, and other sections decide whether the West facing housing is as per the Vastu plan or not.  

West Facing House Benefits 

Here are a few advantages of a West facing house and its construction as per the Vastu Shastra:  

  • A West-facing abode will give you the warmth of sunshine till late hours, making it the biggest benefit. 
  • As per the beliefs, this direction brings prosperity and wealth to the people. Moreover, people living in these homes will not have rivals and will be popular in their workplace. 
  • West facing homes are the right choice of living for people like businessmen, politicians, religious leaders, and teachers. 
  • This home brings enjoyment and energy, making it the right choice of abode for youngsters. 

What are the disadvantages of West facing house Vastu? 

West facing house as per the Vastu plan comes with advantages and disadvantages. The above section mentions a few advantages of this home. In this part, let us explore the disadvantages of West facing homes: 

  • The major setback for these homes is extreme heat. The parts that come in contact with the setting sun will be heated during the evenings as the sun moves from South to West.  
  • Achieving the right direction of the entranceway is also tough in a West-facing home. Since the house will be broad in the SouthWest or NorthWest portions, the entrance might not be as per the Vastu Shastra rules. 
  • As per the West-facing house Vastu plan, the plot or residence should be in the North-South or East-West direction. But this is not possible in West-facing homes.  

 In A Nutshell 

Vastu Shastra for a West-facing home has all the solutions for any Vastu issues, making it an auspiciously living choice. In addition to that, the West-facing house Vastu plan will help you to achieve a prosperous life with positive energy flowing around. With the Vastu principles mentioned above, it is easy for anyone to make your home Vastu compliant and lead a happy life.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is West facing house a good option for a blissful living?  

Yes, West facing house is a good choice if it is based upon the West-facing house Vastu plan and principles for leading a happy life.   

Who is suitable for West facing house?  

People like teachers, politicians, leaders of religious groups, and businessmen are the suitable people for a West-facing house.   

What to do if the house is West facing?  

If your house is West facing, follow the Vastu Shastra principles and its remedies to fill it with positivity and good energy. The West facing house Vastu plan will help you in achieving prosperous and blissful life for you and your family.  

Which Rashi is suitable for West facing house?  

As per Vastu Shastra, a West-facing home is a good choice for people with Tula, Kumbha, and Mithuna rashis.