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18th Apr 2022

East-facing House Plan As Per Vastu Shastra

In India, purchasing a house is not similar to buying any other property. The reason is that a house embodies a charge of positive energy that contributes to a family’s well-being and growth. It has been treated as the key to a happy life and hence, Vastu Shastra plays an important role by which the homeowners can invite prosperity and success into their homes.    

Homeowners following Vastu need to ensure that their homes are compatible with the Vastu guidelines. Your home is eastbound if the principal entryway of your home from inside faces east. And if you are indeed searching for an east-facing house Vastu plan, we have got everything you may require covered here in this article. 

What Is An East-Facing House Vastu Plan?  

Generally, the north side is the most promising direction of a house. In addition, an east-facing house, or a north-east facing house, are equally suitable as per the Vastu guidelines. 

For an east-facing house as per the Vastu plan, putting the lounge room on the north-east side is an auspicious setting up of the entire abode. Ensure the dividers of the north-east facing house are limited and more slender than those of the south and west. It assists in securing happiness and progress in an individual’s life.   

What Is The 30×40 East-Facing House Vastu Plan?  


This is one of the best types of house designs as per Vastu. The 30*40 east-facing house Vastu plan prioritises the parking space. Special attention is given to the equal sides staircase. As per the east-facing house Vastu plan, the windows are allocated in every room to allow sun rays to enter the room. It is believed that sunlight plays an important role in inviting positivity to a space where it enters. As per this structure, the main entry gate of the house has a distance from the main door having a size bracket of 6*10, and the parking slot should be around 13’8*14’8. 

Below are the ways you can make your east-facing home conform to Vastu, and a few Vastu tips for your home. 

Best East-Facing House Vastu Plan For The Living/Drawing Space


We should begin from the very nuts and bolts, i.e., the front entryway. The front entryway to your 30*40 east-facing houses should be positioned in the middle. If by chance your front entryway is in the upper east corner, ensure to leave a 6-inch space between the sections and the main entryway. Try not to put your primary entryway in a southeast direction. If it cannot be prevented, please try some Vastu remedies, such as the Vastu pyramid in both directions of the entry space and one in the centre on top of the principal entry gateway.   

Additionally, you can also utilise a Swastika sign, a Trishul, or an Om image in similar situations to take out the negative energy because of the entryway position. Moreover, there ought to be no item, for instance, a post or a tree eclipsing the entry of the house.  

3 BHK East-Facing House Plan As Per Vastu For The Private Space/Bedrooms  


The main room should be bigger than the other rooms in the house. The bed needs to be placed in the south or west sections of the room.   

Ensure that your head is in the south or west direction while sleeping. Specifically, do not try to hang a mirror or any intelligent surface straightforwardly before your bed. The washroom inside the main room should confront the bed directly and the entryway should constantly stay shut.  

East-Facing House Vastu Plan For The Cooking Area/Kitchen 


A 3BHK east-facing house plan as per Vastu recommends that the kitchen should be in the southeast heading of the house. Essentially, the individual who cooks ought to always face the east direction in the kitchen. If the arrangement is not feasible, a northwest-confronting kitchen would also be Vastu-consistent. In that case, the individual cooking will then need to face towards the west in a northwest-facing kitchen. The position of the cooking ovens, toaster, boiler, and so forth need to be in the southeast-direction region. It is believed to welcome positive energy into your home.  

Vastu Plan For The Staircase In An East-Facing House  


According to Vastu Shastra, the staircase should never be in the northeast direction. It should always be in the southwest, south, or west direction. The major reason behind this is the sunlight that enters the house with the staircase designed in a clockwise direction. This plays a significant role in welcoming prosperity and happiness into the residents’ life.   

Vastu Plan For The Washroom In An East-Facing House  


The Pooja room in any home size, even in a 1BHK house plan, ought to be in the southeast or the northwest corner. Carefully ensure that the restroom isn’t in contact with the pooja room. The optimum directions for washrooms in the east-facing house are north-Northwest and West-Northwest portions of your house. 

Significant Tips While Deciding On An East-Facing House Vastu Plan:   

  • A nameplate is desirable at the main entryway in the east-facing house Vastu plan.  
  • Keeping a crystal globe in the northeast zone of the house is thought of as propitious for the students in the house.  
  • One should try not to put steps in the upper east direction in the northeast facing house.  
  • Try not to set up trees in the north-east facing house Vastu plan  
  • The upper east of the house should be intensely stuffed  
  • There ought to be no septic tanks in the upper east corner of the house  
  • The north and east walls should be thinner and shorter than the west & south walls.  
  • A living room in the northeast direction ushers in prosperity and luck 

Final Thoughts  

There are many philosophies under Vastu guidelines that decide which house direction suits the best for the homeowners. When it comes to building a house on a plot, it is upto you to decide the directions for each room and allocate them accordingly. But in case you are buying a house, this creates issues that may not suit your defined directions. But that is all fine in case Vastu remedies are taken into consideration.   

It is important to ensure Vastu rules while buying a home because it drives growth and happiness while uplifting the prosperity of a person. It is believed that with positivity, negative energy also resides amidst us. All we can do is embrace the good inside and reflect on the bad energy outside with the help of Vastu Shastra. Hence, if you are about to shift into your new residence, or planning to buy a Vastu compatible house, go through the guidance and rules to gain the best result henceforth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Vastu

What can be the Pooja Room guidelinesfor anEast-facing house Vastu plan?

In an east-facing house Vastu plan, one needs to take care that the roof in the room must be lower than in other rooms. The pooja room should confront the upper east direction, and there can’t be a washroom adjacent to this room. As per Vastu rules, the northeast direction is extremely promising. 

Which can be the Best Colour for an East-facing House Vastu Plan?  

An eastbound house has more than adequate daylight toward the beginning of the day. The shade of your home ought to be in the tints of green or blue. These shades are suggested for east-facing houses as per Vastu as they use regular as well as artificial light in the house. 

Who can reside in an east-facing house Vastu plan?  

According to Vastu, the east bearing houses address air, imagination as well as power and refinement. Consequently, eastbound houses are supposed to be great for inventive experts like artists, specialists, or individuals who have organisations and work with the public authority

Is an East-facing house suitable as per Vastu Shastra?   

As per Vastu Shastra rules, 3BHK east-facing Vastu plans are accepted to be great for structures and multi-story lofts. Be that as it may, an east-facing duplex house plan as per Vastu is not counted among the best choices but with better remedial implementation,  desired benefits can be achieved. 

Which direction facing the house should be avoided as per Vastu Shastra?  

The first and subsequent options for homes are north, northeast, east, or west-facing houses.  Try avoiding the main door in the south, southwest, northwest (north side), or southeast (east side) directions.