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4th May 2022

Easy & Complete Vastu Guide for Your Home

Vastu Shastra may not be an exact proven science, but it is also not just a myth. Vastu shastra has its roots in science and ancient cultural practices. Not only in India, but people around the world believe in the power of Vastu. With the guidance and principles of Vastu for home, one can achieve health, tranquillity, and prosperity in life. Even if you fail to make your home fully Vastu compliant, you can make use of the given remedies to eliminate the Vastu doshas. In this article, let us take you through the various principles of Vastu for the home. 

 Vastu rules for Home 

Vastu rules for home is the amalgamation of practical science and architecture concepts that helps in creating a better setting in your home. These include shape, size, direction, colors, items, placements, and various other aspects of architecture and home decor. Following the principles of Vastu Shastra can help in the continuous flow of positivity and create a balance between energies in your living space.  

Vastu Colors for Home 

Each color has its own significance in each room of the house. For every space, there is a specific set of colors suggested by Vastu colors for the home. These colors play a significant role in the psychology of humans. Choosing the right Vastu colors for your home is as important as choosing the right direction for rooms. The colors for different rooms as per the Vastu are as follows: 

  • For Kitchen – Make food in a red or orange-painted space and avoid using darker shades of grey, brown, black, and blue. 
  • For Bedroom – Choose different hues of blue, but avoid dark red shades for the master bedroom. 
  • For Guest Room – Go for shades of white and avoid darker red shades for this room.  
  • For Living Area – Select white shades and avoid using shades of darker colors for the living space.  
  • For Dining Space – Green, yellow, or blue is the perfect color for the dining area. However, avoid using grey color for this section of the house.  
  • For Kid’s Room – Paint it with white hues and never pick red or blue shades for your little ones’ space.  
  • For Bathroom – Always go for white hues and avoid darker shades of any colors as per Vastu colors for home.   
  • For Puja Room – Paint the room with a yellow shade and avoid using red color for the puja room.  
  • For Study Room – Blue, light green, white, and cream make up the list of perfect colors for the study space. Also, avoid using grey and brown for the room.  
  • For Staircase – Beige, light grey, white, pale blue, or brown are the perfect colors for the staircase, and do not pick black or red for the staircase.  

 Vastu for Puja Room 

There is a separate section for offering prayers in every household. Hence, the best direction as per Vastu for the puja room is the northeast zones. This ensures the best positivity in the house. The suggested zone is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This direction also represents divinity. Offering prayers to the deities will help you to connect to the energy of God.Other than this direction, the west side is also a good choice for the construction of the puja room. Also, add the idols of deities on the northeast side of the room.  

Vastu for the Living Room 

As per Vastu Shastra for home, the living room area must be in the east, northeast, and north directions of the home. Adding to that, the pieces of furniture should be in the southwest or west directions of the living room. The right direction of the furniture and living room will ensure that there is no Vastu dosh in the house. For the colors, the bright hues are important to choose to let the positive vibe flow in the area. 

Vastu for Bedroom 

The placement of bedrooms is important to ensure positivity as per Vastu tips for home. Here are the placements of various rooms in the house: 

  • Vastu Tip for Master Bedroom 

The Master bedroom as per the Vastu tips for the home is a very special place in the whole place. This is the room where you forget about all your worries, rest, and revitalize for the new day. Hence, there must be no negative energy in this space for your peace and tranquillity of mind. 

Place the bedroom in the southwest corner of the house. If it is not possible to place it in the southwest, try to build it in the west, north, or south zones. Additionally, make sure that the bed is not in the same alignment as the entrance door of the bedroom. Moreover, sleeping in the right direction is also crucial to get sound sleep with the guidance and principles suggested by Vastu experts.  

  • Vastu Tips for Children’s Bedroom 

You should never think of skipping your kid’s room. It is essential to choose everything right for your kid’s bedroom as per the rules of Vastu for home. Special attention is required for this room as they are in their development and growth stage. If the Children’s room has wrong placements, it might affect their development. The north direction of the home is the right zone for the children’s room. The room can also be in the west zone of the house. These directions will help them better concentrate on their academics and improve their memory power.    

In addition to that, the south direction should be totally avoided for this room. Do not add electricals (such as television), or any mirror and other similar items in this room as they create distractions in their academics. The absence of such things is an advantage for the kids in their development phase. 

Vastu for Kitchen 

The kitchen is the place of Annapurna. It offers nutritious food and provides protection against many health issues. A kitchen is also a place for one of the five elements of nature – fire. Accordingly, a Vastu-compliant home also includes the kitchen. Vastu for home plan suggests that the positioning of the kitchen in the direction of fire can give the best results. Positioning it in the direction of the fire element can lead to the good health of the family members. 

The kitchen should be on the southern side of the house, says Vastu principles. You can also particularly go for the south or southeast zone for better health. If the southern side is for some other room, you can also place the kitchen in the west zone but the same direction. Ensure that there are no Vastu doshas as it can lead to health issues in the family members.     

Vastu for Study Room 

Professionalism and academics are influenced by the study room. The right basic Vastu for home principles recommends south, east, and north for the study room. Furthermore, the west direction is the best zone to place your study room for the best results. In any case, avoid the north-west or southwest side of the west for the study room.    

Vastu for Meditation Room 

Meditation is the key to a fresh and positive mind. At the same time, the space for meditation should also be full of a positive aura. As per the Vastu tips for home, the meditation room should be on the northeast side of the house. This is the direction of Earth’s magnetic force. 

Vastu for Dining Space 

If you have a separate area for dining, following the Vastu for home rule becomes significant. For the dining hall, you can go in the west direction of the house to get the best health. You can also place this area in the south, east, or north direction of the house. Notwithstanding, do not place the dining space in the southwest zone as it can have an altered effect on health.   

Vastu for Home Entrance 

Vastu for home entrance suggests northeast, north, west, or east directions as the right choice. These directions are auspicious for the construction of an entrance to the house. Besides that, do not add the door in the southwest, south, southeast, or northwest directions as per the Vastu for home entrance tips. 

Vastu for Home Staircase 

If you have a two-story home, the staircase is also another crucial part that connects the two floors. To make the staircase compliant with the Vastu tips for the home, construct it in the southwest zone of the house. You can also opt for other directions of the house, but before that, consider taking the guidance of Vastu experts to decide the direction. However, in any case, do not construct the stairs in the northeast direction. 

Vastu Plants for Home 

Vastu suggests that adding plants to the home can make a pathway for good vibes, and the plants also add beauty to the space. The plants, such as bamboo, neem, lavender, money plant, snake plant, lily, Tulsi plant, orchids, Ashoka tree, and chrysanthemum plants cleanse the impurities in the air. These plants also provide several other benefits like energy for good health and refreshed mind.    

The Vastu plants for home also propose that keeping them in the area can balance out the energies. Since plants combine the five elements of nature, it creates a perfect balance between humans and nature. Following the Vastu plants for home principles, one can bring peace, harmony, health, and prosperity to their living space.   

 Vastu Items for Home 

The Vastu for home plan suggests a few items that can ensure a continuous flow of positive energy in the house. These are as follows: 

  • Laughing Buddha statue for home Vastu 
  • Lord Kuber statue 
  • A turtle 
  • Feathers of peacock 
  • Shree yantra 
  • Windchimes 
  • Elephant along with a frog 
  • Water fountain for home Vastu 
  • Horse Shoe 
  • Arowana Fish 

 The benefits of following Vastu rules 

Vastu for home is beneficial in many ways. Here are some of the major benefits one can reap. Vastu Shastra for home – 

  • Harmonizes the energy in the house. 
  • Brings positivity and happiness. 
  • Boosts the emotional and physical health of the members. 
  • Adds harmony to the relationships. 
  • Builds trust among the people. 
  • Helps in strong financial standing. 
  • Gives spiritual and artistic lessons. 
  • Helps in reducing losses. 
  • Guides for creating a better, healthier lifestyle. 
  • Revives the energy of body, mind, and soul. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which side door should open?  

The Vastu Shastra for home suggests that the main door should always open in the northeast, north, west, or east directions.  

Which corner is good for Puja at home?

The northeast corner of the house is good for puja as per Vastu.  

Which direction is best for the kitchen?  

The south side of the house is best for the kitchen, as it is the direction of fire (an element of nature).   

What should we avoid as per Vastu?  

West or southwest homes, darker colors, and unclean homes are some things to avoid as per the Vastu Shastra for home.