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31st Mar 2022

Top 12 Incredible Health Benefits of Giloy

Back in older times, our parents and grandparents would often use a variety of spices and herbs in their daily life, and this helped them lead a very healthy life. In today’s modern existence amidst all the comfort and technology, our lives have vastly improved in so many aspects, however, there was something impressive about that old-style living. Their metabolism was remarkable and their immune systems impressive, they achieved all this by including natural herbs and spices in their diet. 

One such amazing, power-packed herb is Giloy (scientific name – Tinospora cordifolia), an Ayurvedic climbing shrub used and advocated in the Indian medicine system for ages. There is an appreciable amount of health benefits of Giloy, here is a list of the top 12 of the most incredible Giloy health benefits: 

Top 12 Ultimate Health Benefits Of Giloy 

1. Benefits of Giloy in Dengue Fever

Giloy is antipyretic in nature (that reduces fever). It is effective against several life-threatening conditions like Dengue, Swine Flu, and Malaria. Giloy boosts platelet count in dengue fever, strengthens the immune system, helps in speedy recovery while lowering the chances of health complications. 

Scientific view: Due to its antipyretic and anti-inflammatory nature, Giloy helps fight infections and enhances the body’s immunity. Consuming boiled Giloy juice helps increase the platelet count during dengue fever. 

Ayurvedic view: Regularly consuming boiled Giloy juice with tulsi leaves, improves platelet count and provides immunity to fight against dengue fever. Giloy’s Javarghana nature is attributable to lowering dengue fever. Giloy further helps to recuperate from dengue by improving digestion and absorption. Giloy’s typical ‘Rasayanic’ nature helps our body fend off foreign organisms, thus strengthening our immune system. 

Extract the Giloy juice from the stalk of the plant, add 5-6 tulsi leaves with half a cup of water and it every day to enhance the platelet count. 

2. Giloy’s Health Benefits For Diabetes Mellitus  

Scientific view: Taking Giloy helps improve our body’s blood glucose levels and hence helps manage diabetes. Giloy due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature is also useful against diabetes-related complications like kidney damage, ulcers, and wounds. 

Ayurvedic view: Giloy is also called “Madhunashini’ (destroyer of sugar) in Ayurveda. It increases insulin production in the body, thus managing blood sugar levels and preventing other diabetes-related complications. 

After lunch or dinner, take half a teaspoon of Giloy powder with water. 

3. Benefits Of Giloy Against Fighting Cancer 

Scientific view: Thanks to its cytotoxic and immunomodulatory properties, Giloy helps treat cancer and lessen the side effects of cancer drugs in the body. Quercetin and Rutin in Giloy because of their anti-cancer property, stops cell proliferation in breast cancer. Further, Giloy causes cell death (apoptosis) in breast cancer cells as it alters the expression of apoptotic genes. 

Ayurvedic view: Giloy is also known as ‘Amruta’, the Indian name for nectar. Giloy helps in balancing Vata-Pitta-Kapha in our bodies, thus regulating the spread and growth of cancer-causing cells in our bodies. 

4. Benefits Of Giloy In Addressing High Cholesterol Issues  

Giloy is useful in regulating high cholesterol levels by improving the metabolism of our body and flushing out the toxins behind high cholesterol. This happens thanks to Giloy’s Pachan (digestive), Deepan (appetiser), and Rasayana (chemically rejuvenating) nature. 

5. Giloy Is Full Of Anti-Oxidants 

Giloy is well-endowed with various plant compounds like alkaloids, phenolics, lignans, terpenoids, and steroids. Some of these compounds act as antioxidants, thus getting rid of free radicals and averting oxidative stress due to infections. The abundance of antioxidants inherently present in Giloy is useful in ageing, frailty, fatigue, and cell rejuvenation. 

6. Giloy Benefits For Arthritis & Gout 

Traditional Indian medicines use Giloy for its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties to treat arthritis and gout. Giloy stimulates the growth of bone-forming cells, research has shown it to revive joint-cartilage thickness and alleviate osteoporosis.  

Take Giloy powder with a glass of warm milk to alleviate joint pains. 

7. Giloy Is Hepatoprotective (Prevents Liver Damage) 

Guduchi Satwa, an Ayurvedic formulation, is useful against liver injuries due to alcohol overdose and is helpful against liver cirrhosis. Giloy is helpful in fatty liver health conditions, and it lowers the cholesterol level in the liver. It improves antioxidant enzymes and increases overall liver functioning by detoxifying it and further protecting the liver from free radical damage. 

8. Giloy For Respiratory Illnesses 

Giloy’s anti-inflammatory character helps in lowering respiratory problems like shortness of breath, chest tightness, cold, wheezing, coughing, and tonsils. Doctors recommend drinking Giloy juice or chewing on Giloy root every day, as it helps treat respiratory illnesses. 

9. Giloy Is An Immunity Booster 

Giloy boosts body immunity and vitality. This herb is a powerhouse of antioxidants that are useful in safeguarding against free radicals and eliminating body toxins. Giloy juice also helps the body against UTIs, heart conditions, and liver diseases. 

10. Giloy Promotes Digestion 

Giloy is very effective in improving the digestion process, treating bowel-related issues, and protecting from digestive issues like diarrhoea, vomiting, and hyperacidity. Consuming Giloy in juice or powder form daily is a great approach to toughen up your digestive system.  

Put half a teaspoon of Giloy powder in one glass of lukewarm water and have it daily, take Giloy powder with jaggery to treat constipation.

11. Giloy Improves Vision 

Giloy is applied to the eyes (commonly used in Panchkarma) as it is very beneficial in enhancing eyesight. 

Boil Giloy leaves or powder, and after it cools down, apply it over the eyes for vision improvement. 

12. Giloy Minimises The Signs Of Ageing 

The presence of free radicals increases the ageing process in our body. Giloy is packed with antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress hence reducing pimples, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots thus giving you healthier skin. 

Boil milk with a Giloy stick in it, let it cool down, and drink it for healthier skin. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we eat Giloy leaves?

Yes, to maintain a healthy body, fresh Giloy leaves can be chewed every day.

Can Giloy juice be taken as a stress reliever?

Yes, Giloy imparts a calming effect to the mind. Giloy is known as an adaptogenic herb (manages stress hormones), it lowers stress and anxiety by subduing the over-activated parasympathetic nervous system.  

Can I take Giloy with Amla Juice every morning and at night before sleeping? 

Yes, for better results, take it on an empty stomach in the morning. Avoid taking Giloy and Amla juice at night.