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22nd Mar 2022

How To Strengthen Wrists & Hands? – 10 Easy Wrist Exercises

Hands are used in umpteen tasks, from holding a doorknob to typing on a keyboard every day. These repetitive motions can result in wrist and finger weakness and stiffness. Simple wrist exercises involving the hands and elbows can improve mobility, impart strength and lower the chances of injury or reinjury. 

How to make wrists stronger 

Wrist exercises help reinforce your wrists while maintaining the versatility and dexterity of your hands and fingers. Wrist exercises enhance flexibility and reduce severe cramps and muscle injuries. Stretching is advised as a preventive measure and also to alleviate minor pains. However, it should not be done by people with inflammation or severe joint damage unless prescribed by a healthcare professional. In such cases, exercise could worsen the joints of your wrists or hands. It’s critical first to pinpoint the source of your wrist pain. We recommend you seek guidance from a physician before starting new activities. 

Simple hand and wrist workouts 

There are so many simple yet effective wrist strengthening exercises you can easily do while sitting at your desk.  

1. Praying Position Stretches 

Hold the Namaskara position, i.e., put your palms together and touch elbows. Hold this posture while standing. Ensure arms are touching from your fingertips to your elbows. Spread your elbows apart slowly while pressing your palms together. Keep lowering your hands to waist level until it reaches the belly button. Stay in this position for ten to thirty seconds and then repeat it. 

2. Extended Arm 

Stretch your arm, palm up, toward the ceiling to stretch in the opposite direction. Pull your fingers gently toward your body. For 10 to 30 seconds, hold this position.  

3. Fists Clenched 

Place your open hands, palms up, on your thighs while seated. Close your fists slowly. Do not clench your fists too tightly. Your fists should be lifted off your legs. Now, bend at your wrists with your forearms touching the ground. For 10 seconds, hold the position. 

Strengthening the wrist and hands 

Building wrist strength can also help you avoid injury. You can do many wrist exercises at your workplace or at home to increase wrist strength.   

1. Desk Press 

Press your palm against the desk while seated.  

2. Tennis Ball Squeeze 

Tend to squeeze a stress ball or tennis ball for 5-10 seconds. It shouldn’t be painful. However, it should allow you to strengthen the wrists. 

3.Thumb Work  

Push Exercise:  

  • To prevent your thumb from moving, use your thumb and hand muscles to create resistance. 
  • Gently pull your thumb back with your free hand. 
  • Hold and repeat. 

Pull Exercise: 

  • Make a fist and raise your thumb. 
  • Use your thumb and hand muscles as resistance to keep your thumb pointed up towards the ceiling. 
  • Your thumb should be gently pushed forward by your free hand. 
  • Hold and repeat. 

4. Wrist and hand yoga 

Yoga can be a beneficial way to strengthen your wrist muscles. Below are a few wrist exercises and hands inspired by yoga. 

5. Figure Eights 

  • Look at your fingers in front of your body. Move your intertwined hands in a figure of eight motion while keeping your elbows tucked into your sides.  
  • Rotate your wrists so that each hand is on top alternatively.  
  • Repeat after a quick rest. Raise your arms over your head and interlace your fingers with your hands while seated. 

6. Overhead Reach 

This exercise helps tone and stretch the muscles of the hand. It also enhances flexibility and blood circulation. 

7. Eagle Arms 

This exercise is a variation on the Eagle Pose. 

  • Bend your elbows  
  • Insert your right elbow into the crook of your left.  
  • Your right thumb hand should pass through the little finger of your left. 
  • Join your palms together, press against each other, raise your elbows, and extend your fingers. 
  • Hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds at least.  
  • Do the same on the side. 


A few simple wrist workouts can help you reduce or even eliminate pain in your hands. Inculcate these exercises in your daily routine, don’t rush, take one step at a time and do it religiously—no cheat days. Ask your doctor first if these wrist exercises are safe for you, especially if you have an injury. Remember; don’t force these exercises on yourself. If your doctor has allowed these exercises, then get started; schedule some time for these stretches in your daily routine, especially if your job demands for you to sit for a prolonged time. Do these wrist exercises to strengthen them and your hands will thank you! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you strengthen weak wrists?

A good exercise program is essential to improve or maintain wrist strength. Wrist exercises require only a few items:  
A lightweight for wrist curls (or a can of soup or water bottle)  
Table for resting your forearm  
 Finger Resistance Bands 

How can seniors strengthen their wrists?

Hold a piece of dead weight with your palms facing down, and your wrist hanging over your knee. In a slow and steady motion, raise your hand as far as you can and then lower it as far as you can. Do a set of ten, and then repeat. Repeat the exercise with your palms up the next time.

How can seniors strengthen their hands?

Here’s a list of exercises that seniors can perform for strengthening their hands:  
Try to squeeze a softball in your palms as hard as you can without exerting too much pressure.  
Hold the softball for a few seconds before releasing it.  
Do this exercise two to three times per week, but rest your hands for 48 hours between sessions. If your thumb joint is injured, do not perform this exercise.  

How can I strengthen my hands and wrists?

You can perform the below exercises to strengthen your hands and wrists without a wrist exercise tool:  
Wrist extension and flexion with a dumbbell.   
Hold a light dumbbell in your hand.  
Pronation/supination with a dowel or workout bar.  
Get yourself a workout bar or a field hockey stick to work your hands and wrists.  
Elbow/elbow, hand/hand (high to low plank).