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5th Feb 2022

Sukhasana for Seniors – How to do it & what are its many benefits?

After reaching a certain age, seniors face a number of physical problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain, etc. Fortunately, yoga can help in tackling all such problems. Regularly practicing yoga can help in battling such health issues, along with maintaining mental wellbeing. One such yoga pose that can help seniors tackle a myriad of physical ailments is the Sukhasana.

Sukhasana is the basic yoga sitting position that is part of the Hatha Yoga routine. It has traditionally been used as a posture for breathing exercises – pranayam and meditation – dhyan. The word ‘Sukhasana’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Sukham’ which translates to ‘bliss’ and ‘asana’, which means posture. In this blog, we shall have a look at how you can do the Sukhasana at home and the various benefits of Sukhasana for seniors.

How to do Sukhasana 

Sukhasana, is known as ‘the easy yoga pose’ – meaning, it can be performed with maximum ease. One can do it very easily in the comfort of their home. Given below is the step-by-step process to be followed which ensures one receives optimum benefits of Sukhasana:

  • First Step: Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you and keep your back perpendicular to the floor. Place your hands on the floor, palms down, beside your hips.
  • Second Step: Next, cross your legs at the ankles, with the left leg on top. While pressing your palms on the floor, slide each foot towards the opposite knee – your right foot underneath your left knee, and your left foot underneath your right knee.
  • Third Step: Straighten your spine by stretching your back upwardly and head upright. Rest your hands on your knees, with elbows bent, palms facing upwards. There should be no stress or pressure on your feet.
  • Fourth Step: Make sure that your shoulder, spine, head, and neck are completely aligned and in line with the ground. Your shoulders should move away from your ears. Your thighs and legs should form the shape of a little triangle. It requires you to use your core and back muscles to distribute your weight evenly on your sit bones.
  • Fifth Step: Now inhale with a deep breath and feel your spine stretch. Hold for a while and exhale slowly. While doing so, press down on your seat.
  • It is advisable to sit on a folded blanket or other padding like a bolster, so that your hips are raised a little, which helps your pelvis to stay aligned in a neutral position. 

Amazing Health Benefits of Sukhasana 

It is imperative to remember that if you wish to make the most of the benefits of sukhasana, you need to enter into a meditative state by practicing undivided concentration techniques. Given below are some of the benefits of sukhasana.

Stretching & Strengthening of Muscles and Joints  

This yoga pose ensures that you strengthen the muscles in your back, improve flexibility of your hips, and the spine. It also strengthens the knees and ankles. This raises the athletic level of the body and helps you avoid minor injuries while releasing contractions and tension from these body parts. Further, it gives a gentle massage to your thighs, calves, and knees which helps in improving body posture and eliminating fatigue.

Enhanced Mental Peace 

Sitting in the Dhyana position can help you free your mind and really connect with the spiritual energy of the universe. Even though this yoga pose is physically easy, caution is advised. During the beginning of meditation in the sukhasana pose, you should allow the flow of random thoughts in order to let them go. This will eventually free your mind of any unnecessary thoughts.

Relaxation Therapy 

The immense ability to bring the mind under control may not be very easy, but it is sure to be a solution to all your problems. Regular practice of this yogasan can be a truly delightful habit to include in your daily routine to calm the body and mind.

Harness the Power of Internal Happiness  

The regular practice of sukhasana can help in achieving internal happiness by getting rid of many problems like emotional instability, anxiety, stress, etc. Begin with five minutes and then gradually increase the time period of this yoga pose and truly become one with nature.


Please do not perform this aasan if you have any pain in the lower spine or sciatica or any problems connected to the knees, which may make it difficult or painful to cross your legs. It can also restrict blood circulation in the legs, for people with varicose veins or edema, therefore do not stay in this position for long. Do consult your doctor before starting any form of exercise.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q) What is the other name of Sukh Aasan? 

The other name for Sukhasana is Easy Sitting Pose.

Q) What are the advantages of Sukhasana? 

Regularly practice of the sukhasana pose can help in maintaining good physical and mental health while also inculcating a sense of humbleness and spirituality in your life.