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8th Mar 2022

Top 10 Senior – Friendly Weight Loss Exercises 

As they age, seniors tend to gain weight due to a slowdown in metabolism or underlying medical conditions. Being overweight puts a lot of pressure on internal body organs, consequently increasing the risk of joint, kidney and heart ailments. Seniors may find it difficult to lose weight at an old age since weight loss can cause sarcopenia (muscle loss) making them feel weaker. Moreover, years of counterproductive lifestyle habits and other environmental influences are overwhelming and excruciating to conquer. The silver lining is that losing weight in the advancing years is doable with actionable steps. They only have to commit themselves to simpler exercises that are not strenuous on their joints yet will benefit them by burning a fair share of calories. Enjoying consistent workouts and eating well will significantly aid the weight loss process in the latter years of life. Let’s look at the 10 best weight loss exercises for seniors.
Best Exercise for Seniors



Walking for weight loss is number one on our list. It is the easiest and the most effective, low-impact weight loss exercise for seniors. It can be practised anytime, anywhere, at your own agreeable pace, and it costs nothing. Depending on your energy level and health condition, you can enjoy brisk walking or a simple stroll around your neighbourhood or favourite park. Walking for even 30 minutes each day is sufficient to put you on track to attain the right shape. 

Jogging :  Both walking and jogging are the most effective belly fat burning exercises. If your muscle strength and endurance permit, you should consider jogging along with or instead of walking. Relatively shorter, slower jogs burn more calories than walking and have a significant impact on your health and weight. But despite that, it is not as low-impact as walking, so to ensure it is safe for you to practice, speak with your doctor before starting. 



Yoga is a very apt workout for seniors since it is relatively low impact and has many invaluable health benefits. Yoga helps burn 300+ calories per hour, promotes healthy metabolism and develops bone-muscle strength by building lean muscle mass, amongst numerous other health benefits. Yoga also enhances flexibility and balance, thus preventing falls and facilitating your mobility and independence. 

Chair Yoga is a particularly great option for seniors since it is easy on the joints and supports a lighter workout. 

Tai Chi 


Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise involving a series of slow and graceful focused movements coupled with deep breathing. Tai Chi workouts not only aid weight loss but also develop balance, flexibility, and stability, consequently enhancing mobility in seniors. It is also helpful in reducing pain caused by fibromyalgia and knee osteoarthritis. 



Pilates is a brilliant workout option for seniors looking for weight loss and rehabilitation while recovering from injury. Pilates burns calories and simultaneously addresses strength, flexibility, core stability, posture, balance, and breathing. It also tackles sarcopenia (muscle mass reduction due to ageing) and osteoporosis. 

Water Aerobics 


Water aerobics is an exceptional weight loss exercise as water forces the muscles to work with more resistance while its buoyancy packs extra support for your muscles and joints (highly recommended for seniors fighting joint pains, arthritis and other joint ailments). It stimulates overall body muscles, improves blood circulation, enhances flexibility, mobility and helps lose belly fat. The best water aerobics exercises are standing water push-ups, aqua jogging, and flutter kicking. 

Exercises with Resistance Bands 


Resistance bands challenge seniors without adding extra stress and reduce the risk of injuries. This helpful weight loss tool for seniors comes in various sizes, strengths (resistance options) and workout combinations. These workouts can be done at any place and time of your convenience. 

Indoor Cycling 


Indoor cycling facilitates weight loss for seniors without risking injuries. Indoor cycling is a cardio exercise to lose weight and belly fat. You can practice this as per your comfort level in the safety of your home or health club while bettering your joint and muscle functioning. 

Body Weight Training 


Bodyweight training includes workouts to lose weight and build muscle using just your own body. Exercises like squats, planks, push-ups, and many more can be incorporated into this workout regimen. These are also great exercises to lose thigh fat. Bodyweight training ensures no risk of extra stress on joints and muscles as you work out however, you must stick to only those you are comfortable doing. 

Strength Training 


Strength training is not recommended for absolute beginners, it is an effective weight loss technique for seniors who are comfortable using added weights. It always needs to be performed under the guidance of a personal trainer and is an impressive way of gaining flexibility, muscle strength and losing fat while keeping the pulse rate up. 



Dancing is one amazing weight loss exercise where you can have a lot of fun and lose inches, all at the same time. Dancing is safe and improves balance while synchronically lifting your spirits. From Zumba dance for weight loss or Latin or jazz and ballroom, choose something you enjoy, fit it into your weekly routine and dance your weight away. 

In the 21st century, beauty is an internal factor, not a consequence of weight and rightly so. With that said, however, being overweight puts your health at risk making it essential to be watchful of one’s weight.  For optimal weight loss, you ought to pay attention to your body. You need to slow down the eating process and stop just before you feel full. It is crucial to select your workouts based on which exercises help maintain a healthy heart rate while being easy on the joints and reducing the risk of injury.  Besides helping weight loss, all physical activities boost blood circulation, enhance mobility and help maintain overall health and longevity. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to lose belly fat after 65?  

Eat a healthy plant-based diet (fruits, vegetables, whole grains). Opt for lean protein sources namely fish and low-fat dairy products. Curtail saturated fats and processed meats. Drink water before meals. Carry out belly fat exercises like indoor cycling, walking, swimming, jogging. 

How do I lose weight after 70? 

Following tips can help you lose weight after 70: 
Calculate and keep a tab your daily caloric requirements 
Exercise to burn fat and incorporate physical activities in your  life  
Lower your refined carb intake 
Consume proteins regularly 
Replace sugary beverages 
Eat balanced diets (rich in vegetables & fruits) 
Stay well hydrated 
Eat slow and pay attention to what you eat 

How much water is advisable to drink each day for weight loss? 

According to research, per day 1–2.5 litres of water (preferably before meals) is advised for significant weight loss. 

Please suggest some effective weight loss exercises that I could do at my home? 

Practice aerobic exercises like brisk walking for about 30 minutes daily, endurance exercises like resistance band exercises, strength training, cycling, bodyweight training. Try dance workouts and stay flexible with yoga and tai chi while working on your weight loss goals.