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20th Oct 2022
6 benefits of videogames for seniors

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Video Games For Seniors

People frequently think computer games and seniors don’t remain inseparable. Seniors often partner with their kids and grandkids, hustling vehicles, swinging tomahawks and swords, bowling with a regulator, and wack-a-moles things. However, in the current computer age, they need to consider the advantages of electronic games too. The following are the benefits of playing video games for seniors.

Benefits of Video games for seniors

1. The Best Entertainment from the Comfort of Your Home

Age-related issues make seniors hesitant to take long strolls and anxious to invest their free energy puttering around their homes or gardens. It takes times of battling against knee agony to get to the close-by park seat. In that case, a video game comes to aid.

2. Increment Social Interaction

Playing video games in retirement allows grown-ups to connect with more people, even from home. Games like Words with Friends or Online Chess empower seniors to play with individual gamers. Some multiplayer games offer in-application highlighting to raise player cooperation, fundamentally assisting seniors with breaking free from disconnection.

3. Computer games can assist you with learning more quickly

Neuroscientist Daphne Bavelier says, “Our brains are always anticipating what will come next, whether we’re listening to a conversation, driving, or performing a treatment.” Our brains create models or ‘layouts’ from our environment to predict the future.

Daphne and her team studied the effects of action games on mental abilities and learning. They found that participants who played Call of Duty could make “layouts” faster than those who played slower-paced games. Activity games can help people learn faster.

4. Better Mobility and Balance

Besides working on established individual mental capacities, computer games can help their physical well-being. Some wellness games utilising physical interaction, like the renowned Wii Sports, assist seniors with working on their postural equilibrium, coordination, reflexes, and portability.

5. Playing computer games can be great for your psychological prosperity

Studies have shown that playing computer games can improve your psychological well-being. Video games help to deflect the attention away from psychological traumas and pains and are helpful against stress, depression, PTSD & ADHD.

6. Mind-Body Tuner: Quick Multitasking

As you watch the story unfurling on your gadget’s screen and respond to it, you actuate the coordination and dynamic frameworks so your psyche and body can answer what’s happening most effectively. Moreover, that is no joking matter for seniors, particularly those on the boundary or inclined to mental illnesses. In a real sense, the desire for a quick and precise reaction – the sort of one anticipated from a gamer in the prime of life – powers seniors to go about as though they are in full energy, and at last, they feel and behave as they are!

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Gaming is a brilliant memory activity that keeps seniors on the apex of a wave of sanity and mental health, as shown by the benefits mentioned above. This is especially true if they regularly switch the games they play in favour of even more innovative outside-the-box solutions. 


How do video games slow the ageing process?

A recent study found that playing video games can help seniors’ brains function better and slow down ageing. 

How are computer games supportive throughout everyday life?

Computer games promote mental abilities like spatial route, thinking, memory and discernment, as indicated by a few studies and examinations.

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