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14th May 2020

Activities for Seniors: Elderly Hobbies and Games

What Are Good Hobbies For Seniors?

It’s important to be aware that staying active when you reach your twilight years doesn’t always mean intense or strenuous exercise. Indeed, it’s possible to instead focus on different hobbies that could be tremendously beneficial. The reason for this is that hobbies can offer easily form a long term part of an elderly resident’s life and there are numerous options to consider when looking at hobbies.


For instance, it could be worth getting a pet. Did you know that pets offer a comfort system and help reduce stress by helping release a hormone known as serotonin? This isn’t the only big benefit either with research suggesting that caring for a pet will also help with levels of depression and reduce the chances of an elderly person developing a heart problem.


Dancing is another possibility and this is a great option for seniors because it helps them stay both mobile and active. Aside from keeping seniors fit and healthy, dancing will also help you improve your functioning, balance, and gate. It could even help reduce the chances of developing dementia according to some research.


Are you looking for activities and hobbies for seniors that will get you outside? If so, then you should definitely consider gardening. Improving mobility, gardening also helps patients get the right level of stimulation. It’s also often very popular with the elderly because people our age love going outdoors and interacting with nature. This is one of the reasons why care homes often have gardening clubs.

What Are Good Activities For The Elderly?

Activities for seniors can be long or short term. They can be something that you engage with regularly or that can be completed every so often. Activities can help guarantee that the elderly do not end up in the hospital due to issues with strokes or falls. However, there are plenty of activities that individuals with lowered mobility can still enjoy. These will also help the brain and body stay active, providing the right health benefits.


Activities for seniors to keep in mind include reading. This is a great choice, particularly for older adults. Reading keeps the brain active and engaged. It’s far better than passive activities such as watching TV and has been shown to help reduce stress as well as improve sleep. Audiobooks can also be beneficial and are certainly worth considering.

Watching TV and Films

As well as this, while watching TV and films may not be as beneficial as reading, it can still be a great activity. Particularly if it’s not something that is constantly relied on. For instance, if you’re visiting an elderly resident you shouldn’t just put on the TV to keep them entertained. However, some TV channels can provide great benefits. By watching the Food Network, the elderly can learn new recipes. Similarly, music may help them sing or even learn to play a particular instrument.


Games are another great choice when exploring activities for the elderly. This one again helps keep the mind stimulated and focused. Popular possibilities include crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles as well as card games.

Charity Work

It could also be worth thinking about helping an elderly individual engage in charity. One of the benefits of this type of activity is that it can make you feel valued and part of the community. To do this, it’s worth contacting different local organizations and hospitals. You’ll probably be surprised by how many possibilities are available in your local area.

What Games Do Seniors Enjoy The Most?

If you’re leaning towards playing games when searching for activities for seniors, then it’s important to select games that you are going enjoy and will be interested in. One of the reasons for this is that you need to make sure that you are engaged. This will help guarantee that you see the biggest benefits from social activities. So, what games are popular?

Well when looking at activities for the elderly, we certainly suggest you consider cup stacking. As well as being fun to play it helps boost both hand-eye coordination and motor control. As such, you will be getting fantastic health benefits from this particular possibility. It’s easy to play too. Everyone participating gets cups that they need to try and stack within a certain time.

Scrabble is another popular choice when looking at indoor activities for seniors. It will ensure that you are using your mind to solve problems and think. Creating words from the pieces is not as easy as it seems and there’s a reason this is loved by people of all ages.

If you’re looking for unique activities for seniors, then you might want to consider looking at the Round-Robin Story idea. With this, each participant adds a sentence until a full story has been created. The stories can often be quite bizarre and unique which makes it great fun for everyone involved.

What Are The Best Indoor Activities For Seniors?

Some of the activities we have already mentioned are only really suitable for time outdoors. This includes gardening and certain forms of exercise. So, what are the best indoor activities for seniors?

Well if you’re looking for activities for seniors on rainy days, then you might want to consider arts and crafts. This is a great way to allow seniors to stretch their creative muscles and use our imagination. You might think that art and craft activities have to be expensive, but this just isn’t the case. Indeed, it’s quite possible to keep a tight budget when engaging in this type of activity. You can use different materials that you probably have lying around your home from magazines to photo frames.

Another great activity for a rainy day or for seniors who have mobility issues is going to be Bingo. This is highly popular, stimulating, energetic and fun without require massive levels of mobility. It’s definitely common in care homes and can also be replicated at home. As well as being great fun, it provides benefits for three senses including touch, sight, and hearing. It’s also a brilliant social activity.

You can also think about exploring online activities for seniors. There are plenty of online games including cards and quizzes. These can be great fun and provide us elderly with a high level of entertainment that we deserve. As well as providing an exciting single-player experience, these games can also be suitable for multiple players as well.

What Are The Best Senior Activities?

You might be wondering about the best activities for seniors. Well, there are quite a few to choose from and we have already mentioned a lot of the possibilities. The key though if you’re thinking about the important options is to focus on active engagement rather than passive possibilities. Active activities are anything that makes a senior think or engages them physically. Typically, there will be a mixture of active and passive activities available throughout the day for senior residents of care homes. These can typically be individual activities or allow residents to engage in groups.

For individual activities, you should focus on providing seniors with puzzles or anything related to problem-solving. For instance, for unique activities for seniors, you might want to explore setting up something similar to an escape room. Alternatively, you can also think about interactive games. If there aren’t any issues with slips and falls that you need to be aware of then setting up a live version of clue could be great fun. Alternatively, the board game or a similar option could also be a big benefit.

For the best cognitive activities, you might want to consider a good old game of in my basket. This works well when you have a group of at least four people. Through the game, individuals take turns adding a list of items to a basket. It’s great for tuning up memory and focus. It can also get quite competitive.

How Do Seniors Engage In Social Activities?

Finding the right activities that we elderly will enjoy is always going to be the beginning. You also need to consider how to effectively engage yourself and this can be quite difficult. It’s important to be aware that we elderly may want to resist social activities. You could be shy or potentially even embarrassed about a physical or mental issue. If you think this might be the case, then there are a few possibilities to consider.

You can think about getting them to join a club or group. This is a great way to meet and engage with people on a regular basis. It will make sure you have shared experiences and there are probably lots of options when you explore senior activities near me online.

Volunteer work is another option as is fitness centers. There are fitness centers that are specifically set up for seniors and will assist you to get the greatest possible benefits from physical exercise.

You might also want to think about recruiting family members and friends. Elderly will often be far more likely to engage when people they know are involved, at least at first. It can help break down boundaries and help individuals feel more comfortable with their surroundings.

Why Are Activities Important For Seniors?

There are a massive variety of reasons why engaging in activities is an important process for seniors. For instance, it’s worth thinking about the emotional benefits. Regular activities will help seniors dodge common mental health issues such as depression. It can keep things bright and positive.

There are benefits to physical and cognitive health too. Studies have shown that certain unique activities for seniors can reduce the chances of health problems like dementia developing. It can keep a gray matter in the brain healthy. At the same time, seniors who have regular activities are also likely to be physically active as well. They even tend to make better choices with their food and diet.

Research shows that different activities for seniors with dementia can help them get a better night of sleep too. Sleep is important for making sure bodies get the right level of recovery and stop individuals feeling isolated or lonely.

Further studies have even suggested that engaging in social activities can help increase longevity for the elderly and seniors. This is due to the fact that it guarantees a strengthened social circle. Various scientific studies have explored the importance and the benefits of maintaining strong social connections at all stages of life.

How Do Seniors Meet Other Seniors?

Of course, a further benefit of activities for seniors that should definitely not be overlooked is it means that they will be able to meet other people. This is particularly true for seniors who are joining social clubs and exercise clubs. It’s actually one of the best ways for seniors to meet other seniors and often one of the only possibilities. Particularly, if seniors are still living independently and are not yet in a care home. At the very least it can force you to get out of the house on a regular basis.

What Activities Can You Do With Seniors Who Have Dementia?

Dementia is a serious concern for seniors and the elderly. As we age, it becomes more likely that we will begin to show signs of dementia. By the time you reach eighty, dementia becomes a strong possibility. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you are finding ways to help reduce the impact of the condition, keeping the brain and the mind healthy. As you might have guessed, there are activities for seniors with dementia.

Baking and Cooking

Possibilities that you should consider include baking and cooking. Following a recipe and completing different processes does keep the mind stimulated. As such, it can be a great option. It’s also possible to avoid the potential dangers that you might be worried about with this activity completely. For instance, you can make sure that seniors are completing certain processes like mixing the ingredients. This is important because seniors with dementia can phase out and forget what they are doing completely.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are another great choice for seniors with dementia. The benefit of this is that it’s a completely safe activity that does involve potential problems with trips and falls. You will also be able to think of numerous different options and discover the right choice for your loved one or the person under your care.

Even tasks related to the organization can be beneficial to those suffering from dementia. It’s a great choice because it can help remind them of where items belong. This can aid them in staying familiar with their environment and not becoming confused. It’s also true to say that many people with dementia find organizational tasks like this very relaxing. So, it can help diminish stress too.

If you can, it’s worth getting seniors with dementia to watch family videos. This can help remind them of who people are and keep names as well as faces fresh in their mind. It can also help them understand the difference between the past and present. This line often becomes blurred, particularly for those affected with the later stages of the condition.

Are Puzzles Good For Dementia?

You might be wondering whether puzzles are good for someone who has already begun to show signs of dementia. Well, research shows that puzzles can be effective in reducing the impact of dementia and delaying the progress of the condition. Indeed, puzzles are just one of the many activities for seniors with dementia. The best puzzles will use the brain as a muscle, stretching it and encouraging one to think. Brain teasers are great for this and there are various options depending on the stage that an individual is at. These puzzles can be used in groups or on a one to one basis.

We hope this helps you understand some of the various different activities for seniors and the benefits that they can provide. It’s true to say that regular activities for seniors and elderly can provide a range of health benefits, both physical and mental. There’s also a stunning range of different possibilities suitable for every type of senior individual. Regardless of whether they have cognitive or physical issues.