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17th Oct 2022
DIY decor to lightup your home this diwali

Unique Ideas to Light up Your Home with these DIY Décor Ideas this Diwali

Since Diwali is a festival of lights, every house is lit up with different decorative lights. Apart from lights, you can also come up with creative ideas. Decorate your home with these DIY ideas and enjoy the festival with the overwhelming look of your home.

This Diwali, light up your home with this DIY decor

Many handmade home decor ideas will add an enticing look to your home during Diwali. You can apply these ideas to have an alluring atmosphere in this festive season of colour and lights.

1. Apply Creativity with Earthen Diyas

Most people prefer to decorate their homes with earthen lamps. After buying a simple and plain earthen lamp, you can decorate these lamps by applying different colours. You can also combine the colours and add glitter to make it unique and attractive. You can apply the idea of hanging some of these and placing others on the floor. To hang the diyas, you can use empty cans of tin or iron and decorate them by painting the outside of these cans. You can paint different themes on these tin cans and hang them on the balcony of your home.

2. Rangoli and Diyas

If you like the vibrant colour of rangolis and love to draw rangolis of different designs, you can put them on the floor of your home. To create a stunning view, you can place the diyas around or in the middle of the rangoli pattern. Apart from decorating the space with rangolis and diyas, you can also buy new colourful curtains, pillows, and bed covers. Instead of diyas, you can also place colourful candles. You can also put the flower petals in the space around or in the middle of the rangoli pattern, adding a more festive look to your home.

3. Garland of Paper

Garlands made of paper can be another creative DIY room decor idea. You can create flower designs by cutting sparkling, colorful paper and hanging them from the ceiling or wall. You can also use crêpe paper to design your garland.

4. Tealight Candle

A tealight candle is another great option for your home decorating ideas. You can wrap these candles with colorful paper to make them beautiful and keep the bowl on the table in your living room.

5. Candle and Jar

It will be an attractive and unique decoration if you put the candle inside the jar made of glass. You can hang the jar, place it in a corner, or place it on a table. It will add a glow to your space.

6. Paper Bag Lighting

Put the battery-operated candles inside the brown paper bags on the floor, or hang them on the balcony or living room. Avoid using a real candle to prevent fire accidents. Turn your simple brown bag into a decorative one by punching it with a needle and putting the candle inside the bag.

7. Photos with Fairy Lights

Although fairy lights light up your home by giving it a fascinating look, you can add some extra design to it by hanging photos of yourself and your loved ones. It will provide a unique look while also promoting bonding among your family members.

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If you want your friends and family to get fascinated by various creative DIY home decor ideas, you can apply any of the ideas mentioned above. Since this festival of lights comes once a year, you can take photos of the decorations and treasure them as memories.


How can I light my house on Diwali?

You can use earthen lamps, candles, or fairy lights to light your house on Diwali.

What can I use to decorate my house for Diwali?

You can use earthen diyas, candles, rangoli, flower petals, crêpe paper, jars, canes, etc.

How do you make decorations for Diwali?

To make decorations for Diwali, you can create a beautiful pattern with rangoli, create the design of flowers using paper, or use luminary bags by putting battery-operated candles inside.

What are some decorations for Diwali?

Some decorations for Diwali include creating designs like flowers, papers, jars, and candles.

How do you decorate your living room for Diwali?

To decorate your living room for Diwali, you can light diyas and scented candles to keep the festive season alive.


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