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9th Nov 2020

12 Super Comfy Diwali Outfits for Elders – Time to Make a Statement

Are you searching for Diwali outfits which will suit your advancing age? Well, elders, we heard you! We bring you today an extensive list of Diwali special dresses for both men and women above 50.

You might agree that the world rarely talks about fashion for elders. That was proven when we tried researching some Diwali outfit ideas for elders online but found almost none.

No worries, that is not the case anymore, as we bring you today a fine list of 12 of the best styles from the Diwali dress collections that you must check out!

6 Suitable Diwali Outfits for the Women Above 50

For women who are 50 plus in age, society might put many restrictions in terms of the Diwali outfits they can wear.

Some might say that you cannot wear bold colours, others might say you should not wear stylish layered dresses.

Some may say extensive shimmering jewellery only suits the young, while you might yourself believe that you are not in an age to focus on looks.

Well, here’s the thing. You have all the freedom to choose whatever you like to wear. But it should be comfortable for you and elegant for the occasion – Diwali.

So, yes, you must avoid tight clothing, uncomfortable and flowy fabric. Also, you must make sure to keep your look balanced – some subtleness from your personality mixed with the bold demeanour.

Don’t know about such Diwali special dresses you could wear and how to style them? Check out this list i.e., the Diwali dress collections.

1: Kurta, palazzos and a long neckpiece

The first option you have is a simple long kurta with matching palazzos. Since the attire is simple, you will have to amp it up with captivating accessories. Any jewellery that attracts attention is a great choice.

We recommend going for a large necklace like a Navratan necklace or a Satlada made of pearls, diamonds or any other gems. You can also choose a Panchlada or a Rani Haar that you might have from a wedding.

The media has once spotted the evergreen and gorgeous Shabana Azmi in such a look, and she was looking as elegant as you would like to be.

Now make sure that the kurta and palazzos you choose are indeed subtle looking if you are going with larger than life accessories.

That’s because if your clothing attracts attention as well, then you might look like a person trying too hard to attract attention, and we don’t want that.

Make sure the fabric and style of the kurta are simple too.

2: Kaftans in subtle colour and style with simple accessories

Now kaftans are quite an attractive style to wear. But they are super comfy as well, which makes them a splendid choice for the flattering ladies above 50.

Kaftans are super easy to wear, they are lightweight, and let your body breathe, which is a must for you won’t be able to enjoy the festive season if you keep thinking about how tight your dress is.

When going with such a stylish dress for your Diwali party, you need to ensure that the colour and fabric do not shout out loud.

That won’t help you look elegant.

So make sure you choose a subtle colour like soft pink, blue, or green. If it seems a bit boring to you, try finding some elegant patterns for the kaftan.

When pairing it up with accessories – be it a clutch, jewellery, or shoes, make sure they are subtle too.

The media once spotted the pretty and young at heart Neena Gupta in a stylish kaftan. She was looking flattering, and we are sure you would too.

3: Kanjivaram saree in a gorgeous colour but low-key accessories

How about a saree in the Kanjivaram silk? Choose it in an appealing colour that may blow people’s minds off.

A saree might be a little uncomfortable to put on for some, but once done, it will be comfortable, and you only have to worry about appreciating guests and their compliments.

We have seen Neena Gupta, the 61-year-old actress, sporting a Kanjivaram saree and she was looking no less than someone who won the beauty pageant for the most elegant dress. Don’t forget, the always mesmerising – Rekha. We often see her in these sarees.

Make sure when wearing a saree like this that has an appealing colour, you must not wear distinguishable accessories like the Rani haar we talked about in the previous section.

You should be wearing pendants, studs, and indistinct accessories that don’t take away the attention that the Kanjivaram deserves.

4: Asymmetrical kurtis with palazzos

Now, sarees can be a little uncomfortable to carry, but Kurtis and palazzos are never.

But didn’t we already talk about them in the first option? Well, we didn’t discuss asymmetrical Kurtis.

These Kurtis are stylish ones that are bound to captivate those around you.

In this case, as well, you should focus on wearing simple sandals, elegant tiny earrings, with a pendant or a choker that complements the overall look. Nothing bold that might take the attention away from the saree.

Are you wondering which celebrity we saw sporting such a look? Our very own 70-year-old diva Shabana Azmi. So, if she can master this look, we think you can too.

5: An embroidered suit in subtle colours or saree with indistinct accessories

If you don’t have many accessories to grab attention, one of the best Diwali outfit ideas is to choose elegant yet striking clothing.

You might not want to go for colours like bright red, green, yellow etc.

The right thing to do in this case is to find an embroidered suit or saree. The fabric will help with the head-turning of the people around you to compliment on your spectacular sense of style.

In which colour? Well, you can choose something like turquoise, plum, peach, lavender and teal.

Make sure not to overdo the styling with any shout out loud necklaces or earrings.

When it comes to the hairdo, an open-hair look should work if you are not uncomfortable with it.

That’s what we saw the 62-year-old Bollywood actress Neetu Kapoor wear at an event. Her charming personality was visible with such a look.

6: A pastel saree with a mesmerising necklace and matching earrings

We gave you many options with stylish clothes but subtle accessories. This last one is for you if you have some scintillating jewellery to show off.

If you have a long or large necklace in a design something like the large Choker or a Satlada, pair that up with a pastel cotton saree.

Ensure the colours and patterns on the saree are indistinguishable because we want the jewellery to get all the attention. Go for colours like peach, coral, baby pink, teal, light purple, off white, brown or yellow.

The earrings belonging to the same set of the neckpiece will be perfect or festive sparkly Jhumkas will be fine too.

Just make sure, every element you wear, complements the others and you have an overall comfy yet elegant look to flaunt.

6 Suitable Diwali Outfits for the Men Above 50

1: Long kurta with pyjamas

When you are looking for comfort, a long kurta with pyjamas is the perfect choice. But how do you make it good enough for Diwali?

Choose a design and pattern that speaks of the festive season. Go for colours like brown, dark blue, or orange.

The pyjamas can be a soothing white colour.

Go for Juti or Mojari in brown as footwear and if you want, a silver Kadha as an accessory.

2: Pathani suit

Juti or Mojaris also go well with a Pathani suit. It’s a classic combo of dhoti and long kurta which is bound to impress the old ladies in the party. Thus, one of the best in Diwali dress collections.

Being simple yet effective, Pathani suits have been rocking the trend charts for years now. So, it’s a fully safe option to explore your looks.

You can go for the same colours of kurta as mentioned above with a white dhoti to flaunt your taste traditionally.

3: Nehru jacket with kurta and pyjama

Nehru jackets can make or break your Diwali look. Don’t worry, all you need to pair them with your choice of kurta pyjama is some colour sense.

You see, if your kurta is in a subtle colour like coral, teal, light blue, light purple, peach or plum, the jacket should be in a darker tone like black, dark grey or dark brown.

If the kurta is in darker shades, try a Nehru jacket in simple colours like peach and coral.

Try keeping your kurta and pyjama of the same colour and shade.

When it comes to footwear, you can go with loafers with some Diwali designs or Jutis.

4: Asymmetrical Nehru jackets with dhoti kurta

Alright! We love Nehru jackets, and you will too when you try them if you haven’t already. This option is with asymmetrical Nehru jackets that grab people’s attention and compel them to pass on a compliment.

You can make it appealing by choosing an ethnic design like a Jaipuri pattern involving some mirror and thread work.

Pair it with a simple-looking dhoti kurta set and brown Mojaris.

Again, keep the jacket and the dhoti kurta in contrasting colours.

5: Chikankari kurta with pyjama

How about competing with the ladies? A Chikankari Kurta with a matching pyjama is not only super stylish but elegant as well.

It will show your happening sense of style.

Choose colours that are subtle like coral, teal, turquoise or white.

Such Diwali outfits look flattering when paired with Jutis in earthy colours like brown, peach or blue.

6: Printed kurta with a jacket and straight pants

If you love to be the hero of the party, a colourfully printed kurta with a solid coloured jacket and straight pants is what you need.

Make sure the colours of the jacket and the kurta-pant combo is contrasting.

And choose either Diwali style loafers or Mojaris for footwear.

The Bottom Line

All in all, no matter if you are a man or a woman above the age of 50, your goal should be to look elegant and appealing this Diwali. Show off your personality with these Diwali outfit ideas by choosing the preferred style, colours and accessories.

Also, take good care of your comfort. Don’t go for ill-fitting clothes or accessories that are tough to handle at the Diwali celebrations.

Let us know the Diwali special dresses you choose for yourself or your elders. Drop your choices in the comments below.

Make sure to share this with all the elders you know or their families. After all, age doesn’t take away the right to enjoy Diwali outfits and style, does it?

Have a happy and risk-free Diwali!