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30th Oct 2020

6 Glasses That Make You Look Younger (+ Bonus Tips)

Wondering if eyeglass frames can make you look younger? Certainly they can! After all, being retired or touching the sky of age doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to look extravagant and stylish.

In fact, nowadays, even 40 somethings are trying out various plastic surgeries and all kinds of accessories to lower their age.

And anyway you do need glasses for over 60 years of age, so why can’t they be ultra-stylish and flattering?

Let’s be thankful at first, for when it comes to eyewear, there is a fantastic variety of eyeglass styles for seniors that are available for you.

Today in this article, we are here to make you friends with all such eyeglasses for seniors. Let’s get to know them better.

What Eyeglass Frames Make You Look Younger?

Black frames

First things, first! Black is a super versatile colour.

No matter what your age, no matter what you are wearing, whether your hair is blonde, white or black. And no matter if you are up for a party or a formal event. Black eyeglasses are the best of all.

On top of that, they are among the most commonly worn eyeglasses for grey hair.

That’s right! You don’t have to colour your hair anymore just because it makes you look old. You can get a pair of black frames to compliment your grey hair and make it a style that even youngsters would want to have.

Oversized frames

These are quite suitable eyeglasses for seniors because of the reason that they help you hide the facial signs that give away your age.

These frames focus people’s attention on your beautiful set of eyes and not the bagginess or the wrinkles around.

Plus, oversized frames are new in trend from the past few years.

Seeing an old soul wearing them gives youngsters a reason to smile and prepare for the competition they have with the grown-ups.

Thankfully, oversized glasses come in all shapes. If you have a round face, go for square or wayfarer frames.

If you have sharp jawlines and an edged face like a square or diamond cut, you can go for round oversized eyeglasses.

If you have an oval face, you are good to go as all styles suit you perfectly well.

When choosing a colour make sure it matches your hair colour.


Cat-eyes have a feminine touch to them which makes them capable of adding the element of youth in every woman.

These days men try cat-eyes too.

What you need from these eyeglasses for seniors is their ability to highlight your cheekbones. Needless to say, the pair looks flawless on people with round faces and chubby cheeks.

Find them in any colour that you want.

A black will go with any outfit you own.

If you have no interest in cat-eye pairs, head over to this article where we tell you about glasses frames for 50-60-70 year old men.

Whatever the case, just make sure you choose the right colour.

Choose a colour that suits your hair colour and skin tone as well. So, for example, if you have a warm skin tone, you can go with red frames. Those with cool skin tones can go with a colour like blue and silver.

Read on to know why blue coloured eyeglasses are more than suitable as eyeglasses for grey hair.

Blue coloured eyeglasses

Blue coloured frames make the best eyeglasses for grey hair. So, if your old hair is turning grey, stop being embarrassed about it.

It’s time you flaunt it with cool tinted eyeglasses with the blue colour on rims and the temples that complement the grey colour.

Whether you are a man or a lady, the blue colour is bound to suit you. Moreover, it goes well with many outfits and can be found in any style of frames too.

Women, you must try a blue coloured pair of cat-eyes to grab eyeballs to your flattering pair.

Men with grey beards will find something that complements that as well.

Bold looking frames

One thing that differentiates the old from the young is that most old people look boring with glasses bound to chains, and old fashioned clothes. Nothing wrong with that if it is comfortable for you.

But if you worry about your looks, and want to look younger, you must look interesting.

Go with eyeglass styles for seniors that have a different shape. Not the regular rectangle or rimless pair that many people wear.

Opt for colours like red, green, gold and silver that help you stand out.

If you want, you can also experiment with unusual shapes like the octagon-shaped glasses or the one which Robert Downey junior once wore. It had a round structure in one eye and a square in the other.

Round glasses

Now you might wonder why we are suggesting you go with round frames. Aren’t they perceived as boring being such a traditionally popular shape?

Well, that’s the magic of the rounds.

They never get off the trend charts, which makes them suitable for anyone and everyone, no matter what era it is.

On top of that, round glasses are also preferred by old people because of their amazing shape. After all, it helps people focus on their eyes and not the receding hairline.

Note that since the attention doesn’t go to your receding hairline, you don’t give away your age.

Like any other types of frames on the list, while choosing the colour of your spectacles, you must keep in mind your skin tone and hair colour.

Looking for glasses for over 60 men and women? There you go! That’s the list with our top picks.

Bonus Tips to Keep in Mind When Wearing glasses that make you look younger.

You can even beat your younger self when it comes to looks if you keep in mind the following tips when it comes to using eyewear as a fashion statement.

Use a lipstick

You see when you wear eyeglasses you take people’s attention to your wonderful eyes.

Yet, it is necessary to balance out the aesthetic on the lower part of your face with a lip colour. This is especially required in cases where you are wearing a peppy pair of frames.

If you love make-up, this is also your chance to amp up your looks with special make-up for older women.

Avoid aviators

Not that aviators don’t look good, but being a pretty old style and also more suitable for sunglasses, aviators may only make you look more mature rather than lively.

You might look like someone who resists understanding style and fashion.

Also, because aviators mostly come in thinly built metal frames, they might not have enough thickness to take away the attention from your baggy eyes and droopy eyelids.

And thus, might let people understand your age.

Avoid the chains

Like aviators, chains on eyeglasses is also a sign of being old school. They are quite comfortable and at times stylish too, but not for those who want to look younger.

Avoid clear and rimless frames

For the same reason that I mentioned when talking about aviators, you must avoid clear and rimless frames.

They don’t have any colour and thus, don’t have the ability to distract people from your baggy eyes, wrinkles, droopy eyelids, flattening face and the receding hairline.

So, they easily give away your age and give you no chance of looking younger, no matter how young you may be at heart.

If you use simple-looking frames, try to make your clothes a bit colourful to balance the young vibes.

Simplistic frames without anything quirky about them will only look good if you pair them up with outfits that bring youthful vibes to the table.

So, make sure you aren’t wearing a simple white shirt and common black pants, with boring frames.

If you have bold and colourful frames, go with subtle and simple colours for your clothing.

You also don’t want to look as if you are trying too hard to look younger. So, if you have a quirky pair of frames, don’t wear them always with party pants and flowery shirts full of colour.

Use glasses which have an anti-glare and anti-UV coating.

Here’s the thing. You can’t look younger until you feel younger. And to feel that, your vision plays a huge role.

If you have problems with the sun or the glare, there’s a chance people will tell you that your eyes have grown old along with you.

But hey, even many youngsters today have more vision problems than what you might have because of advancing age.

So, take care of your eyes with anti-glare and anti-UV coating on the lenses to avoid any eye trouble and to feel as young as you look.

Use blue light glasses if required.

The more modern you behave, the younger you will look. And blue light glasses make this easier for you.

They have been trending these days, especially because of the rise in the usage of screens around us.

These glasses can protect your eyes from the harmful blue light that is emitted from screens of smartphones, laptops and televisions.

So, if you use any of such devices, try getting blue light glasses to protect your eyes and make them live longer.

Stay stress-free.

I know I am repeating it again, but it’s worth it.

You must feel young from the heart in order to look so.

But you won’t be able to do that if you are constantly under stress.

That’s the thing about stress, it messes up with your hormones in such a way, that it is visible in your behaviour, your health and even your eyes.

So, try to stay stress-free.

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