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5th Nov 2020

21 Diwali Gift Ideas for Elders & Their Larger Than Life Love

Diwali gift ideas should encourage gifts that are inspiring, positive, more healthy than the usual sugar-ridden sweets yet incredible.

Fortunately, there are some splendid Diwali gift ideas that we have for you to choose from without going insane. And you must read on especially if you are all set to get gifts for the elders you know.

Some of these are the old traditional gifts, and some are new Diwali gift ideas that your elders will definitely be impressed by. So, keep reading this list and don’t forget to mark your favourites on the way.

Top 21 Diwali Gift Ideas for Elders Around You


We all love a visit to the park, right?

And do you know one of the things that makes this visit remarkable? It is the greenery there.

Green plants bring positivity in the environment. Their flowers add colour while the fruits add meaning to the fruition of life. No wonder, nature is the biggest blessing we all have.

But most of us live in high rise buildings or cities with most trees cut down. The elders around us live in the same environment. There’s not much access to greenery.

This Diwali let’s get them some greenery to cherish! This is one of the fabulous Diwali gift ideas for colleagues and relatives too. Buy them some elegant and easy-to-maintain plants.

Gardening Kit

So, what if they already have plants in their house? Some people do.

Whether they have any plants or not, one of the fantastic Diwali gift box ideas is a Gardening kit.

After all, many elders are retired and don’t really have much to do during the day. Gardening will keep them busy and also closer to nature.

You can fill the box with the required tools, some plant seeds including those for herbs, flowers and homegrown veggies. Add a watering can, some fertiliser in the kit and you will be good to go.

Smartwatch for Fitness

Elders spend a lot of time in their morning and evening walks. They should! Because they are at an age where diseases simply love making a home in their bodies.

So, staying healthy and super fit is utterly essential.

A smartwatch that counts calories, the steps taken every day, heart rate and even has a sleep timer, will help them organise their life and make it a healthier one.

Books (if they like to read)

Today’s generation isn’t much into books. And that’s why, you might not consider gifting books as among the cool Diwali gift ideas for mom and dad, and every one of their age.

But there is a big chance they love books. From fiction like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to non-fiction like ‘How to Grow Old’.

See what kind of books they might like. Maybe they have a reading list. Check that out and bring them some cool books to cherish.

Guess what? This one’s among the most used Diwali gift ideas for bosses around the world too.


Okay, this might sound like one of the weirdest Diwali gift ideas for parents or grandparents of your house.

But it is a good one if your elder likes drinking juice or has been told by the doctor to consume.

Most doctors suggest people of advancing age drink loads and loads of varieties of fresh juice every day.

Gift them an easy-to-handle juicer which neither takes much time nor effort on their part. And also helps them make and drink healthy juices every day.

Air Purifier

If your elders live in a metropolitan city, especially one like Delhi, they must have an air purifier in the house.

You see, our elders already have weaker organs and immune systems. Living in a polluted city will make their system even weaker, which may lead them to terrible diseases.

It’s better to avoid that by using an air purifier to minimise the trouble.

Nuts and Seeds

This is one of the traditional Diwali gift pack ideas for relatives, friends, and family and even today, the tradition hasn’t gone obsolete.

Gifting healthy nuts and seeds like cashews, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, is bound to show your love and care to your elders.

Wellness Tea Packs

Need healthy Diwali gift ideas for parents, relatives and every elder in the family?

Order wellness tea packs for them. These teas will help nourish the mind, body and soul of your elders. They will rejuvenate them whenever they want without the caffeine crash that comes from coffees.

Massage Chair

Do your elders complain of pain and aches all around their body? The knees, the backs, the head, the arms? Well, a massage chair will help get rid of all this pain and can be used occasionally.

We agree that such Diwali gift ideas like getting your elders a massage chair are not all very cheap. But don’t you think they are worth it?

Warm Stuff Like Blankets, Shawls and Room Heaters

Diwali is always followed by a chilly winter in many Indian regions. Something that provides enough warmth is among the most remarkable Diwali gift ideas you must consider.

Not only will such things keep your elders warm, but will also be there around with them all winter, reminding them of the warmth of your relationship.

Your Time and Attention

As cliche as it might sound, a good enough amount of time and attention is indeed one of the magnificent Diwali gift ideas which are bound to make your elders love you even more.

So, this Diwali, try spending some time with them instead of merely trying to buy expensive gifts.

Have tea and snacks with them. Go shopping for the gifts to give your neighbours, friends and relatives with them. And cook with them.

Talk to them. Listen to the stories your elders have. Since they might not have many people to talk to, they will love telling you their stories. Not just from the present, but also how life was when they were young.

Do this, and you will enjoy it as much as them.

Knitting Kit

Such Diwali gifts for wife ideas are no big surprise, right?

Elder husbands can give this to their wives, and youngsters can gift them to all the old ladies in the house. After all, they love doing it!

Shaving Kit for the Men

If there is a special gift for the wife, then why not for the husband? Knitting kit for the aunties, then why not something specific for the uncles?

Do you know what you should get them?

Well, among the cool Diwali gift ideas for husbands and uncles of advancing age, the one that tops the charts is a high-quality shaving kit.

An Emoha Plan

Emoha has three plans for you to gift your elders this Diwali. These are Emoha Empower, Emoha Assure and Emoha Smart Home Care plan.

The services we offer include regular care calls and medication reminders, emergency coordination, monthly doctor visits, calls with dieticians, and if you want, home care nursing services too.

A Visit to the Naturopathy Centre.

Nothing can heal your elders better than nature. Don’t believe us? Give it a try.

The treatments like panchakarma, mud baths, and strict restrictions on the kind of habits you pursue and of course food, in naturopathy centres, make your elders’ diseases say goodbye.

These treatments are much more peaceful and effective than those involving surgeries and medications of all sorts.

A Box of Essential Oils With Aromatic Oil Burner

If you don’t know already, let us tell you about the magic of essential oils. They can help with common issues like cold, fever, hair fall, acne, dry skin, and even serious problems like stress.

All that’s required is an aromatic oil burner, that will diffuse these essential oils in the air. You can mix a few drops in your cosmetics, your steam water and bathwater too.

Which essential oils should you include in your gift box? Lavender, rose, peppermint and eucalyptus seem to be the most common ones.

Your elders are surely going to love it.

Handmade Photo Frames

As we move to the next generation, Diwali gift ideas that are handmade are becoming more and more boring for many people. But the fact is that elders love it.

They love to see that someone spent a little time and effort making something from hands, and not merely used money to make them happy.

One great example of something you can create from your hands for them is a handmade photo frame.

You can choose their favourite pictures and put them into separate handmade photo frames or make a beautiful collage out of them.

A Trip to a Place They Love

This one is among awesome Diwali gift ideas for family as a whole and not just the elders.

You can have a trip to a place the elders love since their younger days. Or a place they dream of visiting. For most Indian elders, it is a foreign trip.

As the elders revisit their old memories or make new ones, the rest of the family will have an outing to cherish and have fun.

A Yoga Class Membership

Many elders might think yoga class is a waste of money or that they can practice yoga at home. They think they don’t need to go outdoors at a class for it.

But little do elders realise that while saving this money for their future, they are also ruining their health.

Because admit it, it’s tough to create a healthy routine of doing yoga or any other exercise every day. They can’t even take care of their diet properly because it takes a lot of efforts to make healthy food, and they might feel weak.

So, a yoga routine is essential.

So, get your elders a membership. Get them an opportunity to focus on their health with the utmost attention.

And well if they don’t have a good time there, they can always revoke the membership.

But making them take the first action will be a great gift.

Colouring/Painting Set

As our elders grow up, they lose touch with their inner child. And in most cases, the inner child loves to draw, colour and paint.

You can choose to give your elders a colouring book and colours or a painting set.

Who knows they start painting and bring out that fun little child underneath?

Surprise Them With a Beautifully Decorated House

Want Diwali gift ideas for friends, family, elders, colleagues and everyone you know? Let us tell you this secret idea!

Surprise these people that you care for, with a beautifully decorated house. Try some new Diwali decoration ideas and mesmerise them!

Wrapping Up

Those were some splendid Diwali gift ideas that ought to make your elders happy. With them, you can choose to do many other things as well.

For example, make a collection of the favourite old songs and movies of your elders.

They might be spending a lot of time alone. So make them meet someone. Or better, introduce them to MOH TV where a big bunch of elders keep hanging out every now and then to discuss the world and also health.

You can make them their favourite food. Or buy them a couple of high-quality coffee/tea mugs and bottles. Why not get a diary and pen combo? Or board games? Or handmade bookmarks?

These are some marvellous Diwali gift ideas under 1000 rupees. So, you don’t have to worry. Your earnings won’t come in the way to show your love and care.

Oh. How about gifting them senior-friendly phones, warm slippers or folders? The folders will help them keep their papers in place. And it’s great if they love organising.

We hope we could help you find some good Diwali gift ideas for inlaws you might have, your parents, friends and all the elders in your family.

What gift(s) did you choose? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy gifting!