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3rd Nov 2020

7 Hassle-Free Diwali Decoration Ideas for Elders to Charm Up

Diwali is around the corner, and you need to decorate your home in the most beautiful way possible. But many times, advancing age can come in between such desires.

That’s why we are bringing you a list of 7 fantastic Diwali decoration ideas for home that will not only make your home beautiful but will also be utterly enjoyable to work on.

These Diwali Diya decoration ideas and crafts will definitely make your Diwali memorable this time.

7 Simple Diwali Decoration Ideas at Home For Seniors

Diwali Decoration Ideas at Home With Lights!

Just laying out the Diwali lights is the simple and a bit boring tradition. Why not amp it up a bit without putting much effort?

One of the Diwali decoration lights ideas is using the hula hoop and wrapping the wired lights on it. It will look like a chandelier. Attach this hula hoop to the ceiling of your gallery or living room, and you are bound to make your guests look upwards in awe.

Another thing you can do with the wired (string) lights are to wind it up on your trees. You might have seen such a look during Christmas, but it suits the occasion of Diwali equally well.

If you have any mason jars lying around in the house, you can place them anywhere in the house and inside them put the lighted string lights. In any dark corner, they won’t shy from spreading light. Isn’t that one of the simplest and most fantastic Diwali decoration ideas at home?

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Galleries – Rangolis, Hanging Bottles Etc.

Rangolis have been famous since transitional times, and we will talk about them again for you.

Diwali decoration won’t be complete without rangolis. And the best place to make them is your gallery outside the front door.

You can make these rangolis with coloured powder or with stuff you can find at home or in your garden. Draw with chalk and add in flowers.

To add more charm to your galleries, you can use wall hangings made of paper. You can even make one using bangles.

That’s right! Just glue a bunch of bangles in circular shape together and hang them up using cute ribbons or string lights.

Did you ever think bangles could be a part of Diwali decoration ideas DIY? Not me!

Additionally, you can take some wine bottles, add in a bulb in each and hang them over the edges of your gallery. Make sure they hang in a safe location. You don’t want them to be falling on someone’s head, do you?

Diwali Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas With Flowers and Paper

For decorating your pooja thali, you can use flowers or just their petals and place them in an appealing pattern.

For instance, you can place four Diyas on your plate and in between each of them add a whole flower. In the centre, you could place there another flower or just draw a swastika instead. Some people even use a banana leaf layer on the pooja thali to add some colour.

To make things better, try strips of paper, rolled in circular or elliptical shapes. Place them around your Diyas, and you will have a mesmerising thali to look at.

Diwali Door Decoration Ideas for a Beautiful Welcome

Your front door needs a lot of attention as it’s the first thing your guests might see before coming to your home. More importantly, it’s also the first thing that Goddess Lakshmi will see when she comes to visit you.

So, it is essential to decorate the door beautifully.

One of the simplest Diwali door decoration ideas is to get some real artificial flower garlands and put them hanging on each side of the door.

You can also try some Diwali decoration ideas with paper. One very easy way is to make a coneflower.

All you need to do is get some coloured papers in the square shape. Next, roll these papers in order to form cones out of them.

Take a circular disk made of cardboard or thick paper. You can paste a picture of Lord Ganesha or merely draw the Swastika or Om symbol on it to make it more culturally appealing.

Next, glue the sharp corners of your cones on this circular disk in the shape of a flower. If you have different t coloured paper for the petals, your coneflower will look even more flattering.

Another paper idea for your front door is by making Diyas with paper and pasting them.

How to make these Diyas? Just take a coloured paper and make a fan out of it. Next, take a yellow or orange coloured paper and make a flame-shaped fan out of it.

Make these in multiple colours and enhance the look of your doors.

Want more paper ideas for Diwali decoration? Check out the next section!

Diwali Decoration Ideas With Paper in Colour

There are a lot of Diwali decoration ideas to try using paper. For instance, you can create wall hangings. Just cut out some Diya shapes from coloured paper, Attach them all with a string and voila, there you have it. As simple as that.

You can also simply create paper Diyas using Origami and paste them on your walls.

How about creating lampshades with paper? Just take a coloured square or rectangle-shaped paper. Draw a design on it.

Next, take a compass or a safety pin and outline your design with dots. In simple words, make holes in the design you made.

Now, make a cylinder out of the paper. Keep a Diya or a candle inside it and see it reflect the shimmer through the holes you made.

To prevent the paper from burning, make sure the cylinder you made is big enough, and the walls of the shape are at a good enough distance from your Diya or candle.

Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas With Paint!

It’s time you can bring out the child painter in you and paint all the way through.

Use some pattern of colours on the edges of the Diyas. You can paint swirls, circles, stars, dots, and whatever comes to your creative mind.

Painting Diyas is one of the most fun Diwali decoration ideas and crafts for your homes.

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Living Rooms to Sparkle

Remember we told you about the coneflower for your doors? Guess what? You can place them in your centre table in the living room as well to make a statement.

It is, after all, one of the coolest Diwali decoration ideas involving crafts.

You can also try other ideas like,

The wine bottle lantern

If you have spare empty wine bottles lying around, just put a bulb inside each of them and place them stylishly on the tables or shelves present in your living room.

Paper cup string lights

If you have any paper cups with cute and mesmerising designs on them, you can use those too. Just make a cut in the bottom of these cups, and attach each of them to each of the bulbs of your regular string light.

The cute designs and colours of the cups will look scintillating on the Diwali night.

And yeah, don’t forget the hula hoops chandelier. It is bound to add a charm to your living room effortlessly.

Summing Up

Those were 7 incredible Diwali decoration ideas for homes. These DIY ways to make your rooms and galleries more beautiful are bound to make you stand apart.

Plus, handcrafting many of these is too much fun to ignore.

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If you have a nurse to take care at your home, you will get a partner to decorate this Diwali.

If you are a youngster reading this and your elder is alone this year at Diwali, make sure you get in touch with them.

It’s always better to show your love and care in person. And one of the best ways to do it is by participating with them in this fun using the Diwali decoration ideas at home.

If you cannot be with them in person, make sure they have someone around.

Anyway, you can always check out our nursing plan available for any kind of budget you might have.

Whether or not you choose a plan, you can download the EMoha app and make your elder download it too.

The Emoha app will come in handy in case of any emergency the elder might have this Diwali and even afterwards considering all the crackers bursting etc that might happen around.

It’s essential to celebrate Diwali safely and healthily especially with your elders.

We’ll talk about them in future articles.

Until then, have fun with the Diwali decoration!