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28th Oct 2022
Brain Games For Seniors

Top 10 Brain Games for Seniors

As we get older, we need to take extra care of our brains. One cool way to do this is by playing brain games, which are great memory exercises for seniors. They’re not just fun, but they also help keep our minds sharp. Studies suggest that seniors who regularly challenge their brains may have a 29% lower risk of developing dementia

In this blog, we’ll explore the top 10 brain games that are perfect for seniors. These games are not only enjoyable but also serve as excellent memory exercises for seniors. Engaging in such activities is crucial, as the Alzheimer’s Association reports that more than 8.8 million Indians are living with Alzheimer’s, and this number is projected to rise to nearly 13 million by 2050.                                                              

Cognitive Exercise and Mental Health

Mental health is just as crucial as physical health to living life to the fullest. According to scientists, millions worldwide are at risk from disorders like depression. We must know how to handle them if we want to maintain the soundness of our thoughts.

It is simple, entertaining, and useful to increase brainpower by playing brain games. Seniors can play various brain games, so picking the best and playing them often can significantly impact mental health.

These free memory exercises for seniors  also boost their self-esteem and improve their cognitive abilities, such as memory, focus, logic, and problem-solving.


Advice for selecting the Best Brain Games for seniors

There are many free games for seniors, but which ones are genuinely effective at boosting cognitive function? It is explained below.

1. Game Formats

While certain cognitive activities are simpler, others—like video games—are slightly more difficult. Seniors should select the games that appeal to them the most. If seniors cannot use technology, perhaps memory games for seniors are a better option.

2. The level of difficulty

Seniors need to be challenged by the brain games they play, but they shouldn’t feel defeated by their performance. The correct difficulty level can be set for them to play.

3. Recurring Costs

Both free and paid brain games are available for seniors. It can be far more beneficial to track your progress and evaluate your performance on these applications or websites that demand subscriptions because they provide specialised programs and specific performance tools.

4. Game Types

Some folks adore Sudoku, while others favour Scrabble, puzzles, memory games, etc. Seniors should choose the activities they enjoy playing, but remember that their brains need to stay healthy in various ways.


What memory games are ideal for seniors?

Memory exercises for seniors are a great and enjoyable way to start brain training. Here are ten no-cost activities for seniors’ ageing brains that will keep them sharp:

1. Chess

When Indian kings invented the game of chess in the seventh century, they were onto something. This board game promotes the use of strategy (“Where can I move my pawn?”) and creativity (“Well, there’s an open place…”). One of the best board games for enhancing the mental health of you or a loved one is chess. Although many believe you need to be highly sophisticated to play it, it is fairly approachable.

2. Change It Up

Use your non-dominant hand to carry out chores you’d typically undertake with your dominant hand as a completely free brain exercise for seniors.

You can use your non-dominant hand for daily activities like eating and brushing your teeth may seem like a formula for disaster. Still, it strengthens the connections between your brain cells.

3. Do You Recall?

Many individuals make jokes about ageing and memory loss. But that doesn’t mean it always is. For free brain training for seniors, try taking a memory test.

How can I test my memory? Make a list, which can be anything, such as the next ten novels you want to read. See how many items you can recall an hour later. The greater the list’s difficulty, the more mental exercise is provided.

4. Jigsaw Puzzles

It is one of the games for seniors to play alone or with someone. If you’re seeking brain exercises for seniors, you could already have a tonne of jigsaw puzzles lying around. If not, you can purchase them at your local store for a reasonable price.

The brain gets a fantastic workout from jigsaw puzzles. They require both problem-solving abilities (“This piece goes there”) and strategy (“Let’s find all the edge pieces first”). Additionally, jigsaw puzzles with a few dozen to several hundred pieces are available in various complexity levels.

5. Compose some gorgeous music

Have people remarked on your excellent musical taste? Consider joining a chorus or learning a musical instrument as a cognitive exercise for senior citizens.

Your brain benefits from being engaged by learning something new and challenging. Here is an additional advantage: you make new friends if you enrol in a chorus or take classes with multiple people.

6. Choose a book

If you visit your local library or borrow books from friends, you can do this activity for free as a brain exercise for seniors. Just keep in mind to return them when you’re done.

Reading is a great way to increase your mental capacity. It is an intellectually stimulating exercise, and studies have shown that activating the brain slows the brain’s ageing process. Read any genre of book you choose, whether it is romance, science fiction, or non-fiction because research hasn’t yet determined precisely what kinds of books you should read to obtain the most mental stimulation.

7. Word-search puzzles

These crossword puzzles are excellent word games for seniors because they force people to come up with words that fit into a set number of boxes and make sense in relation to the rest of the puzzle. A crossword puzzle can also be a social activity if you ask friends or relatives for assistance.

8. Sudoku

You might not be as good with words as you are with figures. That’s alright; Sudoku is the perfect game for you.

If Sudoku is unfamiliar to you, it is a type of numerical puzzle with its roots in Japan. A box with numbers and several empty spots is present. You have to fill in the gaps based on the existing data.

9. Reverse the count

To play this game, you don’t need to be particularly adept at math. Simply being able to count and performing simple subtraction are requirements.

Count backward, starting at 200 while deducting five from each number (“200, 195, 190…”). Try starting with 150 and counting backward, removing seven each time (“150, 143, 136”). Then, starting at 100, count backward while deducting three from each number (“100, 97, 94”).

10. Take up exercise

Exercising is one of the free brain games/memory games for seniors with dementia. While Tai Chi helps you focus more clearly, walking guards against dementia. Jogging improves your memory, while yoga helps you feel grounded. Though you’ll appreciate doing these activities in a class or as a group, you can complete them independently.



Age-related cognitive deterioration does not always accompany ageing. You may prevent memory loss and improve your mental sharpness by engaging in brain games and memory exercises for seniors, many of which are free or very reasonably priced. And the sooner you begin, the sooner you will reap the benefits.


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What are the benefits of memory exercises for seniors?

Brain games have the following advantages:
1. Improve Memory
2. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia
3. Improved attention span

Which brain games are the most helpful?

The most helpful brain games are:
1. Sudoku
2. Crosswords
3. Elevate
4. Chess

Do brain training games work?

Brain-training applications like Lumosity or Raise are being used by a vast number of individuals around the world. However, when put under logical investigation, the advantages of such mind-preparing games end up being dubious.

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