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19th Oct 2022

5 Easy Card Games for Your Elders

Card games are more than just entertaining diversions liked by individuals of all ages. The same is true for seniors. These games are a terrific hobby for seniors and the aged because they are low-impact, and seniors with mobility issues or other health issues can participate. Card games for senior citizens help to improve their fine motor abilities while stimulating their brains.

Why should the elderly play card games?

Card games are:

  • Easy games for seniors to enhance memory.
  • They sharpen focus.
  • Cognitive abilities slow or even reverse the consequences of cognitive decline.

Simple games help keep dementia patients engaged and thinking. Physical games for seniors may not be feasible owing to their age. Here are a few well-known card games that are simple to pick up and play:

1. Snap or Slap Jack

Snap is a fairly straightforward game that is simple to play, even if the senior has memory or concentration issues. Any cards lying around the house can be used to play Snap. The cards are divided among the participants, who turn them over in a central pile. The participants compete to smash their hands down on the same-coloured or numbered cards and collect the whole heap quickly.

2. Crazy Eights

This game challenges players to consider how their cards line up and to deftly use their eight cards to shift the suit for other players. Deal each player five cards. The top card is flipped over to make a face-up stack, and the additional cards are put face-down in the middle. Play a card on top of the face-up card during your turn, making sure it has the same suit or number. Alternately, if you play an 8, you get to pick the suit. Whoever discards all of their cards first is declared the winner.

3. Go Fish

Go Fish is a game that also challenges your matching abilities. In this card game, pairing cards together in your hand and being the first player to use all the cards are the objectives. You may ask another player for it if none of the cards in your hand match any of the ones you have left. If they don’t have it, you pull another card, adding it to the number of cards you already have in your hand.

4. Rummy

Rummy is an exceptionally well-liked game among seniors and has a wide variety, including Gin Rummy. Playing Gin Rummy requires two to six players. To achieve a meld (three cards of the same rank) or a run, players draw and discard cards (3 or more cards of one suit in sequence). Both the deck and the discard pile can be used to draw cards. The game’s goal is to run out of cards in your hand by using them all to form melds or runs that score more points than your opponent’s.

5. Bridge

The bridge can be customised to your seniors’ tastes or, if necessary, their physical limits thanks to its various variations. In bridge’s most basic form, teams of players compete to place the highest card in the appropriate suit on the table.


As people age, they may also experience increased loneliness as their friends and relatives lose social interaction. Seniors may also lose interest in many of the pursuits that give them fulfilment and social connections. These games could encourage their engagement and connection.

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What kind of card game do the elderly play?

The most common card games for seniors include bridge, rummy, old fish, crazy eights, and slap jack, to name a few. 

Is playing card games suitable for senior citizens?

Playing cards might enhance seniors’ mental well-being and increase brain activity.

Why do senior citizens enjoy playing bridge?

Senior players benefit from mentally demanding games like bridge because they provide regular intellectual and social stimulation.

How is a senior scavenger hunt conducted?

Give everybody a list of the items to be discovered, puzzles to solve, and challenges to undertake before playing an indoor scavenger hunt. 

Does Bridge help to prevent dementia?

Playing bridge has been proven to provide tangible advantages for senior citizens’ mental well-being and brain health. It can significantly slow the onset of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

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