7 Ways to Be Social During COVID Pandemic

Humans are social beings with an innate habit of socialising. To survive and thrive together, they rely on interaction, cooperation, and coordination. Not to mention that interactions bind and hold communities together. However, ever since COVID came into the picture, this social etiquette is challenged. 

In the wake of COVID, wearing face masks, washing hands/using sanitisers, and maintaining social distancing have become new norms. Given the situation, it is now safe to assume that many of us badly miss our colleagues, friends, and family members who are living at a distance from us.

While there is a risk of contracting the virus if one chooses to step outside and socialise, people now figure out how to be social during the pandemic. 


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Here are the top 7 ways to be social during COVID: 

Check on your neighbours

Every single individual is coping with the hardship of this pandemic in their ways. And in difficult times like these, what best you can do to make your social life during pandemic less monotonous is to check on your neighbours. You might have heard what goes around comes around. Show your care, express your concern towards the well-being of your neighbours. From a safe distance, ask them if they are okay. Do not hesitate to initiate conversations once every day or a few times a week. Ask if they need any help or anything that you can do to help them. So, this is one of the many ways to be social during the COVID pandemic.


Create a group of people you care for

It is probably one of the best ways to be social during COVID. If you are an elder person who is not much tech-savvy, you can always seek assistance from a family member to help you create a group of people you want to connect to. In this group, you can share vital information, motivational quotes, funny videos, photos, and stuff that will keep the members engaged. The best thing about creating a group is that you can even have a group video call to check how all the members are doing.


Play games remotely

If you are someone who is figuring out creative ways to connect during COVID, you can choose to play games remotely with your friends, colleagues, and/or family members. Today, there are many gaming apps available that allow up to four participants. All you need to do is simply download such apps and share their links with the people with whom you want to play. You are sure to have a fun time playing these games. So, for all those who are searching for how to be social during COVID, playing games online can be really fun and stressbuster in times like these.


Just call them up

Right now, almost every individual is worried about the safety and wellbeing of their loved ones living at a distance. While travelling is not a wise option anymore, you can always pick up your phone and call the person you are thinking of. Of several ways to be social during COVID, this one is the most simple and direct way to reach out to the person and talk to them. One can simply call their grandchild, fiancée, grandparents, colleagues, associates, and/or friends.


Watch your favourite content online

For those who are figuring out how to be social during the pandemic, watching your favourite content with your friends is probably one of the best ways to be social during COVID. There are many apps and platforms available where one can enjoy watching their favourite shows and movies with friends at distance. You can host a movie night and ask them to join.  


Join a community

The elderly are the worst affected by this pandemic. In case you are someone who has elderly at home, you may probably have done things to the best of your capabilities to make sure they do not feel alone or isolated indoors. Keeping in mind their safety, going outside is certainly not a good option to consider. While wearing multiple hats constantly might not be feasible for most people, what best they can do to ensure the best elderly healthcare at home is to help them join a community where they can interact with people of their age, sharing common interests. It would probably be one of the best ways to be social during COVID.


Exercise with friends/family members

Of many ways to connect during the pandemic, group exercises (without breaking the protocol) are a good option to consider. People of age any can together perform Yoga to stay physically and mentally fit without having to give up social life during the pandemic. You can perform Yoga in your garden, roof, in an open space like a community park while maintaining a safe distance with your friends/family members.

With social distancing, governments are making efforts to stop the spread of this deadly virus and bring things under control. So, in times like these, do not let the negativity reign. Do not lose hope and look at the bright side. Enjoy these times with your family members, learn new things, indulge in interesting activities, and most importantly get yourself vaccinated when you get the chance.

Stay safe!