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Delivering All-Round Healthcare At Home Services for Elders

Driven by a passionate team of clinical experts, Emoha Elder Care’s motto is to ensure healthy living with specialized care, provided within the comfort of elder’s home. Guided by the deep domain expertise of industry leaders in Geriatrics, Dementia, Care Management, Stroke Rehabilitation, Post-Operative care, Emoha’s team of Care Angels (Nurses) and Care Partners are best-fitted to manage primary and specialty healthcare needs with special focus on age-related disorders.

home health care services



Emoha Elder Care offers India’s most comprehensive at-home healthcare services, through qualified and trained clinical professionals, which ensures that elderly are given the right treatment with accurate monitoring backed by a strong tech based system.

Nursing Care



Emoha Elder Care understands the importance of pain management and that’s why our Care Angels (nurses) come with strong clinical experience, are highly trained and equipped to handle critical and general nursing needs.

> Administering medications & injections

> Monitoring vital signs

> Blood Sugar monitoring

> Ryle's tube insertion

> PEG Tube Feed

> Urinary Catheterization & Catheter removal

> Colostomy care

> Sample collection [blood/urine]

> ECG recording

> I.V. cannulation/transfusion

> Suture removal

> Wound care & dressing

> Bedsore care

> Nebulisation

> Enema administration

> Diabetic foot care

> Bladder wash

> Vaccination

> Assistance with activities of daily living

Geriatrics Care and Physical Therapy



Aging brings with it inevitable changes in the human body, many of which often end up translating into chronic disorders such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis. Our Care Team understands this life stage and are well equipped to manage your health at home.


Physical therapy/Physiotherapy can help elderly retain their functional independence, whether they are managing a long-term illness or just want to improve their general health and mobility. At Emoha, we offer physical therapy to elderly in case of:

> Arthritis

> Osteoporosis

> Knee or hip replacements

> Pre & Post-operative care

> Fracture or Ligament Tear

> Parkinson’s

> Alzheimer’s

> Stroke

> Posture corrections

> Back pain

> Loss of balance

Holistic Stroke Rehabilitation



Post-stroke recovery is an important phase that requires a whole new outlook on care, routine and priorities. Many stroke patients struggle with motor impairments and these need proper, supervised attention once the elderly is at home. Depending upon the symptoms and post-stroke severity, our team of clinical experts offer curated personalized care.

Dementia Care



Being diagnosed with Dementia can be life-altering, not only for the elderly but also for the family as a whole. Dementia causes difficulties with memory, language, problem solving and other cognitive skills that affect a person’s ability to perform everyday activities. With Emoha’s trained Dementia experts, who understand the importance of continuous professional care and above all treating the elderly with compassion & love, the severity of this chronic disorder can be properly managed.

Post-Surgery Care



Recovering from surgery can be extra challenging for elders as they heal more slowly and are at increased risk of complications. The importance of a caregiver grows tremendously in such cases as it requires continuous care & support till the time elderly is able to resume the activities of daily living. Emoha’s Care Angels (nurses) and Community Managers give your elderly complete medical, and emotional support and peace of mind for the family.

Cancer Care



Home care for an elderly battling with cancer can be quite daunting. Emoha offers comprehensive cancer care solutions ranging from chemo port care, PICC line insertion, managing side effects of chemo to end-of-life or palliative care.





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