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17th Mar 2022

Top 5 Theraband Exercises for the Senior Ladies

It’s a fallacy that senior ladies can’t do exercises. While it is true that they should avoid exhaustive strength training or heavy intensity exercises like running, it doesn’t necessarily imply that they should do nothing to keep themselves fit. Exercising is of great consequence for their health. The most common recommended exercises for seniors are walking, yoga, and theraband exercises. In the advancing years, the type and intensity of workouts typically recommended vary from person to person. As everybody is unique, different exercises work for different individuals. Make sure to double-check with your doctor before trying out any of these exercises. 

Theraband exercises, in particular, could be extremely beneficial for elderly women. Simply because these exercises are safe, mild, and less intense, while yet providing health benefits. These exercises not only improve bone density in senior women, but also help deal with joint pain. Though the list is long, the following are the top benefits of theraband exercises for elderly women. 

Benefits of Theraband exercise for elderly women 

  • Your body goes through a lot of changes in advancing years. One has to put a lot of effort to stay fit at this age. You need to prepare your body for that added toll, and the best way is through exercise. Resistance band or Theraband exercise improves the flexibility of your body while preparing you for the exhaustion of everyday life 
  • Theraband exercise strengthens your body, enhances your energy and stamina, so you can handle physically exhaustive tasks gracefully. 
  • Theraband exercises help to lessen your body aches and pains and assist you to manage them better. 
  • Old age changes your centre of gravity, as there is added weight now. Because of this, it gets difficult to maintain balance, and you are more prone to falls. To prevent this, theraband exercises are recommended, as it helps you to get a grip on your body and maintain the right balance. You do not want to risk a fall at any stage of your old age, so it is better to exercise and give your body the time and space to adjust to this change. 

If you are clueless about what theraband exercises might benefit you, we present you with the best five to help you get started. 

Top five Theraband exercises for Elderly Women 

1.Resistance band rows

This exercise helps in strengthening your upper back muscles. Sit on the floor with straight legs, and keep your back straight. Place the center of the band around your feet and hold its ends in your hands. Pull the band towards your waistline. Drive your elbows back and focus on squeezing your upper back muscles together. Hold this position for a couple of seconds. Then return to the initial position and repeat the exercise.

2. Hip band walks

This exercise helps to stretch and rotate muscles that help move the hips. These muscles tend to get weak during old age, hence they require extra attention. Place the resistance band till knee level. Bend your knees and push your hip back, making a semi-squat position. Begin walking forward without letting your knees get inwards. Do at least 8 reps with each leg.

3. Resistance band press

This exercise is useful in developing your shoulder and triceps muscles. Stand inside one loop of the band with a shoulder-width stance. Keep your back straight. Hold one end of the band and bring it up toward your shoulders with your palms facing forward. Press the band up directly overhead until your elbows can not move any more upwards. Slowly lower the weight back to your shoulders and repeat the process.

4. Hip band squats

In this exercise, you are made to rotate your legs externally, which help in activating your gluteal muscles. Place the resistance band around your legs, at the knee level. For this exercise, you need to keep your chest up, and your back as flat as you can. Set your stance slightly wider than the shoulder-width part with your toes pointing outward. Now, bend at your knee and hip area while simultaneously pushing your buttock behind you. Once you reach the bottom of the squat when you can no longer bend down, pause for a second and slowly reverse the movement. You will reach your initial position. Repeat the process.

5. Resistance band triceps extensions

This exercise helps strengthen the triceps muscle at the back of your arms. You need to practice this one several times to achieve the desired result. Bend down and kneel inside one loop of the band. Keep the band looped around your legs and hold its ends in both your hands. Now, grab the other loop and bring it up over your head with your palms facing upward, and your arms extended straight. Next, bend at your elbows, without moving your upper arms. Bring your hands to your neck level. Then, straighten your arms by extending your elbows. Make sure to keep your shoulders in place. Repeat the process. 

By doing the aforementioned or even any other theraband exercises, elderly women can reduce their joint and normal body pain to a great extent. This is also beneficial for the health of their bones, muscles, and skin. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a theraband risky for me if I am elderly?

No, they are not risky to use during old age. Instead, they are highly recommended and give fruitful results in old age workouts. The most advantageous aspect of a theraband is that its resistance is adjustable. You can buy the band whose resistance suits you best, hence the risk of you over-exercising, or dropping something heavy on yourself, is reduced.