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11th Apr 2022

Giloy Juice – 12 Health Benefits That Will Amaze You

Giloy is a climbing shrub that grows on trees and has been widely used in Indian medicine in the form of Giloy juice for an epoch. Its scientific name is – Tinospora cordifolia and it belongs to the botanical family named Menispermaceae.  

Tinospora cordifolia is known by many names. In Hindi, it is known as Giloy or Giloe, a Hindu mythological word implying “a mythical heavenly elixir which celestial beings consume to stay eternally young”. In Sanskrit, the words are ‘Amrita’ meaning “the root of immortality” & ‘Guduchi’ meaning “that which protects the body from diseases”, thanks to its extensive medicinal properties. 

Giloy Juice Health Benefits 

With successive COVID pandemic waves upon us, it is normal to make use of immunity-enhancing herbs like giloy as a protective measure. It also helps in fighting diseases such as dengue and malaria. There are several health benefits of giloy juice, but here are the top 11 Giloy juice benefits: 

  • Boost Your Immunity Using This “Wonder Herb”: In India, giloy juice has been used as an immunity booster for a long time. Giloy is full of antioxidants, useful in safeguarding against free radicals and eliminating body toxins. Giloy flushes out free radicals thus removing toxins from the liver & kidneys, Giloy even fights disease-causing bacteria in our body. 
  • Giloy is Cardioprotective: Thanks to Giloy’s Pachan (digestive), Deepan (appetizer), and Rasayana (chemically rejuvenating) nature, it protects the heart and helps in lipid modulation. Giloy juice is thus helpful in managing the body’s high cholesterol levels by improving the body’s metabolism and flushing out the high cholesterol-causing toxins. 
  • Giloy Prevents Liver Damage: Giloy is Hepatoprotective. It enhances glutathione levels and supports the liver by lowering cholesterol levels, improving antioxidant enzymes, and increasing overall liver functioning by detoxifying and safeguarding the liver from free radical damage. 
  • Giloy Is Anti-Diabetic: Giloy juice stimulates insulin production and lowers blood glucose levels. One more term used for Giloy in Ayurveda is “Madhunashini’ (destroyer of sugar) in Ayurveda. Giloy enhances insulin production in the body, thus managing blood sugar levels and preventing other diabetes-related complications. 
  • Giloy Juice Prevents Respiratory Illness: Giloy pacifies the mucous membrane thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This lowers respiratory issues like shortness of breath, chest tightness, cold, wheezing, coughing, and tonsils. 
  • Giloy Is Neuroprotective: Giloy modulates the brain’s antioxidant enzyme system and increases acetylcholine neurotransmitter synthesis, thus enhancing dopamine levels, improving locomotor activity, and lowering oxidative stress. There is scientific validation showing that Giloy juice helps manage anxiety and depressive disorders as well. 
  • It Is Anti-Arthritic: Giloy juice is used for its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties to treat arthritis and gout. Giloy lowers the formation of pro-inflammatory cytokines, thus lowering joint pains and inflammation. Giloy also encourages the growth of bone-forming cells, studies have shown it to restore joint-cartilage thickness and soothe osteoporosis pain. 
  • Giloy Improves Digestion: Consuming Giloy juice is a great way to strengthen the digestive system. Giloy juice is extremely useful in bettering the digestion process, curing bowel-related problems, and safeguarding against digestion-related problems like diarrhea, hyperacidity, and vomiting.   
  • Giloy Juice Is Antipyretic In Nature (It Reduces Fever): Giloy is potent against life-threatening conditions like Malaria, Dengue, and Swine flu due to its antipyretic & anti-inflammatory nature. Giloy juice consumption improves the platelet count in dengue fever, consolidates the immune system, and helps in faster recovery while lowering the chances of health complications. 
  • Giloy Contains Anti-Ageing Properties: Giloy helps treat the signs of ageing. It contains anti-ageing properties (it is an antioxidant powerhouse and avoids oxidative stress) thus lowering pimples, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots keeping your skin young, bright and beautiful. 
  • Giloy Is Also An Aphrodisiac: Giloy juice contains properties that enhance libido, thus positively improving your love life. 

How To Prepare Giloy Juice? 

If you are wondering how to make giloy juice at home, it is a very easy process.   Below is the step-by-step process of how to giloy juice at your home: 

Serves: 2 

Yield: 2 cups 

Prep Time: 5 minutes 


  • 1 Giloy stem approx. 12-inches in length 
  • 2 cups of water 


Wash the giloy stem and use a knife to peel the entire length of it. Clean it properly and remove the upper indigestible parts of the stem. After the stem is clean, cut it into smaller 1-inch sections. Pound these sections using a mortar and pestle till every section of the stem is well crushed, and then place in a blender or a mixie. Add two cups of water (approx. 500 ml) into the mixie and run the blender for a couple of minutes. Put a muslin cloth over a sieve and pour the blended giloy juice through the muslin cloth. After it is fully drained, pick up the corners of the muslin cloth and twist it to squeeze out all the giloy liquid from the muslin cloth. 

Pour the extracted giloy juice into a cup or a glass. This recipe yields two cups of giloy juice (it is enough for one person for a day if you consume it once in the morning and once in the evening). Similarly, if you are preparing the juice for your entire family, you can double, triple, or quadruple the quantities of giloy stem and water in the right proportion as per the number of family members consuming it. 

Bonus Recipe: Giloy Kadha (benefits similar to giloy juice) 

Giloy kadha is a warm drink; however, its benefits are the same as giloy juice. It is preferred in winters or in general by those who like warm drinks, they consume the giloy kadha instead of giloy juice. To prepare giloy kadha, place the cleaned and pounded giloy stem in 1-liter water and simmer till the water is reduced by half and yields two cups of kadha. Strain the giloy kadha to remove the stems and drink the remaining tea or kadha in the same manner as you would drink giloy juice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to drink giloy juice?

Giloy juice for fever is usually consumed on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Generally, Giloy juice can be taken once in the morning and once in the evening.

Where can I buy giloy juice, and which giloy juice is the best?

Giloy juice can be easily purchased over the counter at most Ayurvedic medicine shops. But please try our recipe for giloy juice, as freshly prepared giloy juice in the clean environs of your home is recommended. We also recommend you get a giloy plant from a nearby nursery to make it a part of your lifestyle for easy and fresher access to this miraculous wonder herb. 

Can giloy be taken daily?

It is important to discuss this with an Ayurvedic practitioner. The practitioner may specifically prescribe the correct giloy juice dosage for you after studying your medical conditions if any. The medical practitioner may determine the specific period of time to take giloy juice in order for it to be optimally effective for you. 

Should we dilute giloy juice while consuming it?  

The packaged giloy juice purchased from the market is a concentrated juice. The proportion of dilution is mentioned on the pack, and it varies from one brand to another. So dilute it as per the diluting instructions mentioned on the packaging.

Are any other variants of giloy juice available?

Giloy juice often comes combined with other natural and herbal ingredients to make it healing