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27th Jan 2021

Home Interior Tips for Elderly

Are you looking for interior design ideas that are elder-friendly? Many elders like living independently, which is why they need a well-equipped and elderly-friendly home design. As our age increases, our comfort zones might take a new turn. It is important to acknowledge what our comfort needs are. Designing an elder-friendly home could be the first step towards finding a new comfort zone. A few hacks and innovations can ensure that the environment is elder-friendly. Here are some important factors to be kept in mind while renovating a house for making it elder-friendly.

Elder Friendly Home Design Tips

•     Opt for Higher Beds & Chairs

Low furniture can make it difficult for the elderly to get up and sit down without support. Having slightly elevated furniture at home can be helpful for them if they want to live an independent life.

While designing a senior-friendly bedroom, ensure that their beds have a thick mattress, which adds to the bed’s height, making it comfortable for the elders to sit and stand independently.

For the living room & other sitting areas, make sure the chairs and couches are well cushioned and elevated enough for elders to get up and sit without support.

•    Go for Thoughtful Flooring Options

Elders with an improper body balance need to have safe and comfortable flooring options to avoid falls and slips.

Carpeted flooring is comfortable and provides an anti-skid cushioned surface but is not suitable for elders in a wheelchair. Light-colored tiles should also be avoided as they don’t show up water spills, leading to nasty fall accidents. Tiles should not be slippery.

Opt for vinyl floors as they are easy to maintain and have a cushioning effect that can be of advantage in sudden slips and falls. Or, if possible, have wooden flooring.

•     Install Home Security & Safety Sensors

Designing a room for the elderly is a thoughtful process and involves careful consideration towards elders’ safety. It is important for elders living alone to ensure their safety by installing safety sensors, including fire alarms, emergency notification buttons, security cameras, motion sensors, etc.

To make it effective for elders, it is important to ensure easy to operate sensors for them. Installing a high-tech security system becomes essential for those living alone.

•     Fix Grab Bars

Bathrooms and bedrooms can be a risky place for elders unless grab bars and elder-friendly chairs are strategically placed to help them move around safely and independently. Studies have found that injuries while getting on and off the toilet seat are quite high in people aged above 65.

To avoid falls and toilet injuries, installing easily accessible grab bars in bathrooms and bedrooms to help the elderly live a comfortable life is suggested.

•     Uncluttered & well-lit

While thinking of an interior design for seniors, always ensure proper lighting and sufficient spaces in all parts of your home. Well-lit rooms can make it easier for elders to walk freely and avoid injuries. Try designing a window in the elder’s bedroom to allow the natural light to come in.

Kitchens and bathrooms are important spaces to be designed with sufficient lightings. Install lights under the shelves, which helps elders see the countertops easily.

•     Go for a Safe Staircase

Many elders find it hard to climb the stairs easily, so it is suggested to either install a stairlift chair or decrease the gap between each stair to allow elders to climb up comfortably. Handrails and grab bars also help elders to climb up the stairs in comfort.

Make sure the staircase is well-lit to avoid injuries. Designing a home for the elderly is not an easy task as it involves well thought out, carefully designed dwelling.


Elders deserve a comfortable and safe life, which is why it is important to design a carefully planned home for them. It is essential for elders living alone to have a high-tech security system, well-lit rooms, safe staircase, grab bars, etc., to help live independent comfortably.

The elders’ homes should be designed keeping their old age needs and comfort level in mind.