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Safety Services



Emoha Elder Care places great value in ensuring that the elderly have easy access to comprehensive home care services designed to assist them to keep them healthy, safe, and loved. One of our focus areas is discovering ways to make the home environment safer and more livable for the elderly loved ones, whether or not they live alone. As part of our home care for the elderly, we offer home safety services to make the home age-friendly and better prepared to handle emergencies. Chief among the initiative of home safety for the elderly is Home Safety Audits and use of Smart Sensors.

Home Safety for Elders: Sensors, Security

Home Assessment


A Home Assessment is the first step towards ensuring home care for the elderly. It is the process of going through every element of the house to discover design, decor, and other issues that make the living spaces unsafe for the elderly. The informing acquired during such an assessment informs the requirements of each client’s customized Home Upgrade solution. Our home care for the elderly help them live in their homes for as long as they like.


Ensuring home safety for the elderly Emoha’s priority. We ensures that elders are never away from the much-needed help in the event of an accident. Whether you summon help by pressing the emergency button or our intelligent systems detect the possibility of an accident, our team of highly trained and experienced motorcycle riding Emergency Response Team is always first on the scene. They are well-placed to offer immediate assistance such as First Aid, CPR, and coordinating other necessary response efforts such as the ambulance, paramedics, police, and fire services.


We leverage the latest in cutting-edge technology to bolster the home safety for the elderly. Chief among such efforts is our use of Smart Sensors. We install smart sensors in your home that can summon help when they detect the occurrence of an accident such as a slip and fall. Depending on your specific plan, whether it is Assure or Smart Home, the alert will be routed to a designated relative or friend or to Emoha Elder Care Services.



EMOHA elder safety initiatives also involve the use of wearable IOT devices. These help in keeping watch on vital aspects of your health and safety as well as triggering the necessary help in time.