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27th Oct 2022
Easy Hobbies For Seniors

Good and Easy Hobby Ideas for Senior Citizens

Many of us find that we have much more free time as we age. Many of us work part-time or retire, giving us infinite time to accomplish whatever we choose. Seniors must continue to engage in physical and social exercise. This can reduce your risk of developing several health problems and eliminate boredom and loneliness. Creating one or two new interests is the solution. If you are looking for various hobbies for a senior citizen, don’t worry; we have covered them in this article. We’ve listed below our top nine hobbies ideas for seniors:                                                                  

1. Sports


As we’ve already discussed, seniors must maintain their physical activity levels. According to the NHS, most people aged 65 and above spend at least 10 hours daily sitting or lying down. Because of this, people over 65 are more likely than the general population to be obese and have heart disease. Our first suggestion for hobbies for seniors over 80 is a fantastic defence against these dangers.

No matter your level of experience or fitness, many different sports can keep you busy. Sports can be a terrific way to meet new people and strengthen relationships with friends you already have.

Here are a few of the most well-liked sports among seniors.

Sport benefits our mental health just as much as our physical health. Of course, playing a sport is a lot of fun. Whether you’re playing a social game with friends or are a club member, it provides you with something to look forward to each week.

2. Fitness Activity


Sports may not be your thing, but that’s okay. There are many more ways to get active, socialise, and care for your health. For people with various fitness levels, here are some excellent fitness hobbies for seniors at home:

Understanding your body’s limitations is crucial if you consider participating in an athletic or fitness activity. Speak with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program, especially if you have problems with your bones, joints, or muscles.

3. Gardening


Gardening has numerous benefits for seniors. Gardening tends to become pretty addicting once you get the hang of it. It isn’t easy to match the thrill of sowing a seed and seeing it grow. Enthusiastic gardeners will want to plant the most lovely flowers and plants in their gardens (as well as on their windowsills), shape their lawns into attractive patterns, and perhaps even grow some fruits and vegetables.

Getting out in the garden has the following specific psychological and physical advantages:

  • Lowering the stress level
  • Feelings of accomplishment
  • Venturing out into the open air
  • Promoting fitness and activity
  • Can deliver wholesome, nourishing food

Our health benefits from moving around and staying active rather than sitting still all day. In fact, according to a 2015 study, just two 50-minute sessions of watering flowers and potting plants can significantly boost one’s stamina, dexterity, and mental function. Additionally, all the study subjects lost weight after seven weeks, especially in the areas around their waists, which are among the most dangerous places for the body to retain fat. Overall, it is easy to understand why gardening is one of the most well-liked hobbies for senior ladies.

4. Cooking


Making a meal from scratch might make you feel quite accomplished. Cooked dinners can bring friends and family together. Everyone enjoys bragging about their grandmother’s Sunday meal, after all. However, cooking has more advantages than merely those that are socially beneficial. Making our food is also very helpful to our health. We all understand the value of eating well, but did you know that cooking at home can also improve your mental health? As you age, cooking for yourself can be difficult. For this reason, we’ve provided some vital kitchen safety advice.

There are a few easy ways to start cooking if you’re not a natural. Make a straightforward meal plan, experiment with nutritious dishes, and discover new global cuisines. Make your healthy meals at home instead of going out to eat, ordering takeout, or purchasing processed ready-made meals. Why not incorporate some homegrown ingredients into your meals if you or someone you live with is an avid gardener? Given that everyone needs to eat, this might be one of our list’s most useful pastime suggestions. By cooking meals, you can save money, get healthier, and improve your self-esteem.

5. Reading


Who doesn’t enjoy reading? This might be the most conventional entry on our list of pastime suggestions for seniors. Whether you’re 65 or 25, a good book may keep you entertained for days.

There is something for everyone because there are so many different genres. Fans of fiction need to peruse the most recent bestseller list for ideas. There are several autobiographies available for followers of TV and sports. Stephen King is a formidable force in the horror genre.

The best-selling books of this year so far include:

  • By Amanda Gorman, Call Us What We Carry
  • The John Grisham book The Judge’s List
  • Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us
  • Sarah J. Maas’s House of Sky and Breath
  • Delia Owens’ Where the Crawdads Sing

A book doesn’t even need to be in physical form anymore. Most books are also accessible as electronic books that may be read on a tablet, smartphone, or e-reader. Even though most people prefer an actual book, this study found that using an e-book can make reading faster and easier. Additionally, they’ll take up a lot less room on your shelf.

Reading is one of our favorite pastimes because it offers so many advantages. It can help people remember things better, make decisions more quickly, feel less stressed, and fall asleep faster. Reading before bed is a good idea because it enables you to fall asleep more effectively than watching TV after midnight.

6. Pick up a musical instrument and practice


This is one of the hobbies that most of us have thought about at some point in our lives. How many kids want to grow up to be successful musicians? Music is a lovely passion for individuals of all ages, even if you won’t be filling stadiums soon. You can pick from various instruments, including the guitar, drums, piano, saxophone, and violin.

Learning a new skill offers a mentally challenging and exciting activity, which is crucial in the fight against dementia and cognitive decline. The learning process will also help you improve your time management and organisational skills because you’ll need to give it your full attention if you want to advance.

As your brain works to translate the musical notes you’re reading on paper into particular hand motions, breathing patterns, and rhythms, your hand-eye coordination will also improve.

Furthermore, it should go without saying that playing an instrument is a lot of fun. When you’re ready, you can meet new pals by joining a band.

7. Model Construction


One of the more unusual hobbies for 90-year-old men and women on our list might be this one. Since you don’t have to leave your house, model construction can become somewhat obsessive. You may improve your agility, coordination, and patience by combining some of your favorite automobiles or aircraft. Model space suggests that you could also learn the following abilities:

  • Researching
  • Planning
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Sculpting
  • Sanding
  • Glueing
  • Painting
  • Detailing
  • Photography

Building models is a fantastic way to decompress. You can withdraw to your private workspace to focus only on creating your most recent project, free from any daily issues or concerns.

Another fantastic hobby to share with your grandchildren is model making. Together, you can work on your projects, fostering your relationship and imparting the advantages of effective teamwork to them.

Finally, nothing can compare to the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel once your most recent endeavour is finished. Before putting the model you’ve just created into your collection—possibly a model car shelf—you can step back and admire it.

8. Pets

Man With Dog

Taking care of a pet can be considered an inexpensive hobby for retirees. Having a pet can give you a loyal companion and someone on whom you can concentrate your efforts daily. For instance, getting a dog is a terrific way to fight boredom and loneliness if you live alone.

You gain a sense of responsibility from having pets. You are aware that you must feed them, walk them, keep them clean, and guard them against any potential hazards in the house and outside. Many people, mainly the elderly, find immense fulfilment in caring for others. A pet can be an excellent way to replace the “empty nest” left behind after children grow up and leave the house.

Scientific studies have shown that petting a pet helps lower blood levels of stress-related chemicals. Additionally, your pet will experience the same level of comfort. Animal shelters across the nation are currently crowded with four-legged pals looking for loving homes. Adopting a pet is a very noble act that has numerous advantages.

9. Adult Education

Adult Education

Joining an adult learning course can have enormous social advantages, just like becoming a member of the community groups we described above:

  • Communicate with new people who share your interests
  • Telling tales to new acquaintances
  • Sharing hints and pointers all through the educational program

Learning new skills at a university or college keeps the brain in good shape. According to this article in The Guardian, research by the Alzheimer’s Society revealed that education could postpone the onset of dementia.

Even better, you could accomplish two goals at once by enrolling in a course that relates to one of the hobbies we’ve already discussed in this article. In most towns and cities, there are numerous opportunities to take classes in cooking, gardening, computers, and other hobbies. Like creating a delicious meal in the kitchen, mastering a new skill, and passing exams make you feel tremendously accomplished. It is crucial to be occupied and active to combat loneliness.

To find out what courses are offered, visit the website of a nearby college or university. You can take many courses online to learn how to stay safe at home when the coronavirus is present. There are numerous skills that you can learn at home as well.



We hope “activities for over 60s near me” is answered through this blog. Bored seniors can keep themselves busy with any number of pastimes. We’ve compiled a list of some engaging activities, many of which are also suitable for their health. Choose the pastimes that most interest you and begin them whenever you’re ready.


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What are the entertaining indoor activities available for seniors?

Seniors can enjoy a variety of indoor activities. Along with standing and sitting activities like tai chi, yoga, and ball toss sports, there is art, music, dance, and physical activity.

Are there any entertaining, educational games that encourage mental exercise in seniors?

Sudoku and crosswords are educational games for mental exercise. It is strangely pleasant to know they can still utilise their minds and induce critical thinking.

What do you do when you retire with no money?

Although it may not be ideal, it represents the harsh reality for many people. Below are the consequences
1. Relying heavily on Social Security
2. You might have to alter your way of life
3. Adopting a Roommate May Be Required
4. You might need to keep doing part-time work

What can you do when you’re bored and old?

1. Visit an orphanage
2. Read books
3. Play games
4. Join a community
5. Go on an outing with friends and family

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