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26th Sep 2022
Golfing and stress

How Does Golf Relieve Stress and Improve Mental Health in Adults

We all experience stress in some form or the other. Whilst some resort to digital media or other forms of de-stressing, others play golf. How does golf relieve stress and improves the mental health of seniors is listed below:

1. Mental workouts

Since playing golf requires a lot of planning and strategies, a continuous mental workout occurs. The game is to be played with immense focus and skill to maintain the ball’s trajectory as you direct it into the hole. Planning the next shot requires concentration and keeps the mind occupied. 

2. Increase vitamin D levels in the body

How golf as an outdoor exercise or sport beneficial in relieving stress? Exposure to the sun allow our bodies to make their vitamin D which directly boosts the brain, maintains good calcium levels in the bones, improves the immune system, etc. 

3. Decreases blood sugar levels

Being physically active whilst playing golf helps lower blood sugar levels. The blood pressure is also kept optimum with sufficient movement on the golf courses. 

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Playing golf needs planning and focusing, which takes the mind away from stressful situations. Amongst the physical benefits of golf, blood sugar levels are reduced, vitamin D is synthesised, blood pressure is maintained, and the body is exercised well to keep the bones and muscles fit. Hence, playing the 18 holes game will help relieve stress levels in seniors. 


Is golf good for anxiety?

Yes, golf is good for reducing stress and anxiety as the mind is utilized to maximize focus and plan strategies to win the game.

Is golf good for relaxing?

Yes, golfinghelp in relaxing the body. 

What is the best sport to relieve stress?

Golf is one of the best sports to reduce stress. 

How does golf reduce stress?

Planning and focusing on the golf game keeps the mind occupied for a reasonably long time, boosting the reason and reducing stress. 

What are the advantages if you are playing golf?

Physical exercise, mental workouts, sufficient vitamin D levels, and fresh air are the outstanding advantages of playing golf.