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16th Jun 2021

10 Simple Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home for Senior Citizens

Each birthday is an important milestone in one’s life. And when it comes to the elderly, their birthday is an opportunity for us to honour them and make them feel special. This day gives you a chance to thank them for the knowledge and wisdom they have eloquently imparted to you. Moreover, this is an occasion that brings families together, lets them bond with each other, and create memories that will last forever. Hence, the birthday decorations for senior citizens should also be extra special. To help you celebrate the elderly in your home and the life they have led, we have come up with a range of simple and easy birthday decoration ideas at home that will help you bring a smile to their face.

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Good Old Memories

With so many experiences and memorable times, you can easily pick a bunch of highlights and major milestones that they would love to relive. Just a few simple birthday decorations at home would do the trick. You can hang up some pictures from those times or create a photo album, a photo board or even a slideshow or video that would ring in the nostalgia. Not to mention, these pictures will strike up so many interesting conversations.

Go Retro

Having a theme party can double the fun. And when it comes to retro-themed parties, there are a plethora of simple home birthday decoration ideas. You can use bright flowers, disco balls, vintage records, and kaleidoscopes that will turn your house into a 60’s club. You should also ask your guests to pick up retro outfits. Something like classic printed blouses, poof skirts, straight-leg jeans, and shirts with vibrant and wild designs would be great. You can also add a feather boa and a vintage-style wig to complete the look. You can also put on some jazz music for a much vintage vibe. We are sure that these decorations will turn back the clock for your guest of honour!

High Tea

If your senior loved one is a lady of elegance and someone who always stays prim and proper, high tea would be the perfect theme for their birthday party. High tea was started for the royals and aristocrats who would enjoy the afternoons in a relaxed fashion in their posh chairs. So, if your guest of honour is no less than royalty, you should start preparing for a high tea birthday celebration. While the idea is to create a magnificent set up the decoration for this birthday party at home are simple. You can include fancy tissues, Yixing teapots, cake and cupcake stands, and a glass candlestick. While picking flowers, go for delicate and pastel-coloured buds like peonies, hydrangeas and dahlias. Coming to food, high teas usually have a mix of sweet and savoury. You can have a spread of macarons, petit fours, sandwiches, pastries, and cakes all served on delicate china cups. The main aim is to offer pocket-sized bites that are both petite and pretty to look at.

Host A Toast

A toast is a call to drink in honour of a person or an occasion. So, if you are planning on a birthday party for the elderly, hosting a toast would be a great way to celebrate their life and wish them good health for the years to come. You can even ask your guests to prepare a speech or a toast for the guest of honour. Their colleagues and friends would also have some amazing stories to share that they would want to involve in their toast. Moreover, be sure that your guests’ glasses are filled. Also, there should be enough toasting glasses and silverware for clinking. While this birthday decor at home is quite simple, your heartfelt words will be enough to create magic!

Celebrating the Milestone

Let’s say, your senior loved one will turn 75 this year which is an achievement in itself. It would be great if the entire theme of the party should revolve around it, celebrating the milestone in the true sense. If you are celebrating at home, some simple birthday decoration would be enough. You can get a customised centrepiece for the party that will grab the attention of all the guests. This will make them a part of the celebration and remind them that the birthday honouree has accomplished a huge milestone. You can also get customised helium balloons, cake, or cupcake toppers. Other than this, you can hang a board with 75 words that describe the birthday honouree the best. This will give the guests an insight into his/her life. You can also write 75 facts about them or 75 of their accomplishments.

All Handmade

Elders usually like things simple. So, a simple birthday decoration at home with balloons would also do. However, one of the best ways to celebrate their birthday would be to decorate the venue with some handmade pieces. Right from tissue paper pom poms and streamers to DIY photo booths and props, there are so many things that you can make and use of decoration pieces. You can even ask the birthday honouree’s grandchildren to make a few cards or other decorative items that you can put up on a special board. Handmade decorations are probably the best way to give your party a more bespoke look and vibe. We are sure they would admire each piece of this easy birthday decoration at home.

We hope that these elderly birthday party decoration ideas will help you create amazing new memories. We know that hosting a party requires creativity and we hope that we got some of those creative juices flowing with these amazing decoration and party theme ideas that you can throw for an elderly who is dear to you.

Truth be told, engagement activities and building a sense of community are crucial to what we do at Emoha. We want our elders to have that EMO-tional HA-ppiness on such special occasions of life because for us, it is always #EldersFirst