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Engagements and Activities Curated for Elders

Because a “happy heart” and a “healthy body” go hand in hand. Because the second inning is as important as the first. Because, who doesn’t want to have fun! That is the reason why Emoha Elder Care, in its pursuit to ensure complete EMO-tional HA-ppiness of elders, has designed a spectrum of senior citizen events and activities in association with retirement communities that not only promote physical and psychological wellness, but also provide unique opportunities for elders to learn, earn, and give back to their community in several meaningful ways. Orchestrated by dedicated activity managers, our community events for seniors help elders feel relevant, stay engaged, and have a life that is filled with joy.

Activities For Senior Citizen: Yoga, Exercise, Games



Engaging in events and activities is an innate human need, more so at an old age, when inactivity and loneliness could be the gateway to several serious disorders. Leveraging a tech stack designed to generate deep senior-focused behavioral and clinical data over multiple years of transactional experience, Emoha Elder Care community events for seniors and senior citizen events are carefully designed to revitalize all three core elements of elder well-being - mind, body and soul.

Here is a quick glimpse of all that’s in store:

Yoga & Meditation
Musical Nights
Comedy Shows
Cultural Nights
Health Camps
Book Launch
Nature Walks
Group Tours
Bridge Tournaments
Culinary Festivals
Literature Festivals
Talk Shows

Find inner peace through meditation, tickle your funny bone at a comedy show, pick up a hobby, or explore new places in group tours; with Emoha’s community events for seniors and senior citizen events, the avenues to make the most of the golden years are simply endless! .