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15th Jun 2022
7 horses running depicting 7 horses vastu direction - Emoha

Are Horses Lucky For Your Home?

Horses are often considered men’s second-best friends after dogs. The domesticated and well-bred animals have a certain kind of warmth to themselves. Horses have been there with humans in good and bad times, and that is why they are considered lucky animals – be it in a living form or non-living forms like a painting or sculpture.


What is 7 Horse Painting?

Horses are very beautiful creatures that signify everything positive, and they symbolise determination, strength, and free-spirited nature. The seven horses painting shows seven horses galloping outside. According to Vastu, this type of painting represents strength, success, and prosperity. If you place this painting in your home or office, it helps attract positive energy to your personal and professional space.


What does Vastu have to do with the “Seven Rushing Horses”?

Vastu gives a lot of importance to the painting of seven galloping horses, and the image helps eradicate negativity in one’s life and brings lots of success and growth. Below is a list of seven signs that this painting has in Vastu.

1. Speed

Placing it in the right direction will give you an upper hand over others to complete tasks. It gives your work speed, and if you have anything stuck, it will help it get out and speed up.

2. Strength

There is no doubt about the horse’s strength, and there is a reason for referring to an engine’s power as horsepower. Having the horses painted makes you feel empowered and strengthened with good energy.

3. Free-Spirited

Horses are known for their free-spirited nature. Their painting can help you teach their ability to be free, and it helps you in your artistic nature.

4. Success

When placed in the right 7 horse painting Vastu direction in your home and office, an image with horses can bring you lots of success and prosperity.

5. Self-Esteem

Horses are very self-dependent and confident animals. Having their painting in your space can help you imbibe these qualities and give your self-esteem a much-needed boost in your low times.

6. Calm

Another great characteristic of horses is their calming and soothing nature. Therefore, the painting can help bring stability, peace, and harmony to an environment of chaos.

7. Love

The lovable animals that horses are can even get a lot of love and happiness to your life.


7 Horse Painting Placement

Not only does the placement affect, but the characteristics of the painting also affect your environment. It is important to make sure the expressions of running horses are calm and composed, and the aggressive phrases on horses can hurt your ambience. The white coloured horses are generally preferred when buying the painting because white is the colour of peace and calm.

The picture is usually placed in the living room and not facing the door. It is important to note that you must never place the image in the bedroom, study room, meditating room, or worshipping room, and make sure to not put it anywhere near the washroom or toilet. According to Vastu Shastra, the best place to hang the painting is in the living room and away from the main entrance or window.


Running Horse Vastu Direction

The right direction of turning the picture can be very important. According to Vastu Shastra, some images should be placed in the right direction to maximise their benefits. The same goes with the painting of seven galloping horses. Putting it in the right 7 horse painting Vastu direction can radiate positivity in your home and office. Besides emitting positive energy, it can also add a good look to your personal space.

You can place the galloping horse painting anywhere in the house, but it produces maximum benefit when placed in the southern direction. As the south is often associated with success, putting the image in that 7 horse Vastu direction at home can bring you success and fame.

You can also place the painting in the north or east direction if you do not have a wall in the south. However, you need to note that the image should face the insides of the space. Also, it should not be overlooking the door or outside of the room. It can impact your life negatively.


7 Horse Painting with Sunrise

The rising sun is always positive; it signifies a new beginning in your life. According to Vastu Shastra, seven horses with a sunrise in the background can bring a lot of freshness to your life. People consider it auspicious to have a sunrise painting in your personal space. It can attract a lot of success and monetary benefits, bringing financial stability to your life. Besides positivity in your life, it can also be a great aesthetic addition to your living room.


7 Horse Painting Images

The internet is full of beautiful pictures. It isn’t easy to find the perfect image that goes with the taste and ambience of your house. The painting radiates positive energy and gives you happiness. The artwork should be symmetrical, i.e., horses should be running symmetrically. It should be a clean background image. By clean background, we mean the picture should not have any kind of turmoil.

A turmoil might signify the scene of war, which is not a positive thing. Dusty, stormy, or bad weather in the background of the painting can harm your space. Also, always note that horses must be running in clear fields or ground and not in water. An image with a red background signifies the planet Mars, which helps your personal growth and boosts self-esteem. While a painting in blue brings calm and peace to your life, and it represents the planet Saturn.


Vastu Horse Direction

According to Vastu Shastra, the placement and 7 horse Vastu direction of a painting are important in its significance. A single horse painting is not preferred because it is considered inauspicious, brings bad luck to your space, and acts as a barrier to your good fortune. It is buying a painting with an odd number of horses. A 7 horse Vastu direction is best in the south of the room.


3 Running Horses Painting Vastu

Like seven horses painting, a three horses painting is also considered auspicious. The horses in the image should be aligned together and not huddled together. The odd number of horses always brings good luck to your space.


7 Running Horses Wall Art

A painting is a type of wall art that can add charm to your plain wall, and it tells a story about your choices and personality. Other than paintings, you can also get seven horses in different types of wall arts.

The metallic and ceramic made seven horses’ wall art looks very alluring. You can also add a backdrop of soft lighting that can brighten up the decor and your living area.


7 Horse Painting Placement in Home

This table summarises the impact of placing the7 horse Vastu direction in the home.

NorthA prosperous future.
SouthFame and Success
EastPersonal and Professional Growth
WestHelp in Artistic Growth


7 Horse Painting Placement in Office

Professional space are as important as your personal space. Therefore, it is important to decorate your office with beautiful decor. Seven horses painting is not only a beautiful decor piece, but it also has a positive impact on your professional growth. Here is a table summarising the benefits of placing the painting in the right direction in your office.

NorthProsperity in Work
SouthProgress in Business
EastGrowth & Milestones in Work
WestCreative Growth


Benefits of Painting

Paintings can impact your life. An image can do so much more than decorate your living area. A beautiful piece of art speaks for itself, and it can tell a lot about your personality. It adds a lot of elements to your house that can encourage dialogues and positive conversations, and it adds life to your house and makes it a home.


Importance of the Painting

Paintings are a great way to accentuate your personal space, office or home, and they can be amazing conversation starters. According to Vastu Shastra, different paintings have different significance, and they can bring a lot of happiness, prosperity, and good health to your life. Vastu Shastra impacts your space positively or negatively, depending on the elements. Always keep in mind the Vastu while designing the interiors of your home or office.

The seven horses’ painting can have a positive impact on your life. Adorning your living space with these types of images can uplift the whole mood of the room.


Meaning of 7 number in the painting

The number seven is very important in Hindu mythology, and it is considered very pure and pious. There are seven colours in a rainbow, continents and constellations. India is known for the Saptrishi, i.e., seven sages – Agastya, Atri, Bharadwaj, Gautam, Jamadagni, Vashistha and Vishvamitra. According to Hinduism, even in the marriage ceremony, the bride and groom take seven rounds around the pious Agni or fire and take seven oaths for a lifetime commitment.

Therefore, Vastu gives a lot of importance to the number seven. In Hinduism, it is a very auspicious number in astrology, mythology, and numerology.


The story behind 7 horses

Lord Surya was born on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha of Magha month, and the day is celebrated as Ratha Saptami.

Hinduism says Ithat the chariot of Lord Surya has seven horses. You can see the horses running towards the northern hemisphere, in the northeastern 7 horse Vastu direction. The seven horses represent the cosmic rays across the beautiful blue skies, symbolising warmth and liveliness.



Which way should horses face?

The horses’ faces should be towards the inside of the room.


Which direction should the horse run as per Vastu?

According to Vastu, the South direction is the best direction to place the running horse painting.


Which way do seven-horse posters go?

According to Vastu Shastra, the best place to paste the seven-horse poster is the south of a room.


What do seven running horses mean?

The seven running horses signify strength, power, freedom and loyalty.


Where exactly should I keep the seven horses painting, according to Vastu?

Vastu says the painting should be in your living room without facing the door or window.