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9th Nov 2023
Smart homes for seniors

7 Ways Smart Homes Are Perfect for Seniors

As people get older, living independently at home can become increasingly challenging. However, smart homes for seniors are available that can provide a vast range of helpful technologies that can make daily life much easier and safer for them.

From intuitive voice assistants to automated medication reminders, smart home devices are ideal for older adults looking to comfortably and securely age in place. Below are 7 the ways smart homes are perfect for seniors:

1. Intuitive Voice Assistants Help with Daily Tasks

One of the biggest advantages of smart homes for seniors is the ability to use intuitive voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Voice assistants allow completely hands-free operation and control of the home environment.

Seniors can get assistance with everyday tasks just by speaking out loud to activate the device. They can use simple voice commands to set reminders, alarms, timers, calendars, and more so they don’t forget important events.

Voice assistants also provide quick and easy access to music, audiobooks and other audio content for entertainment or relaxation. As an added benefit, the conversational abilities of voice assistants provide companionship and social interaction for elderly adults.

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2. Automated Lighting Greatly Improves Safety

Poor lighting at home can lead to dangerous falls and injuries for the elderly. Smart lighting features like:
• motion sensors
• automatic night lights
• gradually dimming bulbs
These provide essential illumination around the house to significantly improve safety.

Motion sensor lights switch on automatically when a senior gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or go to the kitchen. This prevents shuffling around in the dark.

Automatic night lights provide continuous low-level lighting in hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms throughout the evening and early morning hours.

Smart bulbs can also be programmed to slowly brighten in the morning to simulate sunrise, supporting healthy circadian rhythms.

The right home lighting improves safety and reduces the risk of falls or injuries, thus being a vital component for smart homes for seniors.

3. Remote Monitoring Offers Family Reassurance

Caring for an aging parent who lives alone can be extremely worrying for families. Smart home sensors allow children and other family members to remotely monitor their loved one’s activity and well-being from anywhere.

Sensors can:

• detect motion in different rooms
• monitor sleeping patterns
• track overall activity levels around the home.

If any potential issues or changes in normal routine are detected, the family caretaker receives an immediate smartphone alert. This allows them to check in on the senior.

Remote monitoring provides great peace of mind without being intrusive.

It also allows seniors to maintain independence while ensuring someone keeps an eye out for potential problems.

4. Medication Reminders and Dispensers Prevent Missed Doses

As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember and keep track of multiple daily medications. Smart pill dispensers and medication reminder systems are an enormous help for seniors by providing alerts and reminders when it’s time to take prescribed medication.
Dispensers can be pre-loaded and programmed with the senior’s specific medication regimen and dosage schedule. They feature alarms and flashing lights to signal when it’s time for the next dose. Some even use voice reminders or send alerts to caregivers’ phones if a dose is missed or not taken on time.

Medication reminders give elderly adults greater control over their healthcare and prevent dangerous missed or late medications.

5. Smart Thermostats Support Consistent Indoor Temperature

Consistent indoor temperature control is extremely important for seniors. Being too hot or cold can exacerbate underlying health conditions and impair immune function.

Smart thermostats allow seniors to easily monitor and control home temperatures from anywhere via smartphone. They can check the temperature in their home remotely at any time and make adjustments as needed for consistent comfort.

Smart thermostats also provide enhanced heating and cooling efficiency to help seniors on fixed incomes better control energy costs. Sustaining a comfortable yet energy-efficient home environment is essential for seniors’ health.

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6. Air Quality Monitors Filter Out Harmful Pollutants

Indoor air quality is a crucial but often overlooked health factor as we age. Smart home air quality monitors continuously track potential pollution and allergens in the living space.
Advanced filters automatically detect and trap pollutants, dust, chemicals, smoke, mold spores, and other toxins. This prevents inflammatory reactions and breathing issues.
Monitors also alert residents when indoor CO2, humidity, or VOC levels deviate from healthy ranges. Maintaining optimal indoor air quality is vital for seniors with chronic respiratory conditions like COPD, asthma, or allergies.
They are a vital part of smart homes for seniors.


7. Smart Locks Enhance Safety and Accessibility

Traditional mechanical locks, keys, and entry systems can become challenging and frustrating for seniors dealing with dexterity issues or memory loss. Smart locks provide keyless entry using unique entry codes or smartphones.

This prevents the hassle and difficulty of trying to physically insert and turn small keys. It also eliminates worrying about lost, duplicated, or stolen keys. With smart locks, trusted friends and family members can be assigned virtual keys or temporary entry codes. This allows easy access in case of emergency, without having to hide keys outside. Smart locks provide both security and accessibility for successfully and comfortably aging in place.

Final Thoughts

The wide range of smart home technology for older adults provides customized solutions to support senior safety, health, and independence.

With hands-free virtual assistants, automated safety sensors, health monitors, and more, elderly adults can comfortably and securely age in their own homes.

While human caregiving is still essential, smart home for seniors offers much-needed support.

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