How elder care landscaping changing in India

How Elder Care landscape is changing in India

The senior citizens in the country, in their most lonely time, are left to fend for themselves in their later years. According to the Census undertaken in 2011, 8% of India’s total population (100 million) was aged above 60, which is expected to rise to 12.5% and 20% (173 million) by 2026 and 2050 respectively. With the problem of loneliness staring right into the nation’s face, elder care services offered by companies like Emoha Care Services are the need of the hour.


In India, 85% of the elderly are living with family, 8% are living with spouse only, 6% are living alone whereas 2% are living with their relatives, revealed the annual report prepared by HelpAge India in 2018. Out of these, 60% elders agreed that the quality time spent by their adult children as well as grandchildren with them has decreased with the increase in usage of mobile phones and computers. Besides, age is a factor that deters them from taking up a job. At times like these, home services offering not just an emergency service but additionally a homely environment and trained nursing staff make the elderly feel safe and engaged.


A research has estimated that nearly 1.5 to 2 million people are injured every year due to falling, out of which nearly a million die. The incidence of falls increases with advancing age, and it has led to restricted mobility, psychological fear and disability. There is an increasing need for the elderly to be accompanied by a caretaker and looked after to boost their morale and make them feel comfortable.


The elders also feel abused due to lack of attention while living with their family, which is a very common phenomenon in urban cities due to the busy routines of family members. When elders were asked if they felt abused at home, a staggering 60% nodded affirmative, which is an alarming sign. Moreover, the advances in technology and inability to adapt to the changing environment has led to further isolation as the remaining family members move abreast of time, distancing themselves from the affectionate elderly in the house. 43% elderly disclosed that they feel neglected at home, leading to bruising of feelings and a traumatic experience.


With elders under the roof, one can choose various elder care plans offered by elderly care services to drive away the loneliness of the elderly while you are unable to spend enough time with them. Emoha Care Services organises regular events and activities to offer a unique opportunity to the elders to not just participate but also earn and learn from it.


While ensuring that your everyday routine is not hampered, the care services also offer a 24/7 support for coordination and companionship based on the Family Support System model. It also enables periodic health monitoring of the elderly in the home so that important and timely diagnosis are undertaken against any ailment the elderly may contract. Furthermore, the home care services also ensure that their medical records and important documents are digitised, enabling a quick access to crucial information when it is needed the most, irrespective of their location.


The need for increased attention and emergency services for the elderly and its absence in the diaspora is a dangerous sign for a large population of the country. The elderly need to be in their customised living spaces where they get the liberty to express themselves while spending their later years in an environment which is tailor-made keeping their requirements in mind.