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10th Jul 2021

Ultimate Posture Correction Exercises for Seniors

Sitting and working on a laptop for prolonged periods has become a part of our daily lives. However, sitting with such a slouched back might affect our posture and its adverse effects can be seen in the later parts of our lives. Hence, it is advisable to sit with the back straight so that we can avoid any kind of posture-related issues or back injuries in the near future. Posture refers to the body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the ever-present force of gravity. Furthermore, maintaining a good posture while standing ensures the distribution of the force through our body and avoids exerting stress on any particular part of the body.

It is especially the sitting position which affects our posture the most. This is true when driving or using a computer. Since all our focus shifts to the activity in front of us, our neck and head protrude forward which makes the spine round forward as well. Over time, this leads to fatigue and eventually pain arises in the neck as well as in the back. Hence, many new office chairs, and car seats come with built-in lumbar supports and other adjustable features to help keep your posture in the correct shape.

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However, the best way to correct your posture is to focus on exercises that will strengthen your core, especially the abdominal and lower back muscles that connect your spine and pelvis.

Wall Tilts

Wall Tilts is one of those posture exercises which strengthens the pelvis and gluteal muscles. This not only helps in lower back posture correction but also relieves lower back pain. To do this exercise, you have to place one hand behind your lower back and pull your abdominal muscles in as you tuck your pelvis under. This will help to flatten your lower back. If you sense any kind of pressure on your hand, you are doing this exercise correctly. Keep your shoulders and the back of your head against the wall while doing this exercise.

Though this exercise may seem super easy, there are many elder people who might face difficulty while doing this. They can try this exercise while sitting down with their back to the wall. This also proves to be the best posture correction exercise for seniors.

Arm Ups

If you are looking for easy exercises to fix posture, this exercise does its job. It’s a very easy and go to exercise where you have to keep your arms up for a while. This is among those posture exercises that help to improve the flexibility of your ribs to assist in breathing and also increases the ability to lift the ribs and thus brings the shoulders back into proper position.

Chin Tucks

Among the best posture exercises for seniors, chin tucks help in improving your forward head posture.  This exercise can almost be done anywhere whether sitting or standing. This helps in strengthening your neck muscles. For doing this exercise, you have to keep your head straight and your chin parallel to the floor. Pull your chin back towards your chest, as though you’re making a double chin. While your chin is tucked in, move the back of your head away from the base of your neck. Hold the position for three deep breaths. Return to a normal chin position, and repeat.


Having the correct walking posture is pertinent for everyday life. Sitting in one place for long hours bends your spine, and adverse effects are seen later on in your lives. However, while you walk, try to walk straight with the head held high. Knowing how to hold your walking posture in the right manner keeps your bones and joints aligned properly. It also decreases wear and tear on joints, muscles and ligaments. It reduces back, hip, neck and leg pain. No wonder it is one of the top exercises to improve posture for seniors.

Shoulder Squeeze Exercise

This exercise seems to be simple at first, but the end result depends upon your form while you are doing this exercise. For doing this exercise, you need to sit on a chair and keep your feet flat on the floor. Shift your weight slightly forward so as to avoid rounding your back. Ears, shoulders, and hips are to be kept aligned. Raise your arms to shoulder height, elbows bent and palms forward. Move your arms back, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Hold for 10 seconds and then return to starting position. To see quick results, seniors should do this good posture exercise at least five times daily.

Chest Stretches

Chest stretches in simple words are also known as push up posture. This exercise can be easily done while sitting on a chair. For this, you have to sit up tall on a chair with your shoulders back and down. Put your arms up parallel to the floor. In the next step, bring your arms to the side, and pull as far back as you can and squeeze your shoulder blades together while still maintaining the upright posture. Since not every elderly can hold their arms for too long at 90 degrees, they can try to keep their hands at least at 45 degrees. Of the many posture exercises for the elderly, this one can be done quite conveniently – hold this posture for 3 minutes to see the best results.

Standing Rows with Resistance Band

This is a crucial exercise to straighten posture for the seniors, and for this, you need a resistance band that can be easily purchased from online stores. For doing this exercise, stand tall with your back straight. Find a door handle where you can anchor the resistance band. Grasp each end of the band with your arms slightly extended. Gradually, start squeezing the shoulder blades and contract the mid-back muscles. Do at least one set of this posture correction exercise every second day, and try not to round the shoulders forward while doing it.

Wall Posture Training

Lean on the wall against your back. Put the entire spine against the wall from the butt to the head. Now try to touch the shoulders, back of the head, mid back and butt to the wall without straining anywhere or excessively arching the back. Practice this posture at least for 30 seconds at a time. Then try to maintain this position as long as possible when you move. This exercise also helps to improve posture in seniors.

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Happy exercising!