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Learn how to Support a Memory Loss Patient When Travelling

Tips to Plan a Vacation With loved one's Suffering from Memory loss

Taking your loved one who exhibits memory loss symptoms on a journey can have numerous positive effects on their overall health. It helps them reconnect with their surroundings and brings a new opportunity for happy memories. Venturing out into a safe environment can help them get their healthy dose of vitamin D and stimulate their working memory, and bone and heart health. It also encourages them to bond with others and aids in keeping loneliness at bay. You can follow these tips to make your travels as smooth for your loved one with memory impairment as possible:








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With little patience and flexibility, you and your loved one with memory loss can make many beautiful memories on this journey. Do not forget to take a lot of videos and photos with smiles and joy. Happy travelling!



What are the leading causes of memory loss?

There can be a lot of reasons for memory loss – like cancer treatment, vitamin B deficiency, Age-related disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia, sleep deprivation etc.


Can memory loss be cured?

While there is no cure for some times of memory loss that is caused by Alzheimer’s and dementia, it mainly depends on the cause of the memory loss.


Can you take a person with dementia on vacation?

It is possible to travel with a person suffering from memory loss. However, planning and flexibility are required to make it happen.


Can people with memory loss go on a plane?

It is best to travel with an experienced travel nurse who can take care of the patient in case of any emergency. Contact the airlines to know their policies and possibilities to ensure things go smoothly.


Which is the best place to vacation for someone with dementia?

It is always best to plan short trips from home where the travel time is limited. Always plan and book flexible tour packages well in advance, along with all the details of the patient and their particular needs.

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