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26th Aug 2022
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Key Jogging Tips for Beginners to Achieve The Best Results

Jogging is the intermediate between running and walking. In other words, the jogging exercise is running at a speed lower than 6 miles per hour. It is an improved walking pace for health enthusiasts who want to maintain fitness without excessive workouts. It is an ideal fitness exercise for seniors keen on their health status.

7 Jogging Tips for Beginners 

Beginners who desire to start the exercise and be fit need to keep a few things in mind. Some important points, whether for weight loss or running to enjoy nature, are listed below.

1. Start walking first

It is important not to directly start speed jogging right away, as this will bring you to a full stop in a short time. Walking at a brisk pace is the first step. Prep your muscles with brisk walking every day for some days before attempting to jog. Brisk walking also improves fitness levels.  

2. Skip to a beat

Skipping is another method of being prepped for this exercise. The skipping speed achieved is almost similar to the speed of this exercise and gets the heart pacing at a similar level too. The muscles in the legs get used to a similar workout. Since skipping is done at a spot, it is not as strenuous as jogging. 

3. Heart check

Getting a cardio check for those above 40 years who want to start running is important, especially if there is a history of heart disease. Having high blood pressure and any other chronic heart ailment may be fatal if a cardio check is not done before beginning to jog. 

4. Leg muscles

Checking to see if the leg muscles are adequately aligned is essential for beginners to achieve speed without ligament tears. Pains suffered during running are primarily due to the leg axes not being properly aligned, especially when a person has not exercised for many years. Sudden speed may jostle the ligaments and cause them to tear.


5. Training on stairs

The physical strain endured with a typical speed can be a lot for beginners. Walking up and down the staircase is a type of training for this exercise in the near future as the glutes get prepped up. 

6. Jogging at intervals

With brisk walking, running for just a minute helps train the muscles in the body for the actual speed to be maintained. Alternating one-minute jogs in between walking is beneficial to keep to the rhythm of running slowly. 

7. Using appropriate shoes

Having perfectly fitting jogging shoes is essential to attain a good jogging speed. Uncomfortable shoes which are too tight may cause blisters on the feet.

Benefits of Jogging

Before starting a simple exercise, beginners must know the jogging benefits. The jogging benefits are listed below:

1. Jogging for weight loss

Exercise is essential to lose weight and help maintain a healthy body weight in the long run. Running every day at a steady pace exercise all the body’s muscles, and many calories are burnt. Controlling obesity is the biggest outcome of jogging. 

2. Improves mental status

This exerciseis one way that helps relieve stress as the cortisol levels in the body, which are high during depression or stress, are found to be lowered with regular jogging exercises. It helps boost the mental status of individuals always under stress and anxiety. It is important to jog regularly to benefit greatly. 

3. Flexible spine

Vertebral discs are well hydrated with regular steps. When the body has a sedentary lifestyle, which is the case with most seniors, the vertebral discs lose their hydration. It is therefore essential to be involved in some physical activity like walking and running. The vertebrae are well cushioned when the discs in between them are filled with sufficient fluid, which leads to a more flexible spine.

 4. Better immunity

With more physical activity, the human body can cope with illnesses in a better manner. This is because the immune response in short-term illnesses is enhanced. Colds, flu, and other upper respiratory illnesses are kept at bay or individuals get recovered quicker with immune-boosting exercises.

5. Maintain blood sugar levels

Having a steady level of blood sugar is important for everybody. Continuously increased blood sugar levels lead to diabetes, a long-term disease. Insulin resistance gets reduced when the body is exercised regularly with simple running and walking.

6. Improved sleep

The more the jogging time, the better the health benefits are observed. Beginners can experience the benefit of sleeping well with at least 30 minutes of regular exercise. Seniors who experience a lack of sleep at night can now sleep well byjogging regularly. 

Goals of Jogging

The importance of this exerciseis to be physically fit. Beginners who wish to take it as a routine exercise ought to aim for at least 30 minutes. Beginning with 10 minutes of running within a 30 minutes brisk walking span, one can gradually increase the pace and attain 30 minutes for maximum benefits.



A minimum time of 6 months of training for the body is essential before any heavy exercise is performed. Using the simple tips mentioned above and preparing the body for this exercise is important for beginners to keep in mind. Especially seniors who wish to do it every day must work their way up to reach the full 30 minutes goal, and starting slowly to get far is the key to achieving the health benefits. 

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How can beginners start with jogging?

Beginning with brisk walking and alternating with one-minute time intervals is a practical tip for those who want to start with jogging. 

How much is the optimal jogging speed to be achieved?

A speed of lesser than 6 miles per hour is the jogging speedto be achieved for beginners. 

What are some benefits of jogging every day?

Weight loss, mental balance, blood sugar control, improvement of immunity, better sleep patterns, improved lung health, decreased heart ailments, better bone health, toned muscles, flexible spine, etc. are some of the benefits of jogging every day.

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