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22nd Aug 2022
Boost Immunity System

6 Different Ways for a Healthy Immunity System

The body’s immune system must be in its prime to prevent diseases or infections. This is also needed to maintain a balanced lifestyle. A weak immune system will decrease the quality of life of a person. Consuming the proper immunity-boosting foods is a way of practising how to improve immunity. Having healthy routines like adequate physical movements and exercising is also another method of how to build immunity. Getting required sleep and proper intake of fluids like water is another healthy practice that must be inculcated, especially by seniors who want to be fit.

Six Essential Immunity booster methods 

The toughest people can also fall sick when deprived of essential practices to enhance their immunity. A compromised immune system is something nobody should have since decreased immune poses a risk of diseases. This is especially true for seniors, who must adhere to healthy habits to avoid being sick all the time. Also, the degrading environmental conditions pose a considerable risk of further depleting the health of most individuals. Six lifestyles seniors can inculcate to boost their immunity are:


1. Diet


This is one of the important ways of immune-boosting since we are what we eat. Habituating to a healthy and strict eating pattern is essential to enhance a person’s immune system. Antioxidants are imperative immune boosters that help counteract the free radicals produced by the metabolic processes occurring within the body. Free radicals are harmful to DNA and the immune system of the body. Antioxidants are available in vegetables and fruits that must be consumed to benefit from them. Healthy fats like omega-three fatty acids obtained from certain fish like cod, krill, sardines, etc., are essential in producing immunity boosters in the body. Macronutrients and micronutrients must be consumed within the recommended quantities to avoid any diseases caused by overeating. One should consume immunity booster foods like fermented vegetables, berries, fermented milk products, etc.Consuming sufficient water of about eight glasses a day is essential to regulate the many processes occurring within. Hot water is beneficial for counteracting dehydration.


2. Adequate Sleep


Sleeping time is when the body rejuvenates and gets rested from all the daily activities. Without proper rest, the immune system gets jostled and is more prone to diseases as the inflammation cells in the body increase over time. The body’s immune system is boosted with adequate sleep time and prime immune functioning. A total sleep time of eight hours makes combating illnesses an effortless process in the long run. So make sufficient sleep a priority for a healthy way of life. Drinking lesser fluids before bedtime is a practical tip for seniors as they can get better sleep without having to empty the bladder during sleep


3. Exercise


Regular exercise is proven effective against pathogens as the immune cells are mobilised. This helps in the building up of defence cells as well as to avoid any cancer cells from multiplying. Physical movements also restrict inflammation-causing cells. Cells responsible for ageing are hindered due to regular exercise, as body fat deposits get burned. Seniors need daily exercise like walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, water aerobics, etc., to stay fit and maintain their weight. Eating adequately also boosts the exercising capacity of a person.


4. Cleanliness


According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), maintaining hygiene is equally important in building immunity. Having clean hands before eating will prevent the entry of harmful germs from entering the body. Twenty seconds of washing hands with soap and water is vital to kill pathogens. It is also essential to wash hands after visiting any public areas and using the bathroom.


5. Be stress-free

Stress hormones released during a person’s mental stressful conditions suppress the immune system. Cortisol is a stress hormone that dampens the immune response, primarily when pathogens attack the body. Stress also causes people to resort to unhealthy habits like smoking, drugs, and alcohol. Trying the deep breathing method of 4, 7, and 8 times i.e. taking a full breath from the nose for a count of 4, holding for a count of seven, and exhaling through the mouth with a whoosh sound for the count of 8 can be immensely helpful. Progressive muscle relaxation is another de-stressing method wherein the muscles are tensed and released slowly progressively from the toes to the head.


6. Healthy weight

Weight Check

Maintaining the right weight is essential to stay healthy, too. Obesity is a significant factor in compromised immunity and has proven to be responsible for decreased immune functions. Exercising regularly and sticking to a strict diet free from sugars and greasy foods is the key to gaining a healthy weight.



Having a healthy weight, regular sleeping patterns, a balanced diet, exercising effectively, maintaining hygiene, and being stress-free are some critical points in improving a person’s immune system. Consuming boosting foods that help produce immune booster substances in the body is essential too.


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What are some signs of a robust immunity system?

Sleeping soundly, quick recovery from colds and other infectious illnesses, healthy gut, drinking lots of water, exercising well, etc., are signs of a robust immune system.


Which foods weaken the immunity levels?

Processed foods, salty foods, greasy foods, omega-six fatty acid-containing foods, fried foods, refined carbohydrates, etc., are some of the foods that eventually lead to a weak immune system.


Which are some fruits that boost the immune system?

Eating fruits like apples, oranges, grapefruits, berries, pears, etc., will help increase the body’s immunity booster compounds.


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