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18th Aug 2022
Benefits Of Playing Tennis

How Can Seniors Benefit From Playing Tennis?

Tennis is a game popular among people of all age groups; it is played with a partner and involves both upper and lower body movements, thus providing a lot of exercises. As we age, our bodies need practice to ward off functional decline such as loss of muscle strength, weakened heart and lung capacity, decreased muscle mass, reduced bone density, and increased body fat. These are some of the leading factors contributing to seniors’ poor health. Physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of these factors, and seniors can incorporate exercises such as playing tennis for long-term health.


Benefits of Tennis for seniors

Tennis has numerous health benefits for seniors, such as:


  • Improving upper body and core strength: The swinging motion of the racquet builds strength in the upper shoulders and core muscles of the abdomen and back.


  • Increasing leg strength: Moving around on the court in a game such as lawn tennis builds strength in the leg muscles.


  • Decreasing stress and improving mental health: Playing this game releases endorphins in the body, which reduces stress and promotes sleep. It is also suitable for seniors’ mental health, as it refreshes and activates the brain.


  • Bone health: Playing this game applies pressure on the bone, which is necessary to maintain bone density. In the long run, it can avoid osteoporosis and improve balance.


  • Heart and lung health: As a vigorous exercise, this game promotes a healthy heart that can lower cardiovascular disease risk. The elevated breathing rate also improves lung functioning.


How to safely incorporate tennis into your routine

A tennis game can be a strenuous exercise depending on intensity. The rigorous physical activity can raise the blood pressure as the heart beats fast to supply energy. This game can also make people sweat, leading to water loss and electrolyte imbalance. Seniors should visit their doctors and take it slow in the beginning. Taking a good amount of water and eating foods rich in electrolytes before these game sessions are essential.

Some people can also experience pain in the elbow joint if they are overdoing the exercise, this condition is called tennis elbow. It’s ideal to consult a doctor and get tennis elbow treatment before proceeding. It’s good to take breaks in between to avoid stress or fatigue.


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Tennis is a rigorous exercise that works out the entire body. Anyone can start playing this game as it has numerous physical and mental health benefits. It is essential to start slow and set your own pace to keep it safe and enjoy the sport.



Is tennis good for the seniors? 

Yes, this game is a vigorous physical exercise that promotes heart and lung health and increases the upper body’s strength.


Can 70-year-old play tennis? 

Yes, any physically fit senior can play tennis. However, if the senior has pre-existing conditions it can get exacerbated by this vigorous exercise, ideally one should consult their doctor before starting this game.


Is tennis good for ageing? 

Vigorous physical activity in this game improves muscle strength, bone density, and heart and lung health, vital for seniors.


Is tennis good for your legs? 

Yes, this game is a complete body workout involving moving around the court swiftly, hence improving the leg strength.


Is tennis better than running? 

It is a whole body workout that exercises all the muscles involved in the game. Running is an activity that is mainly good for the lower body.


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