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9th Aug 2022
Tennis for Seniors

What Makes the Tennis Game a Great Exercise for Seniors over 50 Years?

Benefits of Tennis Sport for seniors

Exercise is essential at every stage of life, whether young or old. Whether walking, jogging, yoga, running, cycling, etc., it is crucial to adopt a training regime to keep fit and healthy. Although considered a professional athlete’s sport, tennis is now being played by many seniors too. Originated in France, tennis was first played with hands as the medium of playing rather than tennis rackets. The name Tennis comes from the French word ‘Tenez’ meaning “receive!”  or “take!”. The specific health benefits of tennis are given below:


  • Increased aerobic capacity 

The aerobic potential of seniors is considerably increased with tennis as they learn to control their breathing. The lungs are exercised effectively and are in a much better capacity.


  • Higher bone density

The bone density generally decreases with age as they become more porous. Playing tennis in seniors has found been to increase bone mineral density. Osteoporosis is reduced, and the risk of falling is lowered with more court time.


  • Low body fat

The steady movement experienced in tennis leads to a decrease in body fat considerably. Players experience easy movement with less fatigue, and more play means more action and decreasing body fat ratio.


  • Weight loss

Weight loss is one of the most sought-after benefits of performing any form of activity, and the sport of tennis brings it on effortlessly. Forty-five minutes to one hour of playing tennis helps burn a lot of calories that lead to weight loss. Decreased chances of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions linked to weight gain are kept at bay with this sport.


  • Decreased muscle atrophy

The muscles tend to atrophy with age in seniors. Playing tennis showed decreased muscle atrophy as the muscles are used regularly with increasing effort. The different groups of muscles in the body are exercised with more strength every time.


3 Reasons Why Tennis is Great for seniors

Skill outclasses physique when it comes to tennis. The technique involved in tennis is sufficient even without the strong physique to prove it. It is displayed by seniors who train by playing tennis on the court. Age is no bar to the skill required to play the tennis game. And so seniors with not much fitness can enjoy the sport comfortably. As discussed above, the health benefits of playing tennis are many and they can be grouped under physical, mental, and social benefits


1. Physical well-being

Aiming at physical fitness must not be a priority for seniors who wish to play tennis. The simple manoeuvres on the court can be very challenging, so they have to choose partners at similar levels. Seniors learn to control falling over and benefit from the movements. Osteoporosis, heart diseases, blood sugar levels, etc., are kept at bay with tennis. The rate of returning the ball can be controlled to ease the intensity of playing.


2. Mental well being

Getting old is a part of life, and decreasing memory is nothing to be ashamed of. Seniors who have problems remembering can be involved in playing tennis which will increase the blood flow to the brain. The improved blood circulation also boosts renewed neural pathways, essential for memory power and mental acuity. Natural opiates in our body, also known as endorphins, are also produced in the body and are needed for relieving stress or pain. Endorphins have a soothing sensation on the mind, which relaxes the body.


3. Being social

Since tennis can be a team game, being with other players gives you a social boost. Whether singles or doubles matches, playing or being the balls collector is an excellent opportunity to meet new players. Playing with new partners is a great way to socialise and involve like-minded people.


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Tennis is an excellent way to stretch the muscles and be physically fit for seniors. Finding the rhythm and mastering the skills required can be the new goals in tennis as the years go by. Seniors learn to overcome the risk of falling over with regular drills and improve their memory. Socialising with other tennis players and competing can be the new trend in their lives.



What is the highlight of playing tennis?

Tennis helps build health, agility, strength, and fitness. Social and psychological benefits are also obtained from playing the sport.


Why sports are a booster for seniors?

It is essential for seniors who get an immune system boost to combat illnesses. Since seniors often have compromised immunity, sports activities regulate the overall balance between the body’s immune cells.


How can seniors be motivated to play sports?

Seniors can get motivated by reading about the benefits of training with tennis and more by involving fun tips useful in the sport.


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