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17th Oct 2022
5 Exercise to manage stress in seniors

Best Exercises to Help Seniors Reduce Stress

Age brings wisdom, a clearer sense of priorities, and more free time to pursue hobbies. It also brings a fresh set of difficulties, such as loved ones’ passing away or moving away. Even after retirement, many things happen that can make you feel stressed or worried. Fortunately, seniors can find a variety of stress-relieving activities that can enhance their general well-being, sharpen their cognitive abilities, and provide much-needed sociability. 

You may encounter new life situations, such as financial difficulties or moving to a retirement home. You can relieve stress by moving around. Consider the following exercise to reduce stress for seniors:

1. Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are one of the elderly’s most accessible stress relief exercises at home. In reality, people of all ages can benefit from this exercise. It relieves stress in many body regions, helping seniors sleep better. People who use improper breathing methods are at a higher risk of having a weakened immune system, which leads to a rise in illnesses and a reduced ability to concentrate. Some simple breathing exercises that might improve one’s health include belly breathing and controlled breathing. 

2. Tai Chi and Yoga

Tai Chi and Yoga

Yoga and Tai Chi are the best exercises to relieve stress and anxiety. Yoga encourages the release of endorphins, which can help people cope with troubling thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, it improves focus and memory, thus increasing one’s quality of life. Hatha yoga is often recommended for seniors since it incorporates regular sitting and standing positions. It encourages healthy breathing methods as well as stretching various parts of the body. As a result, it does not need complex stances or challenging poses.

Tai chi is another low-impact sport that seniors may participate in. It enhances self-esteem and improves stability. A tai chi session, often known as shadowboxing, consists mostly of moderate stretching techniques performed without pausing. As a result, the body continues to move. People sometimes describe tai chi as “meditation in action” because of the constant motions. Furthermore, practising tai chi with friends improves one’s mood and enhances social bonds. It then motivates them to communicate and socialise with each other.

3. Walking

Walking is one of the simplest and best exercises for stress and burning calories. If you haven’t exercised, Walking may help you to get back into shape if you haven’t exercised. Also, it does not require fancy gyms and workout arenas; you may stroll anyplace, indoors or out. Walking increases self-esteem, improves sleep quality, and enhances mood. Walking with friends or in a group also gives immediate stress relief as it replaces negative thoughts with feelings of enthusiasm and happiness. You can carry an audiobook or listen to music while walking around the park. It clears the mind and teaches the brain to settle down even after exposure to stressful events.

4. Chair exercises

Chair exercises

Chair workouts are highly recommended as many seniors have mobility limitations or are in a wheelchair due to medical or physical conditions. Chair exercises can assist in improving strength and prevent bone and muscle atrophy. One can even try strength training, which involves building your arm muscles by performing bicep curls or arm lifts. As you progress, add arm weights to make the workout more challenging.

5. Pilates

Pilates is effective training that improves body awareness, posture, and muscular strength. This practice, like yoga, needs complete mental focus and thus is the best training to relieve stress and anxiety. It is also well-known for its capacity to alleviate the negative consequences of stress, such as back and neck discomfort. Pilates exercises can be performed on a machine, or on a mat in a studio. Pilates workouts for elderly individuals include leg circles, mermaid techniques, step-ups, and side circles.

Working out has both physical and mental health benefits. Physical health benefits include:

  • Maintaining or losing weight.
  • Reducing the impact of illness and chronic diseases.
  • Enhances mobility, flexibility, and balance.

Exercises provide mental health benefits such as improved sleep quality, boosted self-confidence and mood, and improved brain functioning.

Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity as You Age 

Starting or sustaining a regular fitness program may be difficult at any age, and it only gets harder as you age. You may get disheartened by health issues, aches, pains, or fears of accidents or falls. If you’ve never exercised before, you might not know where to start or believe you’re too old or fragile to live up to the standards you once had established when you were younger. Or you may dislike physical activities for the simple reason that they are boring and require effort. While these may appear to be good excuses to slow down and unwind as you age, they are even greater reasons to begin exercising. Being more active helps boost your mood, ease stress, aid in managing sickness and pain symptoms, and enhance your general well-being. And reaping the benefits of exercise does not have to entail difficult exercises or frequent visits to the gym. You may get the benefits of increasing your physical activity and mobility in small ways. No matter your age or physical condition, get your body moving; improve your health and perspective, and age better. Use these simple suggestions to get started safely and have fun.

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Workout benefits both the physical and mental health of seniors. As seniors are prone to injuries, it is critical to choose activities that decrease stress and reduce accidents. A simple group workout can promote happy moods in seniors and uplifts their self-esteem.


How can seniors reduce stress? 

Encourage seniors to spend more time with friends and family; the best way to do that is through group exercises. Try participating in a social activity like a fitness class or bridge group.

What exercise relieves the most stress? 

Yoga is arguably the most effective stress-relieving workout.

What is the best exercise for the elderly? 

Low-impact workouts can assist seniors in easing into a new training routine. 

What are the 5 most essential exercises? 

The five most essential exercises for the elderly are walking, swimming, yoga, low-impact workouts, and Pilates.

What kind of exercise should a 70-year-old do? 

The best exercises for a 70-year-old would be walking and swimming. They can also include balance and flexibility workouts in their routine. 

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