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13th Oct 2022
How to keep your mind stress free

How to Relieve Stress in 10 Simple Ways?

Irrespective of age, stress is harmful to everybody in the long run. Consuming healthy food, sleeping right, performing yoga, talking to a friend, doing deep breathing exercises, etc., are some ways to relieve stress effectively.

10 Ways to Cope With Stress

1. Talking to a buddy

Talking to a buddy

Talking to a friend is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Strong relationships are some ideal ways to combat stress. So, conversing with a friend can help unload all the negative thoughts and be free from stress. 

2. Listening to music

Listening to music

Listening to your favourite music can help decrease stress levels considerably. Relaxing with a stress-relieving genre in music can help one to come out of any overwhelming situation. Music can effectively calm the mind and cause one to return to happy moments quickly. Listening to sounds of the sounds of the ocean, forest sounds, or any particular instrument you prefer is helpful. Listening to music has been linked to decreased stress hormone (Cortisol) levels. 

3. Eating well

Eating well

Eating stress-relieving foods like fruits and vegetables is helpful to everybody. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can effectively reduce stress levels within the body. To be stress-free, you must avoid foods that are high in sugar and salt, like junk food. This also helps in relieving high blood pressure and diabetes. Such foods may leave seniors feeling overwhelmed as their blood sugar increases and build up stress and anxiety. Foods like eggs, walnuts, and avocados are excellent foods for the mind. 

4. Green tea

Green tea

Drinking green tea is a good stress reliever for seniors. There are anti-oxidants in the tea and Theanine, an amino acid that helps calm the nervous system. It calms the body and helps in relaxing the mind too. Consuming coffee, which contains a high caffeine content, causes blood sugar levels to increase. The antioxidants in green tea can help relieve stress by resisting the oxidative damage caused to the body by free radicals. 

5. Deep breathing

Deep breathing

Focusing on your breathing can impart a great deal of stress relief. There are specific breathing techniques when performed that act as stress relievers. 

  • Inhale air into your lungs and slowly count to three as the chest expands. Hold your breath for one second, and then exhale slowly. Count to three as the air leaves your lungs and exhale fully. 
  •  As you breathe in air and your lungs fill up with air, imagine the air you breathe is clean and pure. Exhale out the air from your lungs slowly, and imagine the stress released from your body. 

6. Go for a walk

Go for a walk

Walking is a form of exercise that works magically as a stress relief system. A change of place whilst walking allows you to take in the scenery and change your frame of mind too. Walking helps keep you fit and considerably reduces stress. You can rejuvenate your body and mind together with a simple walk in the park. Walking is among the best ways of relieving stress when performed daily as a routine exercise.

7. Aromatherapy 


Aromatherapy uses body scents, aroma diffusers, and candles that act like mental boosters when inhaled. There are certain perfumes when inhaled, can alter brain wave activity. The rejuvenating scents also energize the body and help keep your mind at ease. 

8. Performing yoga

Performing yoga

Yoga focuses on meditation and light movement. Breathing exercises in a controlled manner are performed that all add up to decreasing the stress levels of the mind. Physical benefits and psychological benefits are together achieved effectively by virtue of yoga to boost the mental health of the individual. 

9. Regular sleep patterns

Regular sleep patterns

Lack of sleep causes our mental health to be affected negatively in the long run. Having a routine sleep pattern is how to relieve stress and anxiety. Sleeping for complete and uninterrupted eight hours is an easy and practical stress reduction mechanism. 

10. Massage


Deep circular motions during a massage are a very effective way of relieving stress for seniors. Flowing massage strokes are excellent to increase blood flow to different body parts. Dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins are invigorating hormones released that boost mental health. A full-body massage is also one way to relieve stress. 

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Overeating, mood swings, not sleeping, social isolation, etc., are some symptoms that seniors experience due to stress of varying degrees. Body massage, aromatherapy, walking regularly, breathing exercises, drinking green tea, etc., are some practical stress relievers. 


What are the seven ways of relieving stress?

Talking to a friend, listening to music, aromatherapy, breathing exercises, body massages, consuming green tea, and eating stress-relieving foods are the seven ways of relieving stress. 

What activities can help relieve stress?

Activities like walking daily, performing yoga, aromatherapy, body massage, deep breathing exercises, consuming green tea, listening to music, etc., help to relieve stress. 

What are 10 ways to deal with stress?

Aromatherapy, deep breathing, massage, walking exercises, performing yoga, consuming healthy foods, consuming green tea, sleeping well, and talking to a friend are the 10 ways to cope with stress. 

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