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10th Oct 2022
Indoor activities to manage stress

Ideal Indoor Activities for Seniors to Reduce Stress

There are various accessible activities to reduce stress, but are they effective? Some stress reduction activities are done to feel suitable for a short duration, and they may not help in the long run. An effective stress relief activity must boost a person’s mental health by releasing stress relief hormones. Such hormones are focused on keeping the person free from any sort of anxiety. Scroll through the various activities to reduce the stress that you can perform indoors. 

1. Laughing 

Laughter being the best medicine is a famous saying. And so it is when it comes to releasing that inner joy. Laughing out aloud is a reasonable manner of de-stressing the body and feeling relaxed. Laughter boosts blood circulation and stimulates the production of stress-relieving hormones called epinephrine, dopamine, and cortisol. Hence, the meaningfully apt saying! You can watch light comedy shows that are amusing and fun. Comedy shows like watching a stand-up comedian are enjoyable stress relief activities for adults that may be done indoors. 

2. Stress-relieving indoor games

Playing indoor games has a light-hearted appeal and is also an exciting activity for reducing stress in seniors. Games like chess require a great deal of focus that steers the mind away from whatever is causing the stress. Such games also improve cognitive function and help enhance memory and focus. These are fun, stress-relieving activities for seniors and youngsters alike. Board games like monopoly, scrabble, puzzles, card games, etc., are enjoyable. Remembering the entertaining episodes of playing games can also ease the mind and make us happy. 

When played in groups, indoor games help in better communication and help in boosting mood. Video games are also effective gaming activities for the young and seniors alike. You can put off anxiety and fear with such fun, stress-relieving activities. 

3. Art and painting

Painting in any mode, whether on a canvas or digitally, is one effective manner of stress relieving regardless of how busy you are. Making time for art and painting will make you resourceful and productive as the mind gets preoccupied. Painting is one of the best ways to express yourself and bring out your feelings. You may paint on colouring books available for adults to feel good. You may try canvas painting, wall painting, or painting on artifacts. Sculpturing with clay is another art form that can boost your mind and bring out the creative you.

4. Listening to music genres

‘Music can change the world’ was once said by a famous musician, and it is rightly so. Music can be invigorating, depending on which genre of music you find soothing. Listen to music to begin your day in a great mood. Relaxing with your favourite music tracks can also help you unwind after a long and tiring day at work. Playing music is also one of the fun and effective stress-relieving activities at work and at home.

5. Dancing

Dancing can be a reasonable approach to letting loose your built-up stress. It can be just casual dancing or professional dance moves to let go of pent-up anxiety. Dancing to a quick rhythm or slow, whatever you fancy, is an effective way of unwinding for most people. It releases endorphins, stress-relieving hormones that can help cope with any anxiety. Dancing is a feel-good activity for people who enjoy it. For those who wish to start dancing to a specific genre of music, there are many helpful videos available online for solo dancing. Those adults who want to have dancing done in groups can do so by attending dancing sessions indoors. 

6. Cooking

Most women who work will find cooking as the perfect de-stressing activity at the end of the day. Getting engrossed in the recipe whilst trying your best physically can help you forget any stressful issue. Also, the flavours experienced during cooking will invigorate your senses and bring out the chef. Baking desserts is another fun activity for seniors at any time of the day. Also, the result of this de-stressing activity is wholesome and sumptuous. Trying new recipes is an exciting venture as it needs planning and concentration that decreases stress levels effectively. With online shopping for the necessary ingredients, you have your cooking going in no time.

7. Performing Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Research shows that PMR helps relieve anxiety and stress to a great degree. Progressive muscle relaxation starting with your feet once you lie down on your back and slowly moving upwards enables you to unwind. Tighten the muscles of your body and relax them slowly, starting from your feet upwards to the face. Listening to unwinding music can help you with this simple exercise. You may also couple it with deep breathing in stages by holding and relaxing your breath slowly. 

8. Reading 

Getting engrossed in a thrilling book is one of the most popular stress relievers for seniors. A hectic day at work can be physically and mentally stressful, and reading is the perfect antidote to it. Choose books that will soothe your mind and transport you into an imaginative world. 

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Listening to music, cooking, reading, dancing, performing progressive muscle relaxation, painting, playing indoor games, etc., are some fun activities to relieve stress for people of all ages. Meditation and yoga also help in stress relief for men and women. The key to reducing stress is to decrease the stress hormone levels in the body. So finding and performing such cortisol-lowering activities will help you to fight stress.



What are some fun stress-relieving activities for groups?

Dancing, Zumba, and playing games like card games, board games, etc. are some fun stress management group activities for adults. 

What are some fun stress relief activities for adults

Listening to music, dancing, playing board games, playing video games, reading, painting, art, etc., are some of the fun activities to reduce stress

Which hormone is responsible for increasing stress levels in the body?

Cortisol is the stress-inducing hormone in the body. 

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