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27th Sep 2022
Managing your health at home

Tips for Seniors to Take Care Of Their Health At Home

You’ll notice that you’re not as adaptable, mobile, or agile as you age. Adjusting to your ageing body may be challenging if you’re accustomed to being active and constantly on the go. But being senior doesn’t mean you can’t lead a healthy lifestyle. Being active will make you feel at your best and enable you to engage in daily exercise and activities with your family and friends. If you are looking for an answer to the question “how to take care of seniors at home?” then these tips below can help.                                                                                                                                                

When you maintain healthy habits as you get old, you’ll not only feel good about yourself and be beneficial, but you’ll also be less likely to get sick. You’ll visit the doctor less frequently, and be able to take better care of yourself without giving up your independence or getting assistance from a nursing home or assisted living. Live your best life as you age and maintain your freedom , even when many others your age may not consider putting these suggestions into practice.

1. Get enough amount of sleep

Your health and well-being may be severely impacted by insomnia and frequent nighttime awakenings. The seniors frequently wake up several times in the middle of the night. Turn off the lights in the evening a few hours before bed to assist you in obtaining the best possible night’s sleep. Ensure your sleeping quarters are comfortable and quiet, free from distractions so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Ensure the staff closes the door at night if you are nursing care of senior patients or loved ones in a nursing home or assisted living. If other residents or staff members are up and moving around in the middle of the night, you can even think about providing them with a sound machine to see if it improves their sleep.

2. Keep Moving

Keep Moving

“Wondering how can we help seniors? Then regardless of age, making them include exercise in their priority list is one of the best ways”. Moving around will make them feel much better, especially if they spend a lot of time sitting down to read or watch TV. Exercise will not only keep them physically happy, but it will also aid in lowering anxiety and depression, two conditions that are highly prevalent among seniors.

“There are still many excellent possibilities even if they can’t run or even take a long walk anymore”. Using a cardio machine is a fantastic exercise method without taxing them too much. Numerous other equipment options from the market make exercising simpler as they age. When your health is in check, they can do more and feel present when spending time with their loved ones.

3. Eat Healthfully 

Eat Healthfully

No matter your age, this is a never-ending struggle. Healthy eating is never simple, especially if you’ve lived your entire life travelling constantly. And be aware that getting the proper nutrients may be harder than ever if you are retired from working and have more leisure time. However, if you want to live a long and healthy life, you must do it. You should consume enough high-fibre fruits, veggies, and whole greens to ensure that you feel your best as you age because your digestive system and metabolism slow down. 

You should also make a point of drinking lots of water throughout the day. Keep a chart beside your bedside table or on the fridge that you can cross off whenever you drink a glass of water if you have trouble remembering, or nowadays, you can use an app for that.

4. Attend your examinations

 Attend your examinations

As you age and become more aware of how slowly and inefficiently your body is functioning. It might be challenging to adjust to the shift, and you can also feel pain or discomfort, so you must seek assistance as soon as possible. You must ensure to keep up with a few routine checkups.

  • Obtain an annual physical Examination

Never put off visiting the doctor when your checkup is due. To ensure that you take the best possible care of yourself, it is crucial to regularly calibrate your medications and ensure that your body is functioning correctly.

  • Consult a dentist

Did you know that as you age, cavities become more likely to develop? Additionally, if you’re not careful, you could develop common oral infections and disorders, which affect the seniors more frequently and can result in more significant health issues. To ensure you can live the lifestyle you require if you cannot care for yourself, speak with your family or caregivers.

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It may be difficult as you age and your body starts to function less effectively. But if you make every effort to maintain your health, you’ll be able to feel good. Having a generally healthy lifestyle is crucial at any age.


Is there a way to take care of senior parents at home and get paid?

Some carers may qualify for assistance from your state. Programs vary, so speak with your area agency on ageing to learn more about the ones offered in your community. 

How can senior citizens choose the form of exercise that is most beneficial to their health?

An excellent way to ensure that you exercise in the most beneficial ways is to discuss your health condition with your doctor/ Physician.

Why is exercise so crucial for seniors?

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), it lowers disease risk while preserving mobility and stamina. Regular exercise prevents or delays diabetes and heart disease.

What choices do I have if I wish to care for my senior parents but cannot do so alone?

Don’t try to manage all the caregiving duties by yourself. Consult with other family members, friends, and caregivers who have experience. 

Do I need any specific training to provide care?

As the primary caregiver, request that your doctor or medical assistant train you on routine procedures such as checking blood sugar, blood pressure, nebulisation, and wound dressing.

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