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1st Sep 2022
Manage your Emotions with Exercise

Take Better Control of Your Emotions with Exercises

As human beings, you cannot help but express different types of emotions in your day-to-day conversations. But sometimes you say too much, which can damage your relationships. Feeling emotional is good, but knowing how to manage your emotions and feelings is important. Improving your emotional intelligence, having a sense of empathy, and being able to connect with others or disconnect as needed, are important life skills. One of the best ways to manage emotion is through daily exercise, which is where a fitness routine comes in. Research shows that activities like swimming, biking, walking, and dancing can help improve emotional well-being and mood, reduce anxiety, and help you to improve the quality of sleep. In this article, read about the benefits of a fitness routine and how it can assist with managing emotions.

It Is More Than a “Powerful Drug”

The ability to lower stress levels has been well documented throughout the history of exercise programs. There is no better feeling than heading to the gym after work and enjoying a good release. If you have pent-up feelings which you cannot express to anyone around you? Take it out on the punching bag. Putting your body under physical stress teaches it how to adapt to different stimuli and situations better. Your body will learn how to recover faster and grow muscle, too.

Feel Happier

If you exercise regularly, you will enjoy the benefits of endorphins flowing through your bloodstream. Endorphins are neurotransmitters and are referred to as the ‘happy chemicals.’ They are natural, have no side effects, and are shown to bring positive benefits for well-being in emotion regulation. If you exercise outdoors, you can induce states of joy as well. Those who exercise in a fasted state enjoy the additional benefits of ketones and autophagy, which can help regulate mood and facilitate better recovery.

Build Strength and Hand-Eye Coordination

Exercise will help you recover your emotional damage better and enhance your strength. You can build lean muscle mass naturally by incorporating bodyweight workouts. Enhanced hand-eye coordination and proprioception skills are other important benefits of physical activities. Exercises like Qigong, Yoga, and Tai Chi emphasise on recovery and flexibility more. Try to recover from injuries, heal from physical or emotional trauma, and incorporate stretching and breathing exercises into your daily regimen. 


Now that you understand the importance of exercise for mood and mental health, you can start. The basics are simple, and if you are new to it, you can start by taking short walks daily. Add pushups, pull-ups, and crunches, and you have a DIY workout routine at home.

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What is the 27 emotions list?

The emotions list refers collectively to a bunch of feelings such as adoration, admiration, aesthetic, amusement, anger, anxiety, awe, boredom, calmness, confusion, disgust, empathic pain, joy, excitement, nostalgia, romance, relief, sexual desire, surprise, craving, entrancement, appreciation, horror, interest, boredom, and satisfaction.

What is the main difference between feelings and emotions?

Feelings come and go, but emotions manifest. Researchers say that emotions may emerge from the subconscious sometimes, and it may take years to realise them. Some people will experience feelings, but won’t understand their emotions consciously in everyday life.

Can exercise help reduce my anxiety?

Yes, exercise helps reduce anxiety because it triggers the release of ‘feel good,’ endorphins. It is better than taking a bubble bath or getting a massage.

What are some of the best brain exercises for managing emotions?

Puzzles, visuospatial games, maths, sudoku, and crossword puzzles are some of the best brain exercises for basic emotions.

Does emotional damage affect IQ levels?

Emotional damage can affect IQ levels by a few points and impact cognitive performance. A good mood is linked to better academic performance and overall well-being in daily life.